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Princeton's WordNet

  1. touch, touchingnoun

    the event of something coming in contact with the body

    "he longed for the touch of her hand"; "the cooling touch of the night air"

  2. touch, sense of touch, skin senses, touch modality, cutaneous sensesnoun

    the faculty by which external objects or forces are perceived through contact with the body (especially the hands)

    "only sight and touch enable us to locate objects in the space around us"

  3. touch, trace, ghostnoun

    a suggestion of some quality

    "there was a touch of sarcasm in his tone"; "he detected a ghost of a smile on her face"

  4. touch, signaturenoun

    a distinguishing style

    "this room needs a woman's touch"

  5. touch, touchingnoun

    the act of putting two things together with no space between them

    "at his touch the room filled with lights"

  6. touch, hint, tinge, mite, pinch, jot, speck, soupconnoun

    a slight but appreciable amount

    "this dish could use a touch of garlic"

  7. contact, touchnoun

    a communicative interaction

    "the pilot made contact with the base"; "he got in touch with his colleagues"

  8. touch, spotnoun

    a slight attack of illness

    "he has a touch of rheumatism"

  9. touchnoun

    the act of soliciting money (as a gift or loan)

    "he watched the beggar trying to make a touch"

  10. touch, touch sensation, tactual sensation, tactile sensation, feelingnoun

    the sensation produced by pressure receptors in the skin

    "she likes the touch of silk on her skin"; "the surface had a greasy feeling"

  11. touchnoun

    deftness in handling matters

    "he has a master's touch"

  12. touchverb

    the feel of mechanical action

    "this piano has a wonderful touch"

  13. touchverb

    make physical contact with, come in contact with

    "Touch the stone for good luck"; "She never touched her husband"

  14. touchverb

    perceive via the tactile sense

    "Helen Keller felt the physical world by touching people and objects around her"

  15. touch, stirverb

    affect emotionally

    "A stirring movie"; "I was touched by your kind letter of sympathy"

  16. refer, pertain, relate, concern, come to, bear on, touch, touch on, have-to doe withverb

    be relevant to

    "There were lots of questions referring to her talk"; "My remark pertained to your earlier comments"

  17. touch, adjoin, meet, contactverb

    be in direct physical contact with; make contact

    "The two buildings touch"; "Their hands touched"; "The wire must not contact the metal cover"; "The surfaces contact at this point"

  18. affect, impact, bear upon, bear on, touch on, touchverb

    have an effect upon

    "Will the new rules affect me?"

  19. touchverb

    deal with; usually used with a form of negation

    "I wouldn't touch her with a ten-foot pole"; "The local Mafia won't touch gambling"

  20. touchverb

    cause to be in brief contact with

    "He touched his toes to the horse's flanks"

  21. reach, extend to, touchverb

    to extend as far as

    "The sunlight reached the wall"; "Can he reach?" "The chair must not touch the wall"

  22. equal, touch, rival, matchverb

    be equal to in quality or ability

    "Nothing can rival cotton for durability"; "Your performance doesn't even touch that of your colleagues"; "Her persistence and ambition only matches that of her parents"

  23. touch, disturbverb

    tamper with

    "Don't touch my CDs!"

  24. allude, touch, advertverb

    make a more or less disguised reference to

    "He alluded to the problem but did not mention it"

  25. touchverb


    "He could not touch the meaning of the poem"

  26. partake, touchverb


    "She didn't touch her food all night"

  27. tint, tinct, tinge, touchverb

    color lightly

    "her greying hair was tinged blond"; "the leaves were tinged red in November"


  1. touchnoun

    An act of touching, especially with the hand or finger.

    Suddenly, in the crowd, I felt a touch at my shoulder.

  2. touchnoun

    The faculty or sense of perception by physical contact.

    With the lights out, she had to rely on touch to find her desk.

  3. touchnoun

    The style or technique with which one plays a musical instrument.

    He performed one of Ravel's piano concertos with a wonderfully light and playful touch.

  4. touchnoun

    A distinguishing feature or characteristic.

    Clever touches like this are what make her such a brilliant writer.

  5. touchnoun

    A little bit; a small amount.

    Move it left just a touch and it will be perfect.

  6. touchnoun

    The part of a sports field beyond the touchlines or goal-lines.

    He got the ball, and kicked it straight out into touch.

  7. touchnoun

    A relationship of close communication or understanding.

