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Definitions for articulateɑrˈtɪk yə lɪt; -ˌleɪt

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. articulate(adj)

    expressing yourself easily or characterized by clear expressive language

    "articulate speech"; "an articulate orator"; "articulate beings"

  2. articulated, articulate(verb)

    consisting of segments held together by joints

  3. joint, articulate(verb)

    provide with a joint

    "the carpenter jointed two pieces of wood"

  4. give voice, formulate, word, phrase, articulate(verb)

    put into words or an expression

    "He formulated his concerns to the board of trustees"

  5. pronounce, articulate, enounce, sound out, enunciate, say(verb)

    speak, pronounce, or utter in a certain way

    "She pronounces French words in a funny way"; "I cannot say `zip wire'"; "Can the child sound out this complicated word?"

  6. articulate(verb)

    unite by forming a joint or joints

    "the ankle bone articulates with the leg bones to form the ankle bones"

  7. articulate, enunciate, vocalize, vocalise(verb)

    express or state clearly

Webster Dictionary

  1. Articulate(adj)

    expressed in articles or in separate items or particulars

  2. Articulate(adj)

    jointed; formed with joints; consisting of segments united by joints; as, articulate animals or plants

  3. Articulate(adj)

    distinctly uttered; spoken so as to be intelligible; characterized by division into words and syllables; as, articulate speech, sounds, words

  4. Articulate(noun)

    an animal of the subkingdom Articulata

  5. Articulate(verb)

    to utter articulate sounds; to utter the elementary sounds of a language; to enunciate; to speak distinctly

  6. Articulate(verb)

    to treat or make terms

  7. Articulate(verb)

    to join or be connected by articulation

  8. Articulate(verb)

    to joint; to unite by means of a joint; to put together with joints or at the joints

  9. Articulate(verb)

    to draw up or write in separate articles; to particularize; to specify

  10. Articulate(verb)

    to form, as the elementary sounds; to utter in distinct syllables or words; to enunciate; as, to articulate letters or language

  11. Articulate(verb)

    to express distinctly; to give utterance to

  12. Origin: [L. articulatus. See Articulata.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Articulate

    är-tik′ūl-āt, adj. distinct: clear.—v.t. to joint: to form into distinct sounds, syllables, or words.—v.i. to speak distinctly.—adv. Artic′ulately.—ns. Artic′ulateness; Articulā′tion, a joining as of the bones: part between two joints: distinctness, or distinct utterance: a consonant; Artic′ulator, one who articulates or speaks: one who articulates bones and mounts skeletons. [L. articulāre, -ātum, to furnish with joints, to utter distinctly. See Article.]


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of articulate in Chaldean Numerology is: 3

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of articulate in Pythagorean Numerology is: 2

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Robert Holleyman:

    I hope it is a negotiating strategy. But they need to articulate actions to be taken.

  2. Felix Frankfurter:

    Gratitude is one of the least articulate of the emotions, especially when it is deep.

  3. Marya Mannes, The Quotable Woman...on Love & Relationships:

    All great lovers are articulate, and verbal seduction is the surest road to actual seduction.

  4. Carlos Munoz:

    With all due respect to my generation back in the 60s, the kids today are much more articulate.

  5. Marya Mannes:

    All really great lovers are articulate, and verbal seduction is the surest road to actual seduction.

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  1. articulatearticulatearticulate

Translations for articulate

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • يتكلم بوArabic
  • шарнирен, свързвам, произнасям ясно, членоразделен, съединявам, артикулирам, изяснявам, отчетлив, ставен, ясенBulgarian
  • articulatCatalan, Valencian
  • artikulovatCzech
  • klar, artikulieren, redegewandt, ausdrücken, effektiv, betonenGerman
  • αρθρώνωGreek
  • articulado, claro, articular, vocalizar, elocuente, articularseSpanish
  • artikuloida, ääntää selvästi, niveltääFinnish
  • éloquente, articuler, clair, articulé, éloquentFrench
  • siùbhlach, pongailScottish Gaelic
  • artikulált, érthető, világosHungarian
  • հոդաբաշխArmenian
  • pandai berbicaraIndonesian
  • artikularIdo
  • chiaro, eloquenteItalian
  • geärticuleerd, efficiënt, benadrukken, uitdrukken, duidelijk, articuleren, geleed, verzorgen, klaar, uitleggen, uitspreken, welbespraakt, gelede, taalvaardigDutch
  • articulaRomanian
  • выразительный, членораздельныйRussian
  • 說出Chinese

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