What does abiogenesis mean?

Definitions for abiogenesisˌeɪ baɪ oʊˈdʒɛn ə sɪs, ˌæb i oʊ-

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. abiogenesis, autogenesis, autogeny, spontaneous generation(noun)

    a hypothetical organic phenomenon by which living organisms are created from nonliving matter


  1. abiogenesis(Noun)

    The origination of living organisms from lifeless matter; such genesis as does not involve the action of living parents; spontaneous generation.

  2. Origin: * From abio + genesis

Webster Dictionary

  1. Abiogenesis(noun)

    the supposed origination of living organisms from lifeless matter; such genesis as does not involve the action of living parents; spontaneous generation; -- called also abiogeny, and opposed to biogenesis

  2. Origin: [Gr. 'a priv. + bi`os life + ge`nesis, origin, birth.]


  1. Abiogenesis

    Abiogenesis or biopoiesis is a natural process by which life arises from simple organic compounds. The earliest known life on Earth existed between 3.9 and 3.5 billion years ago, during the Eoarchean Era when sufficient crust had solidified following the molten Hadean Eon. Scientific hypotheses about the origins of life may be divided into several categories. Most approaches investigate how self-replicating molecules or their components came into existence. For example, the Miller–Urey experiment and similar experiments demonstrated that most amino acids, often called "the building blocks of life", can be racemically synthesized in conditions thought to be similar to those of the early Earth. Several mechanisms have been investigated, including lightning and radiation. Other approaches focus on understanding how catalysis in chemical systems in the early Earth might have provided the precursor molecules necessary for self-replication.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Abiogenesis

    ab-i-o-jen′es-is, n. the origination of living by not-living matter, spontaneous generation.—adj. Abiogenet′icn. Abio′genist, one who believes in such. [Coined by Huxley in 1870; Gr. a, neg., bios, life, genesis, birth.]

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Abiogenesis

    the doctrine of spontaneous generation.


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