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Definitions for backswordˈbækˌsɔrd, -ˌsoʊrd

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. singlestick, fencing stick, backsword(noun)

    a stick used instead of a sword for fencing

  2. backsword(noun)

    a sword with only one cutting edge


  1. backsword(Noun)

    A sword with one sharp edge.

  2. backsword(Noun)

    A stick with a basket handle, used in rustic amusements.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Backsword(noun)

    a sword with one sharp edge

  2. Backsword(noun)

    in England, a stick with a basket handle, used in rustic amusements; also, the game in which the stick is used. Also called singlestick


  1. Backsword

    A backsword is a type of European sword characterized by having a straight single-edged blade and a hilt with a single-handed grip. It is so called because the triangular cross section gives a flat back edge opposite the cutting edge. Later examples often have a "false edge" on the back near the tip, which was in many cases sharpened to make an actual edge and facilitate thrusting attacks. From around the early 14th century the backsword became the first type of European sword to be fitted with a knuckle guard. The term "backsword" can also refer to the singlestick, which is used to train for fighting with the backsword, or to the sport or art of fighting in this fashion. Being easier and cheaper to make than double-edged swords, backswords became the favored sidearm of common infantry, including irregulars such as the Highland Scots, who in Scottish Gaelic were called the claidheamh cuil, after one of several terms for the distinct types of weapons they used. Backswords were often the secondary weapons of European cavalrymen beginning in the late 16th and early 17th centuries.


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    The numerical value of backsword in Pythagorean Numerology is: 6

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