    He promised to keep in touch while he was away.

  8. touchnoun

    An ability to perform a task

    I used to be a great chess player but I've lost my touch.

  9. touchverb

    Primarily physical senses.

  10. touchverb

    Primarily non-physical senses.

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary

  1. Touchnoun

    Etymology: from the verb.

    O dear son Edgar,
    Might I but live to see thee in my touch,
    I’d say, I had eyes again. William Shakespeare, King Lear.

    The spirit of wine, or chemical oils, which are so hot in operation, are to the first touch cold. Francis Bacon, Nat. Hist.

    By touch the first pure qualities we learn,
    Which quicken all things, hot, cold, moist and dry;
    By touch, hard, soft, rough, smooth, we do discern;
    By touch, sweet pleasure, and sharp pain we try. Davies.

    The spiders touch how exquisitely fine!
    Feels at each thread, and lives along the line. Alexander Pope.

    The fifth sense is touch, a sense over the whole body. John Locke.

    The touch of the cold water made a pretty kind of shrugging come over her body, like the twinkling of the fairest among the fixed stars. Philip Sidney, b. ii.

    The time was once when thou unurg’d wou’d’st vow,
    That never touch was welcome to thy hand
    Unless I touch’d. William Shakespeare.

    With one virtuous touch
    Th’ archchemick sun produces precious things. John Milton.

    To-morrow, good sir Michell, is a day
    Wherein the fortune of ten thousand men
    Must bide the touch. William Shakespeare, Henry IV.

    Ah Buckingham', now do I ply the touch,
    To try if thou be current gold indeed. William Shakespeare.

    Albeit some of these articles were merely devised, yet the duke being of base gold, and fearing the touch, subscribed that he did acknowledge his offences. John Hayward.

    The law-makers rather respected their own benefit than equity, the true touch of all laws. Richard Carew, Survey of Cornwall.

    Come my sweet wife, my dearest mother, and
    My friends of noble touch! when I am forth,
    Bid me farewel, and smile. William Shakespeare.

    Artificial strife
    Lives in those touches, livelier than life. William Shakespeare.

    It will be the more difficult for him to conceive when he has only a relation given him, without the nice touches which make the graces of the picture. Dryden.

    Never give the least touch with your pencil, till you have well examined your design. Dryden.

    Thus Rosalind of many parts
    By heav’nly synod was devis’d;
    Of many faces, eyes and hearts,
    To have the touches dearest priz’d. William Shakespeare, As you like it.

    A son was copy’d from his voice so much,
    The very same in ev’ry little touch. John Dryden.

    Here let the sounds of musick
    Creep in our ears; soft stilness and the night
    Become the touches of sweet harmony. William Shakespeare.

    Not alone
    The death of Fulvia, with more urgent touches,
    Do strongly speak t’ us. William Shakespeare, Ant. and Cleopatra.

    Nor wanted power to mitigate and swage,
    With solemn touches, troubled thoughts. John Milton.

    He which without our nature could not on earth suffer for the world, doth now also, by means thereof, both make intercession to God for sinners, and exercise dominion over all men, with a true, natural, and a sensible touch of mercy. Richard Hooker.

    He loves us not:
    He wants the natural touch. William Shakespeare.

    Speech of touch towards others should be sparingly used; for discourse ought to be as a field, without coming home to any man. Francis Bacon, Essays.

    Our kings no sooner fall out, but their mints make war upon one another; one meets sometimes with very nice touches of raillery. Joseph Addison, on ancient Medals.

    Another smart touch of the author we meet with in the fifth page, where, without any preparation, he breaks out all on a sudden into a vein of poetry. Addison.

    Though its error may be such,
    As Knags and Burgess cannot hit
    It yet may feel the nicer touch
    Of Wicherley’s or Congreve’s wit. Matthew Prior.

    He gave the little wealth he had
    To build a house for fools and mad;
    To shew by one satyrick touch,
    No nation wanted it so much. Jonathan Swift.

    I never bare any touch of conscience with greater regret. Charles I .

    Soon mov’d with touch of blame, thus Eve,
    What words have pass’d thy lips, Adam, severe. John Milton.

    Touch kept is commended, yet credit to keepe
    Is pay and dispatch him, yer ever ye sleepe. Thomas Tusser.

    Quoth Hudibras, thou offer’st much,
    But art not able to keep touch. Hudibras, p. i.

