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Princeton's WordNet

  1. brightadjective

    emitting or reflecting light readily or in large amounts

    "the sun was bright and hot"; "a bright sunlit room"

  2. bright, brilliant, vividadjective

    having striking color

    "bright dress"; "brilliant tapestries"; "a bird with vivid plumage"

  3. bright, smartadjective

    characterized by quickness and ease in learning

    "some children are brighter in one subject than another"; "smart children talk earlier than the average"

  4. brightadjective

    having lots of light either natural or artificial

    "the room was bright and airy"; "a stage bright with spotlights"

  5. bright, burnished, lustrous, shining, shinyadjective

    made smooth and bright by or as if by rubbing; reflecting a sheen or glow

    "bright silver candlesticks"; "a burnished brass knocker"; "she brushed her hair until it fell in lustrous auburn waves"; "rows of shining glasses"; "shiny black patents"

  6. brightadjective


    "the bright stars of stage and screen"; "a bright moment in history"; "the bright pageantry of court"

  7. undimmed, brightadjective

    not made dim or less bright

    "undimmed headlights"; "surprisingly the curtain started to rise while the houselights were still undimmed"

  8. bright, brilliantadjective

    clear and sharp and ringing

    "the bright sound of the trumpet section"; "the brilliant sound of the trumpets"

  9. brightadjective

    characterized by happiness or gladness

    "bright faces"; "all the world seems bright and gay"

  10. bright, hopeful, promisingadverb

    full or promise

    "had a bright future in publishing"; "the scandal threatened an abrupt end to a promising political career"; "a hopeful new singer on Broadway"

  11. brilliantly, brightly, brightadverb

    with brightness

    "the stars shone brilliantly"; "the windows glowed jewel bright"


  1. brightnoun

    An artists brush used in oil and acrylic painting with a long ferrule and a flat, somewhat tapering bristle head.

  2. brightnoun

    A neologism intended as a positive-sounding umbrella term to describe various kinds of non-religious and non-superstitious people. (There is a Wikipedia article on this usage.)

    Definition A person whose world view is free of supernatural and mystical elements. The ethics and actions of a bright are based on a naturalistic world view. (2003, Paul Geisert and Mynga Futrell)

  3. brightadjective

    Visually dazzling; luminous, lucent, clear, radiant; not dark.

    Could you please dim the light? It's way too bright.

  4. brightadjective

    Intelligent, brilliant.

    He's very bright. He was able to solve the problem without my help.

  5. brightadjective

    Vivid, colourful, brilliant.

    The orange and blue walls of the sitting room were much brighter than the dull grey walls of the kitchen.

  6. brightadjective


    I woke up today feeling so bright that I decided to have a little dance.

  7. Etymology: bryht, metathesis of beorht, from berhtaz (compare Dutch brecht, Norwegian bjart), from pre-Celtic/Germanic *bherhgto (compare Welsh berth 'beautiful'), from bʰereg- 'to gleam, whiten' (compare Middle Irish brafad 'blink of an eye', Lithuanian brekšta 'to dawn', Russian 'dawn, daybreak', Albanian bardhë 'white', barâzîdan 'to shine', bhrájate).

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary

  1. BRIGHTadjective

    Etymology: beort, Saxon.

    Through a cloud
    Drawn round about thee like a radiant shrine,
    Dark, with excessive bright, thy skirts appear. Par. L. b. iii.

    Then shook the sacred shrine, and sudden light
    Sprung through the vaulted roof, and made the temple bright. Dryden.

    He must not proceed too swiftly, that he may with more ease, with brighter evidence, and with surer success, draw the learner on. Isaac Watts, Improvement of the Mind.

  2. To Brite, To Brightverb

    Barley, wheat, or hops, are said to brite, when they grow over-ripe. Dict.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Brightverb

    see Brite, v. i

  2. Brightadjective

    radiating or reflecting light; shedding or having much light; shining; luminous; not dark

  3. Brightadjective

    transmitting light; clear; transparent

  4. Brightadjective

    having qualities that render conspicuous or attractive, or that affect the mind as light does the eye; resplendent with charms; as, bright beauty

  5. Brightadjective

    having a clear, quick intellect; intelligent

  6. Brightadjective

    sparkling with wit; lively; vivacious; shedding cheerfulness and joy around; cheerful; cheery

  7. Brightadjective

    illustrious; glorious

  8. Brightadjective

    manifest to the mind, as light is to the eyes; clear; evident; plain

  9. Brightadjective

    of brilliant color; of lively hue or appearance

  10. Brightnoun

    splendor; brightness

  11. Brightadverb


  12. Brightverb

    to be or become overripe, as wheat, barley, or hops


  1. Bright

    Bright is a town located in northeastern Victoria, Australia, 319 metres above sea level at the southeastern end of the Ovens Valley. At the 2006 census, Bright had a population of 2,684. It is in the Alpine Shire local government area. Its postcode is 3741.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Bright

    brīt, adj. shining: full of light: clear: beautiful: cheerful: clever: illustrious.—adv. (Shak.) brightly: clearly.—v.t. Bright′en, to make bright or brighter.—v.i. to grow bright or brighter: to clear up.—adv. Bright′ly.—n. Bright′ness.—adj. Bright′some, bright: brilliant. [A.S. beorht; cog. with Goth. bairhts, clear, L. flagr-āre, to flame.]

