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Princeton's WordNet

  1. gear, paraphernalia, appurtenance(noun)

    equipment consisting of miscellaneous articles needed for a particular operation or sport etc.

  2. accessory, appurtenance, supplement, add-on(noun)

    a supplementary component that improves capability


  1. appurtenance(Noun)

    An appendage added to something else.

  2. appurtenance(Noun)

    Equipment used for some specific task; gear.

  3. appurtenance(Noun)

    The thing to which another pertains.

  4. appurtenance(Noun)

    Minor property (such as an outhouse) that passes with the main property when it is sold.

  5. appurtenance(Noun)

    A modifier that is appended or prepended to another word to coin a new word that expresses belonging.

  6. Origin: From apurtenance, from apartenance, from apertenir, from appertineo.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Appurtenance(noun)

    that which belongs to something else; an adjunct; an appendage; an accessory; something annexed to another thing more worthy; in common parlance and legal acceptation, something belonging to another thing as principal, and which passes as incident to it, as a right of way, or other easement to land; a right of common to pasture, an outhouse, barn, garden, or orchard, to a house or messuage. In a strict legal sense, land can never pass as an appurtenance to land

  2. Origin: [OF. apurtenaunce, apartenance, F. appartenance, LL. appartenentia, from L. appertinere. See Appertain.]


  1. Appurtenance

    Appurtenances is a term for what belongs to and goes with something else, with the appurtenance being less significant than what it belongs to. The word ultimately derives from Latin appertinere, "to appertain". In a legal context, an appurtenance could for instance refer to a back-yard that goes with the adjoining house. The idea being expressed is that the back-yard "belongs" to the house, which is the more significant of the two. In 1919, the Supreme Court of Minnesota adopted the following definition of an appurtenance: "That which belongs to something else. Something annexed to another thing more worthy." -- Cohen v Whitcomb,. In Gestalt theory, appurtenance is the relation between two things seen which exert influence on each other. For example, fields of color exert influence on each other. "A field part x is determined in its appearance by its 'appurtenance' to other field parts. The more x belongs to the field part y, the more will its whiteness be determined by the gradient xy, and the less it belongs to the part z, the less will its whiteness depend on the gradient xz." In lexicology, an appurtenance is a modifier that is appended or prepended to another word to coin a new word that expresses "belongingness". In the English language, appurtenances are most commonly found in toponyms and demonyms, for example, 'Israeli', 'Bengali' etc. have an -i suffix of appurtenance.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Appurtenance

    ap-pur′ten-ans, n. that which appertains to: an appendage or accessory: (law) a right belonging to a property.—adj. and n. Appur′tenant. [O. Fr. apurtenance. See Appertain.]


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