    I keep touch both with my promise to Philopolis, and with my own usual frugality in these kind of collations. More.

    He was not to expect that so perfidious a creature should keep touch with him. Roger L'Estrange.

    Madam, I have a touch of your condition,
    That cannot brook the accent of reproof. William Shakespeare.

    This coming still nearer to an aspiration, a touch of it may perhaps be an ingredient in the rough guttural pronunciation of the Welsh and Irish. William Holder, Elements of Speech.

    The king your master knows their disposition very well; a small touch will put him in mind of them. Francis Bacon.

    Print my preface in such a form as, in the booksellers phrase, will make a sixpenny touch. Jonathan Swift.

  2. To Touchverb

    Etymology: toucher, Fr. tœtsen, Dutch.

    He so light was at legerdemain,
    That what he touch’d came not to light again. Edmund Spenser.

    Ye shall not eat nor touch it lest ye die. Gen. iii. 3.

    He brake the withs as a thread of tow is broken when it toucheth the fire. Judg. xvi. 9.

    He that is begotten of God keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not. 1 John v. 18.

    Their impious folly dar’d to prey
    On herds devoted to the god of day;
    The god vindictive doom’d them never more,
    Ah men unbless’d! to touch that natal shore. Alexander Pope, Odys.

    When I have suit,
    Wherein I mean to touch your love indeed,
    It shall be full of poize and difficulty,
    And fearful to be granted. William Shakespeare, Othello.

    In ancient times was publickly read first the scripture, as, namely, something out of the books of the prophets of God; some things out of the apostles writings; and, lastly, out of the holy evangelists some things which touched the person of our lord Jesus Christ. Richard Hooker, b. v.

    The quarrel toucheth none but us alone;
    Betwixt ourselves let us decide it then. William Shakespeare, Hen. VI.

    What of sweet
    Hath touch’d my sense, flat seems to this. John Milton.

    I was sensibly touched with that kind impression. William Congreve.

    The tender sire was touch’d with what he said,
    And flung the blaze of glories from his head,
    And bid the youth advance. Joseph Addison, Ovid.

    Nature affords at least a glimm’ring light:
    The lines, though touch’d but faintly, are drawn right. Alexander Pope.

    Doctor Parker, in his sermon before them, touched them for their living so near, that they went near to touch him for his life. John Hayward.

    Pestilent diseases are bred in the Summer; otherwise those touched are in most danger in the Winter. Francis Bacon, Nat. Hist.

    Its face must be very flat and smooth, and so hard, that a file will not touch it, as smiths say, when a file will not eat, or race it. Joseph Moxon, Mech. Exercise.

    They touch’d their golden harps, and prais’d. John Milton.

    One dip the pencil, and one touch the lyre. Alexander Pope.

    No decree of mine,
    To touch with lightest moment of impulse
    His free will. John Milton.

    This thy last reasoning words touch’d only. John Milton.

    What he saw was only her natural countenance touched up with the usual improvements of an aged coquette. Addison.

  3. To Touchverb

    Strong waters pierce metals, and will touch upon gold that will not touch upon silver. Francis Bacon.

    The next day we touched at Sidon. Acts xxvii. 3.

    Oh fail not to touch at Peru;
    With gold there our vessel we’ll store. Abraham Cowley.

    Civil law and history are studies which a gentleman should not barely touch at, but constantly dwell upon. John Locke.

    A fishmonger lately touched at Hammersmith. Spectator.

    The shewing by what steps knowledge comes into our minds, it may suffice to have only touched on. John Locke.

    It is an use no-body has dwelt upon; if the antiquaries have touched upon it they immediately quitted it. Addison.

    He touched upon the Moluccoes. George Abbot, Des. of the World.

    Which monsters, lest the Trojan’s pious host
    Should bear, or touch upon th’ inchanted coast,
    Propitious Neptune steer’d their course by night. Dryden.

    I made a little voyage round the lake, and touched on the several towns that lie on its coasts. Joseph Addison, on Italy.

    It is impossible to make observations in art or science which have not been touched upon by others. Joseph Addison, Spectator.


  1. Touch

    Touch is a song by American R&B singer-songwriter Amerie from her second studio album, Touch (2005). Written by Amerie, Lil Jon, Sean Garrett, LRoc, Craig Love, and LaMarquis Jefferson and produced by Lil Jon, the track was released as the album's second single. While "Touch" reached the top twenty in the United Kingdom and Ireland and number thirty-three in Australia, it failed to match the success of "1 Thing" in the United States, missing the Billboard Hot 100 and only reaching number ninety-five on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs.


