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Definitions for associate
əˈsoʊ ʃiˌeɪt, -si-; -ɪt, -ˌeɪtas·so·ciate

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. associatenoun

    a person who joins with others in some activity or endeavor

    "he had to consult his associate before continuing"

  2. companion, comrade, fellow, familiar, associatenoun

    a friend who is frequently in the company of another

    "drinking companions"; "comrades in arms"

  3. associatenoun

    a person with subordinate membership in a society, institution, or commercial enterprise

    "associates in the law firm bill at a lower rate than do partners"

  4. associatenoun

    any event that usually accompanies or is closely connected with another

    "first was the lightning and then its thunderous associate"

  5. associate degree, associateadjective

    a degree granted by a two-year college on successful completion of the undergraduates course of studies

  6. associate(a)verb

    having partial rights and privileges or subordinate status

    "an associate member"; "an associate professor"

  7. associate, tie in, relate, link, colligate, link up, connectverb

    make a logical or causal connection

    "I cannot connect these two pieces of evidence in my mind"; "colligate these facts"; "I cannot relate these events at all"

  8. consort, associate, affiliate, assortverb

    keep company with; hang out with

    "He associates with strange people"; "She affiliates with her colleagues"

  9. consociate, associateverb

    bring or come into association or action

    "The churches consociated to fight their dissolution"


  1. associatenoun

    A person united with another or others in an act, enterprise, or business; a partner or colleague.

  2. associatenoun

    A companion; a comrade.

  3. associatenoun

    One that habitually accompanies or is associated with another; an attendant circumstance.

  4. associatenoun

    A member of an institution or society who is granted only partial status or privileges.

  5. associateverb

    To join in or form a league, union, or association.

  6. associateverb

    To spend time socially; keep company.

    She associates with her coworkers on weekends.

  7. associateverb

    To join as a partner, ally, or friend.

  8. associateverb

    To connect or join together; combine.

  9. associateverb

    To connect in the mind or imagination

  10. associateverb

    To endorse.

  11. associateadjective

    Joined with another or others and having equal or nearly equal status.

    He is an associate editor.

  12. associateadjective

    Having partial status or privileges.

    He is an associate member of the club.

  13. associateadjective

    Following or accompanying; concomitant.

  14. Associatenoun

    An associate's degree.

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary

  1. Associateadjective

    Confederate; joined in interest or purpose.

    Etymology: from the verb.

    While I descend through darkness,
    To my associate pow’rs, them to acquaint
    With these successes. John Milton, Par. Lost, b. x.

  2. Associatenoun

    Etymology: from the verb.

    They persuade the king, now in old age, to make Plangus his associate in government with him. Philip Sidney, b. ii.

    Their defender, and his associates, have sithence proposed to the world a form such as themselves like. Richard Hooker, b. v. § 27.

    He was accompanied with a noble gentleman, no unsuitable associate. Henry Wotton.

    Sole Eve, associate sole, to me beyond
    Compare, above all living creatures dear. John Milton, Paradise Lost, b. ix.

    But my associates now my stay deplore,
    Impatient. Alexander Pope, Odyssey.

  3. To ASSOCIATEverb

    Etymology: associer, Fr. associo, Lat.

    A fearful army led by Caius Marcius,
    Associated with Aufidius, rages
    Upon our territories. William Shakespeare, Coriolanus.

    Associate in your town a wand’ring train,
    And strangers in your palace entertain. John Dryden, Æneid.

    Friends should associate friends in grief and woe. William Shakespeare, Titus Andronicus.


  1. associate

    An associate can be defined as a person who is connected with an organization, group, activity, or another person as a participant, member, colleague, companion, or partner. It can also refer to someone who holds a particular rank or position in a business or organization. This term may also be used to indicate a relationship between ideas, events, or things that are linked in some way.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Associateverb

    to join with one, as a friend, companion, partner, or confederate; as, to associate others with us in business, or in an enterprise

  2. Associateverb

    to join or connect; to combine in acting; as, particles of gold associated with other substances

  3. Associateverb

    to connect or place together in thought

  4. Associateverb

    to accompany; to keep company with

  5. Associateverb

    to unite in company; to keep company, implying intimacy; as, congenial minds are disposed to associate

  6. Associateverb

    to unite in action, or to be affected by the action of a different part of the body

  7. Associateadjective

    closely connected or joined with some other, as in interest, purpose, employment, or office; sharing responsibility or authority; as, an associate judge

  8. Associateadjective

    admitted to some, but not to all, rights and privileges; as, an associate member

  9. Associateadjective

    connected by habit or sympathy; as, associate motions, such as occur sympathetically, in consequence of preceding motions

  10. Associatenoun

    a companion; one frequently in company with another, implying intimacy or equality; a mate; a fellow

  11. Associatenoun

    a partner in interest, as in business; or a confederate in a league

  12. Associatenoun

    one connected with an association or institution without the full rights or privileges of a regular member; as, an associate of the Royal Academy

