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  1. blood test(noun)

    a serologic analysis of a sample of blood


  1. blood test(Noun)

    A serologic analysis of a sample of blood; a test in which blood is removed from a subject and analyzed to determine the presence or levels of any of a variety of substances which indicate whether the subject has health problems.

  2. blood test(Noun)

    An analysis of blood performed on two subjects to determine whether they are biologically related, such as a paternity test.


  1. Blood test

    A blood test is a laboratory analysis performed on a blood sample that is usually extracted from a vein in the arm using a needle, or via fingerprick. Blood tests are used to determine physiological and biochemical states, such as disease, mineral content, drug effectiveness, and organ function. They are also used in drug tests.


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    The numerical value of blood test in Chaldean Numerology is: 3

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    The numerical value of blood test in Pythagorean Numerology is: 4

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. George Koob:

    Our hope is that down the line, we might be able to do a simple blood test that tells if you will be a naltrexone person, an acamprosate person, a ghrelin person.

  2. Marjorie Wallace:

    A simple blood test that could select this group... and offer them more tailored treatment, including more intensive talking therapies, could prevent months, even years, of frustration and suffering.

  3. Emelye Bunny:

    Australia is definitely the most complicated and strictest place to get a pet to, you have two things that are the first to be done: a rabies injection, a month's wait after then a blood test to ensure it has been effective.

  4. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder:

    And so that's the problem here is we know the ones that have higher levels to do appropriate follow-up care, so really, we need to establish the right medical protocols, the public health pieces, the educational process things, to watch these kids for years that didn't have higher blood levels in terms of a blood test. Because they could be affected.

  5. Bram Bekaert:

    The blood test, for example, has an accuracy of about 3.75 years over a whole age population, meaning that from newborns up to about 91 years of age our accuracy was about 3.75, the younger the individual is the higher the accuracy is because it has had less influence of the environment. So the more a person has an influence over the environment on his epigenome, as we call it, so the chemical structures on the genome the larger the error rate will become. So the error rate for younger people is about two years of age, while for 91 years of age it will be about five and a half, six, years of age.

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