  1. touch

    Touch is a sensory perception experienced by living beings, particularly humans, which involves the physical interaction with an object or another living being through the skin, often resulting in the ability to feel pressure, temperature, texture, and other sensations.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Touchverb

    to come in contact with; to hit or strike lightly against; to extend the hand, foot, or the like, so as to reach or rest on

  2. Touchverb

    to perceive by the sense of feeling

  3. Touchverb

    to come to; to reach; to attain to

  4. Touchverb

    to try; to prove, as with a touchstone

  5. Touchverb

    to relate to; to concern; to affect

  6. Touchverb

    to handle, speak of, or deal with; to treat of

  7. Touchverb

    to meddle or interfere with; as, I have not touched the books

  8. Touchverb

    to affect the senses or the sensibility of; to move; to melt; to soften

  9. Touchverb

    to mark or delineate with touches; to add a slight stroke to with the pencil or brush

  10. Touchverb

    to infect; to affect slightly

  11. Touchverb

    to make an impression on; to have effect upon

  12. Touchverb

    to strike; to manipulate; to play on; as, to touch an instrument of music

  13. Touchverb

    to perform, as a tune; to play

  14. Touchverb

    to influence by impulse; to impel forcibly

  15. Touchverb

    to harm, afflict, or distress

  16. Touchverb

    to affect with insanity, especially in a slight degree; to make partially insane; -- rarely used except in the past participle

  17. Touchverb

    to be tangent to. See Tangent, a

  18. Touchadjective

    to lay a hand upon for curing disease

  19. Touchverb

    to be in contact; to be in a state of junction, so that no space is between; as, two spheres touch only at points

  20. Touchverb

    to fasten; to take effect; to make impression

  21. Touchverb

    to treat anything in discourse, especially in a slight or casual manner; -- often with on or upon

  22. Touchverb

    to be brought, as a sail, so close to the wind that its weather leech shakes

  23. Touch

    the act of touching, or the state of being touched; contact

  24. Touch

    the sense by which pressure or traction exerted on the skin is recognized; the sense by which the properties of bodies are determined by contact; the tactile sense. See Tactile sense, under Tactile

  25. Touch

    act or power of exciting emotion

  26. Touch

    an emotion or affection

  27. Touch

    personal reference or application

  28. Touch

    a stroke; as, a touch of raillery; a satiric touch; hence, animadversion; censure; reproof

  29. Touch

    a single stroke on a drawing or a picture

  30. Touch

    feature; lineament; trait

  31. Touch

    the act of the hand on a musical instrument; bence, in the plural, musical notes

  32. Touch

    a small quantity intermixed; a little; a dash

  33. Touch

    a hint; a suggestion; slight notice

  34. Touch

    a slight and brief essay

  35. Touch

    a touchstone; hence, stone of the sort used for touchstone

  36. Touch

    hence, examination or trial by some decisive standard; test; proof; tried quality

  37. Touch

    the particular or characteristic mode of action, or the resistance of the keys of an instrument to the fingers; as, a heavy touch, or a light touch; also, the manner of touching, striking, or pressing the keys of a piano; as, a legato touch; a staccato touch

  38. Touch

    the broadest part of a plank worked top and but (see Top and but, under Top, n.), or of one worked anchor-stock fashion (that is, tapered from the middle to both ends); also, the angles of the stern timbers at the counters

