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Definitions for anthologyænˈθɒl ə dʒi

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. anthology(noun)

    a collection of selected literary passages


  1. anthology(Noun)

    A collection of literary works, such as poems or short stories.

  2. anthology(Noun)

    An assortment of things.

  3. Origin: From ἀνθολογία, from ἀνθολογέω, from ἄνθος + λέγω, coined by circa 60 BCE, originally as Στέφανος (στέφανος) to describe a collection of poetry, later retitled anthology – see . Anthologiai were collections of small Greek poems and epigrams, because in Greek culture the flower symbolized the finer sentiments that only poetry can express.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Anthology(noun)

    a discourse on flowers

  2. Anthology(noun)

    a collection of flowers; a garland

  3. Anthology(noun)

    a collection of flowers of literature, that is, beautiful passages from authors; a collection of poems or epigrams; -- particularly applied to a collection of ancient Greek epigrams

  4. Anthology(noun)

    a service book containing a selection of pieces for the festival services

  5. Origin: [Gr. , fr. 'anqolo`gos flower gathering; 'a`nqos flower + le`gein to gather.]


  1. Anthology

    An anthology is a collection of literary works chosen by the compiler. It may be a collection of poems, short stories, plays, songs, or excerpts. In genre fiction anthology is used to categorize collections of shorter works such as short stories and short novels, usually collected into a single volume for publication. The complete collections of works are often called Complete Works or Opera Omnia.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Anthology

    an-thol′oj-i, n. (lit.) a gathering or collection of flowers: a collection of poems or choice literary extracts, esp. epigrams, orig. applied to the collections of Greek epigrams so called.—adj. Antholog′ical. [Gr. anthos, a flower, legein, to gather.]


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