  13. Associatenoun

    anything closely or usually connected with another; an concomitant

  14. Etymology: [L. associatus, p. p.]


  1. Associate

    An Associate is an early-career role that is an integral part of the project team, responsible for handling detailed duties such as modeling, research, and documentation.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Associate

    as-sō′shi-āt, v.t. to join with, as a friend or partner: to unite in the same body.—v.i. to keep company (with): to combine or unite.—ns. Associabil′ity, Assō′ciableness.—adjs. Assō′ciable, that may be joined or associated: sociable: companionable; Assō′ciate, joined or connected with.—n. one joined or connected with another: a companion, friend, partner, or ally.—ns. Assō′ciateship, office of an associate; Associā′tion, act of associating: union or combination: a society of persons joined together to promote some object.—adj. Assō′ciātive, tending to association.—Association football, the game as formulated by the Football Association (formed in 1863).—Association (of Ideas), applied to laws of mental combination which facilitate recollection: similarity: contiguity, repetition. [L. associātum, associāread, to socius, a companion.]

Editors Contribution

  1. associate

    A member of an association.

    We are associates, we meet at the local dancing association.

    Submitted by MaryC on April 11, 2020  

  2. associate

    To make a logical connection in the brain, mind, conscience, consciousness, subconscious, spirit or soul.

    We all associate love with lovehearts.

    Submitted by MaryC on April 5, 2020  

British National Corpus

  1. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'associate' in Nouns Frequency: #2731

  2. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'associate' in Verbs Frequency: #264

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    The numerical value of associate in Chaldean Numerology is: 1

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    The numerical value of associate in Pythagorean Numerology is: 2

Examples of associate in a Sentence

  1. Martin Prieb:

    The suggestion, implication, or even correlation that the FOP would in any way associate itself with a racist hate group is a sign of just how biased, malevolent, and extreme the media is in their antipathy toward the police, the FOP is the sworn enemy of black people, the sworn enemy of black people, RushsaidSaturday. The FOP has always taken the position that black people can be shot down in the street by members of the Chicago Police Department, and suffer no consequences.

  2. Julie Abbate:

    It's a really strong sign that Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta is going to take care of unfinished business, not just go back to the way things were, but make things even better than they were before, because the way things were under Barack Obama, it was the floor if anything.

  3. Derek Hudson:

    Hugh Hefner was identified as the face of Playboy for decades. Even though he’s gone and the family is not involved, these allegations in the consumer’s mind is that they associate him with the brand.

  4. Baron Hill:

    I have enjoyed my time in public service in the legislature and Congress, and have always been a fighter for Hoosiers, now, more than ever, with wages stagnating and the tools we associate with upward mobility, like the cost of college, spiraling out of reach for too many families, ... Therefore, I will strongly consider a bid for the U.S. Senate, and will spend the next coming days in serious discussion with my wife and my daughters, and make a decision soon.

  5. John Olson:

    I didn't set out to help them, i felt this was an enormous opportunity to associate 70-year-old men with their 50-year-old photographs that shows them at 18 and hear how this time in Vietnam has affected their lives. I do believe many of these men, the time they spent together, the time talking about their experience –- it's closure.

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Translations for associate

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • другар, партньор, общувам, коле́га, съединявам се, свързвам се, присъединявам се, партньо́р, член-кореспондентBulgarian
  • associat, associarCatalan, Valencian
  • asociovatCzech
  • assoziierenGerman
  • σύντροφοςGreek
  • asociado, asociar, relacionarSpanish
  • وابستهPersian
  • seuralainen, assosioida, kollega, kumppani, ystävystyä, ulkojäsen, liittää, järjestäytyä, partneri, olla jonkun kanssa, yhdistää, työtoveri, varajäsen, apulais-, vara-, ulko-, viettää aikaa, liittoutua, kaveri, liittyä, yhdistyä, liikekumppani, seurustella, toveri, lisä-Finnish
  • fo-olteyManx
  • साथीHindi
  • ընկերակցիլ, շփվել, միավորվելArmenian
  • חברHebrew
  • 連想, 仲間, 同僚, 準, 付き合う, 結合, [[提携]][[者]], [[準]][[会員]], 交際, 会友, 提携, 副Japanese
  • 연합하다, 패, 교제하다, 준, 연상, [[제휴]][[자]], 연합, 연상하다, 조합원, 제휴하다, 친구, 상기, 준회원, 참가, 동료, 결합, 한패Korean
  • uru, whakahoaMāori
  • associëren, omgaanDutch
  • kolega, współpracownik, wspólnikPolish
  • collavuratur, collavuraturaRomansh
  • coleg, asociat, partener, tovarăș, camaradRomanian
  • колле́га, партнёр, напа́рник, присоединяться, напа́рница, компаньо́н, партнёрша, соединяться, член-корреспонде́нт, связанный, това́рищRussian
  • förknippa, associeraSwedish
  • mshirikaSwahili
  • ภาคีThai
  • ortakTurkish
  • ایسوسی ایٹUrdu
  • liên kếtVietnamese

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