Editors Contribution

  1. bright

    To emit, reflect or transmit light.

    The lights were so bright, colorful and beautiful .

    Submitted by MaryC on February 17, 2020  

  2. bright

    To transmit light.

    The lights were so bright, colorful and beautiful .

    Submitted by MaryC on February 17, 2020  

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British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'bright' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #1924

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'bright' in Written Corpus Frequency: #2427

  3. Adjectives Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'bright' in Adjectives Frequency: #210

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of bright in Chaldean Numerology is: 8

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of bright in Pythagorean Numerology is: 1

Examples of bright in a Sentence

  1. Tanguy Bertrand:

    Pluto is covered by exotic-composition ices and its landscape strongly resembles the polar caps on Earth( Greenland and Antarctica), new Horizons even discovered spectacular mountains on Pluto covered by bright deposits, strikingly resembling snow-capped mountain chains seen on Earth.

  2. Bart Blatstein:

    Last week our lawmakers... gave investors a strong blueprint for fiscal stability. I now see a clear path and bright future for this city I love so much.

  3. Joe Biden:

    Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids

  4. Andrew Forrest:

    We are determined to ensure that the Australian agricultural industry's future in China is as bright as our mining future.

  5. Annie Fuller:

    She is very bright, we were amazed to find that she really has a knack for spelling.

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Translations for bright

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • ساطع, نير, مستنير, لامعArabic
  • зирәк, яҡты, аҡыллы, асыҡ, сағыу, баҙыҡ, башлыBashkir
  • здо́льны, светлы, яркіBelarusian
  • весел, умен, жив, ярък, буден, светълBulgarian
  • brillant, clarCatalan, Valencian
  • jasný, bystrý, světlýCzech
  • hoywWelsh
  • livlig, munter, klar, kvik, funklende, opvakt, lys, lyseDanish
  • intelligent, hell, brilliant, lebhaft, strahlend, heiter, glänzendGerman
  • φωτεινός, λαμπρός, λαμπερός, έξυπνος, ευφυήςGreek
  • brillante, resplandeciente, inteligente, alegre, claro, genial, vivo, lucio, expresivo, luminoso, vívidoSpanish
  • شاد, فروزان, زنده, هوشمند, روشن, زیرک, تابناک, خوشPersian
  • kirkas, terävä, iloinen, älykäs, välkkyFinnish
  • brillant, luisant, intelligent, clair, heureux, vivideFrench
  • grianmhar, spéiriúil, gealIrish
  • tuigseach, geur, soilleir, toinisgeilScottish Gaelic
  • katupyryGuaraní
  • sullyrManx
  • בהיר, בהירהHebrew
  • उज्ज्वल, चमकीला, रौशनHindi
  • fényesHungarian
  • պայծառArmenian
  • brillante, intelligente, viveInterlingua
  • pintar, terangIndonesian
  • glaðlegur, greindur, björt, skær, bjartur, skarpur, skínandi, bjart, greindarlegur, hýr, ljómandiIcelandic
  • brillante, allegro, intelligente, felice, lucente, luminoso, luminosaItalian
  • בָּהִירHebrew
  • 賢い, 明るい, 聡明, 鮮明, 鮮やかJapanese
  • 밝다Korean
  • زیره‌ک, بریقه‌دارKurdish
  • splann, spladnCornish
  • жарык, жаркырап турган, жаркыраганKyrgyz
  • lucidumLatin
  • fénkeleg, frou, blénkeg, intelligent, hell, brillantLuxembourgish, Letzeburgesch
  • šviesus, ryškus, gyvybingas, protingas, gudrusLithuanian
  • spožs, gaišs, spilgtsLatvian
  • светолMacedonian
  • terangMalay
  • စိုBurmese
  • slim, monter, fel, levendig, bont, opgeruimd, intelligent, helder, vrolijkDutch
  • glad, klok, dyktig, livlig, intelligent, lystig, lysNorwegian
  • jasnyPolish
  • radiante, alegre, luminoso, vívido, brilhante, inteligente, claroPortuguese
  • deștept, strălucitor, clar, luminosRomanian
  • умный, яркий, сияющий, светлыйRussian
  • उज्ज्वलSanskrit
  • свијетао, svetao, svijetao, светаоSerbo-Croatian
  • svetlý, jasnýSlovak
  • brihten, inteligenten, svetelSlovene
  • klyftig, intelligent, glad, klar, ljus, färggrannSwedish
  • பிரகாசமானTamil
  • తెలివైన, ప్రకాశవంతమైనTelugu
  • matalino, maliwanagTagalog
  • parlak, aydınlıkTurkish
  • світлий, яскравийUkrainian
  • روشن, اججول, چمکیلاUrdu
  • sáng sủa, sánh dạ, thông minh, sáng, nhanh tríVietnamese
  • ליכטיק, העלYiddish
  • Chinese

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