  39. Touchnoun

    that part of the field which is beyond the line of flags on either side

  40. Touchnoun

    a boys' game; tag

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Touch

    tuch, v.t. to come in contact with: to perceive by feeling: to reach: to relate to: to handle or treat gently or slightly, as in 'to touch the hat,' &c.: to take, taste: to move or soften: to influence: to move to pity: to taint: (slang) to cheat: to lay the hand upon for the purpose of curing scrofula or king's evil—a practice that ceased only with the accession of the House of Brunswick.—v.i. to be in contact with: to make a passing call: to speak of anything slightly: (prov.) to salute by touching the cap.—n. act of touching: a movement on a musical instrument, skill or nicety in such, a musical note or strain: any impression conveyed by contact, a hint, a slight sound: a stroke with a pen, brush, &c.: a tinge, smack, trace, a slight degree of a thing: sense of feeling, contact, close sympathy, harmony: peculiar or characteristic manner: a style of anything at a certain expenditure: a touchstone, test.—adj. Touch′able, capable of being touched.—n. Touch′ableness, the state or quality of being touchable.—adj. Touch′-and-go, of uncertain issue, ticklish, difficult.—ns. Touch′-back, the act of touching the football to the ground behind the player's own goal when it has been kicked by an opponent; Touch′-box, a box containing tinder, which used to be carried by soldiers armed with matchlocks; Touch′-down, the touching to the ground of a football by a player behind the opponents' goal; Touch′er; Touch′-hole, the small hole of a cannon through which the fire is communicated to the charge.—adv. Touch′ily, in a touchy manner: peevishly.—n. Touch′iness, the quality of being touchy: peevishness: irritability.—adj. Touch′ing, affecting: moving: pathetic.—prep. concerning: with regard to.—adv. Touch′ingly.—ns. Touch′ingness; Touch′-me-not, a plant of genus Impatiens: lupus; Touch′-nee′dle, a small bar or needle of gold for testing articles of the same metal by comparing the streaks they make on a touchstone with those made by the needle; Touch′-pā′per, paper steeped in saltpetre for firing a train of powder, &c.; Touch′piece, a coin or medal formerly given by English sovereigns to those whom they touched for the cure of the king's evil; Touch′stone, a kind of compact basalt or stone for testing gold or silver by the streak of the touch-needle: any test; Touch′wood, some soft combustible material, as amadou, used as tinder.—adj. Touch′y, irritable: peevish.—Touch up, to improve by a series of small touches, to elaborate, embellish.—A near touch, a close shave. [Fr. toucher—from Old High Ger. zucchen (Ger. zucken), to move, to draw.]

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Touch

    Sensation of making physical contact with objects, animate or inanimate. Tactile stimuli are detected by MECHANORECEPTORS in the skin and mucous membranes.

The Standard Electrical Dictionary

  1. Touch

    A term applied to methods of magnetization, as "single touch," "double touch," or "separate touch," indicating how the poles of the inducing magnet or magnets are applied to the bar to be magnetized. Under the titles of Magnetization the different methods are described.

The Foolish Dictionary, by Gideon Wurdz

  1. TOUCH

    A habit common to the impecunious, causing in its victim a feeling of faintness, followed by a chill or a sense of loss.

Dictionary of Nautical Terms

  1. touch

    In ship-building, the broadest part of a plank worked top-and-butt. Also, the angles of the stern-timbers at the counters. Also, keeping touch is fulfilling the terms of an agreement--speaking of the faith between seamen and their employers.

Rap Dictionary

  1. touchverb

    To hurt or kill. When commiting violence you have to touch the victim somehow. I'm on the Greyhound 'bout to move these birds. And if these kids don't let me do my thing, I'm going out there touching everything. -- Tony Yayo

  2. touchverb

    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada MC. The MC half of The Representatives.

Editors Contribution

  1. touch

    To feel or sense.

    She loves to touch her husband every evening as she comes into the house, to show her love in a gentle way.

    Submitted by MaryC on February 5, 2020  

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Surnames Frequency by Census Records

  1. TOUCH

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Touch is ranked #19513 in terms of the most common surnames in America.

    The Touch surname appeared 1,384 times in the 2010 census and if you were to sample 100,000 people in the United States, approximately 0 would have the surname Touch.

    84% or 1,163 total occurrences were Asian.
    10% or 139 total occurrences were White.
    3.3% or 46 total occurrences were of two or more races.
    1.2% or 17 total occurrences were of Hispanic origin.
    0.7% or 10 total occurrences were Black.
    0.6% or 9 total occurrences were American Indian or Alaskan Native.

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Touch' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #2521

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Touch' in Written Corpus Frequency: #1858

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Touch' in Nouns Frequency: #1011

  4. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Touch' in Verbs Frequency: #300

Anagrams for Touch »

  1. couth

  2. thuoc

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of Touch in Chaldean Numerology is: 7

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of Touch in Pythagorean Numerology is: 4

Examples of Touch in a Sentence

  1. Ramayana:

    Blow O wind to where my loved one is. Touch him and come touch me soon. I'll feel his gentle touch through you and meet his beauty in the moon. These things are much for the one who loves. One can live by them alone that he and I breathe the same air and that the Earth we tread is one.

  2. Denise Albert:

    You can't touch me there, you can’t touch me there ... You can’t touch me there. Albert reiterated, Sorry … I have breast cancer. I have a port in me. You can’t touch me.

  3. Billy Madison:

    Billy Hey I'm trying to score points with the teacher today. DON'T SCREW IT UP. 3rd Grader I dare you to touch her boobs. Billy Touch her boobs That's assault brotha...... Ya double dare me


    - it is a great joy to be able to touch people, to touch their lives, their minds, their conditions, to help them see that they are not alone, that indeed someone(you) cared about them. That is the true essence of life. That is love in its purest sense. It is the highest standard to live up to, and not many want that burden, for indeed the road is never easy. That is how I live my life helping and loving others. I am ras cardo from trench town.

  5. Charles Raison:

    Sometimes people lose touch with reality slowly. Other times, they lose touch really quickly, bipolar psychotic states can develop in as little as a day or two. I'm most curious what was going on in this guy's life the week before this happened. Did anyone see any changes with his behavior? Did he stop sleeping? There's a pretty good chance something would come up in speaking with the people in his life.

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Translations for Touch

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • يلمس, لمس, لمس. اتصال. صلةArabic
  • tocarCatalan, Valencian
  • dotknout, dotýkat, dotek, hmat, dotykCzech
  • røre, bevæge, berøreDanish
  • berühren, Berührung, Tasten, SpurGerman
  • αγγίζω, συγκινώ, αφή, επαφήGreek
  • kortuŝi, tuŝiEsperanto
  • tocar, toqueSpanish
  • ukimenBasque
  • پرماسیدن, لمس کردن, زدنPersian
  • koskea, koskettaa, kosketella, käsikopelo, kosketus, tatsi, ominaispiirre, ulkopuoli, ote, tuntuma, tuntoaisti, tyyli, piirre, hiven, hitunen, aavistus, yhteys, kontaktiFinnish
  • toucherFrench
  • bain le, bain doIrish
  • tocarGalician
  • נָגַע, ריגשHebrew
  • छूनाHindi
  • érint, meghat, megindít, megérint, hozzányúl, érintés, tapintás, jellegzetesség, kontakt, kevés, partvonalHungarian
  • դիպչելArmenian
  • sentuh, raba, singgungIndonesian
  • tusharIdo
  • snertaIcelandic
  • commuovere, toccare, tattoItalian
  • 接触する, 触る, 触れる, タッチ, 触覚, 感触, 接触Japanese
  • 닿다, 두드리다, 만지다Korean
  • taxare, toccare, tango, taxo, tangere, tangeLatin
  • liesti, paliestiLithuanian
  • skart, aizskartLatvian
  • whakapāMāori
  • menyentuhMalay
  • ထိBurmese
  • aanraken, beroeren, roeren, raken, ontroeren, touché, detail, tikjeDutch
  • berøre, røre, kontakt, berøring, følelseNorwegian
  • tocar, tocharOccitan
  • dotykać, dotknąć, wzruszać, wzruszyć, poruszać, poruszyć, dotyk, szczegół, odrobina, dotknięcie, podejście, styl, kontaktPolish
  • tocar, toque, contatoPortuguese
  • llamkhayQuechua
  • tuccar, tucher, tocker, tutgar, tutgear, tutgierRomansh
  • atinge, emoționaRomanian
  • трогать, дотрагиваться, дотронуться, волновать, взволновать, тронуть, касаться, коснуться, растрогать, осязание, штрих, контакт, прикосновение, касание, стиль, манера, общениеRussian
  • apodhicare, apoddicare, apodighare, podhicare, tocare, apodhigai, togare, tocae, tocaiSardinian
  • dírati, tàknutiSerbo-Croatian
  • beröra, röra, känsel, detalj, känsla för detaljer, beröring, liten bit, känsla, aning, smula, kontaktSwedish
  • dara, daranaSwahili
  • தொடுதல்Tamil
  • స్పర్శ, తాకు, స్పర్శించు, ముట్టుకొనుTelugu
  • แตะThai
  • dokunmak, dokunmaTurkish
  • доторкнутися, зворушуватися, доторкатисяUkrainian
  • چھوناUrdu
  • đến, sờ, chạm, đạt tới, xúc giácVietnamese
  • פאַרבינדןYiddish
  • 觸摸Chinese

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    • A. affront
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