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Princeton's WordNet

  1. Sweet, Henry Sweetnoun

    English phonetician; one of the founders of modern phonetics (1845-1912)

  2. dessert, sweet, aftersnoun

    a dish served as the last course of a meal

  3. sweet, confectionnoun

    a food rich in sugar

  4. sweet, sweetness, sugarinessnoun

    the taste experience when sugar dissolves in the mouth

  5. sweetness, sweetadjective

    the property of tasting as if it contains sugar

  6. sweetadjective

    having or denoting the characteristic taste of sugar

  7. angelic, angelical, cherubic, seraphic, sweetadjective

    having a sweet nature befitting an angel or cherub

    "an angelic smile"; "a cherubic face"; "looking so seraphic when he slept"; "a sweet disposition"

  8. dulcet, honeyed, mellifluous, mellisonant, sweetadjective

    pleasing to the ear

    "the dulcet tones of the cello"

  9. sweetadjective

    pleasing to the senses

    "the sweet song of the lark"; "the sweet face of a child"

  10. gratifying, sweetadjective

    pleasing to the mind or feeling

    "sweet revenge"

  11. odoriferous, odorous, perfumed, scented, sweet, sweet-scented, sweet-smellingadjective

    having a natural fragrance

    "odoriferous spices"; "the odorous air of the orchard"; "the perfumed air of June"; "scented flowers"

  12. sweetadjective

    (used of wines) having a high residual sugar content

    "sweet dessert wines"

  13. fresh, sweetadjective

    not containing or composed of salt water

    "fresh water"

  14. fresh, sweet, unfermentedadjective

    not soured or preserved

    "sweet milk"

  15. sugared, sweetened, sweet, sweet-flavoredadverb

    with sweetening added

  16. sweetly, sweetadverb

    in an affectionate or loving manner (`sweet' is sometimes a poetic or informal variant of `sweetly')

    "Susan Hayward plays the wife sharply and sweetly"; "how sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank"- Shakespeare; "talking sweet to each other"


  1. sweetnoun

    The basic taste sensation induced by sugar.

  2. sweetnoun

    A confection made from sugar, or high in sugar content; a candy.

  3. sweetnoun

    A food eaten for dessert.

    Can we see the sweet menu, please?

  4. sweetnoun


  5. sweetadverb

    In a sweet manner.

  6. sweetadjective

    Having a pleasant taste, especially one relating to the basic taste sensation induced by sugar.

  7. sweetadjective

    Having a taste of sugar.

  8. sweetadjective

    Containing a sweetening ingredient.

  9. sweetadjective

    Retaining a portion of sugar.

    Sweet wines are better dessert wines.

  10. sweetadjective

    Not having a salty taste.

  11. sweetadjective

    Having a pleasant smell.

    a sweet scent

  12. sweetadjective

    Not decaying, fermented, rancid, sour, spoiled, or stale.

    sweet milk

  13. sweetadjective

    Having a pleasant sound.

  14. sweetadjective

    Having a pleasing disposition.

    a sweet child

  15. sweetadjective

    Having a helpful disposition.

    It was sweet of him to help out.

  16. sweetadjective

    Free from excessive unwanted substances like acid or sulphur.

  17. sweetadjective

    Very good; pleasant; agreeable.

    The new Lexus was a sweet birthday gift.

  18. Etymology: Via swete, sweete, from swete.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Sweet

    having an agreeable taste or flavor such as that of sugar; saccharine; -- opposed to sour and bitter; as, a sweet beverage; sweet fruits; sweet oranges

  2. Sweet

    pleasing to the smell; fragrant; redolent; balmy; as, a sweet rose; sweet odor; sweet incense

  3. Sweet

    pleasing to the ear; soft; melodious; harmonious; as, the sweet notes of a flute or an organ; sweet music; a sweet voice; a sweet singer

  4. Sweet

    pleasing to the eye; beautiful; mild and attractive; fair; as, a sweet face; a sweet color or complexion

  5. Sweet

    fresh; not salt or brackish; as, sweet water

  6. Sweet

    not changed from a sound or wholesome state. Specifically: (a) Not sour; as, sweet milk or bread. (b) Not state; not putrescent or putrid; not rancid; as, sweet butter; sweet meat or fish

  7. Sweet

    plaesing to the mind; mild; gentle; calm; amiable; winning; presuasive; as, sweet manners

  8. Sweetnoun

    that which is sweet to the taste; -- used chiefly in the plural

  9. Sweetnoun

    confectionery, sweetmeats, preserves, etc

  10. Sweetnoun

    home-made wines, cordials, metheglin, etc

  11. Sweetnoun

    that which is sweet or pleasant in odor; a perfume

  12. Sweetnoun

    that which is pleasing or grateful to the mind; as, the sweets of domestic life

  13. Sweetnoun

    one who is dear to another; a darling; -- a term of endearment

  14. Sweetadverb


  15. Sweetverb

    to sweeten


  1. Sweet

    Sweet were a British rock band that rose to worldwide fame in the 1970s as a prominent glam rock act, with their most prolific line-up: lead vocalist Brian Connolly, bass player Steve Priest, guitarist Andy Scott, and drummer Mick Tucker. Sweet were formed in 1967 and achieved their first hit "Funny Funny" in 1971 after teaming up with songwriters Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman and record producer Phil Wainman. During 1971 and 1972, their musical style followed a marked progression from the Archies-like bubblegum style of "Funny Funny" to a Who-influenced hard rock style supplemented by a striking use of high-pitched backing vocals. The band achieved notable success in the UK charts, with thirteen Top 20 hits during the 1970s alone, with "Block Buster!" topping the chart, followed by three consecutive number two hits in "Hell Raiser", "The Ballroom Blitz" and "Teenage Rampage". Their first self-written and produced single "Fox on the Run" also reached number two on the UK charts. These results were topped in West Germany and other countries on the European mainland, where the band was very popular. Like Slade the band turned to more Hard Rock style in their later singles like 1974's Turn It Down, but from 1976, the success started to decline! The Sweet had their last Top 10 hit in 1978 with "Love Is Like Oxygen". Connolly left the group in 1979 to start a solo career and the remaining members continued as a threesome until disbanding in 1981.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Sweet

    swēt, adj. pleasing to the taste or senses: tasting like sugar: fragrant: melodious: beautiful, grateful to the eye: fresh, as opposed to salt or to sour: pure: recent, not stale, sour, or putrid: mild, soft, gentle: kind, obliging.—n. a sweet substance: a term of endearment: (pl.) sweetmeats, confections: sweet dishes served at table, puddings, tarts, jellies, &c.—v.t. (obs.) to sweeten.—adj. Sweet′-and-twen′ty (Shak.), at once fair and young.—ns. Sweet′-bay, the laurel (Laurus nobilis); Sweet′bread, the pancreas of an animal used for food, both delicate and nutritious.—adj. Sweet′-breathed, sweet-smelling.—ns. Sweet′-brī′er, a thorny shrub of the rose kind resembling the brier, having a sweet smell; Sweet′-corn, a variety of maize.—v.t. Sweet′en, to make sweet: to make pleasing, mild, or kind: to increase the agreeable qualities of: to make pure and healthy.—ns. Sweet′ener, one who, or that which, sweetens; Sweet′ening, act of sweetening: that which sweetens; Sweet′-flag, -rush, an aromatic plant of the genus Acorus of the arum family; Sweet′heart, a lover or mistress.—n.pl. Sweet′ies, confections.—n. Sweet′ing, a sweet apple: (Shak.) a darling, a word of endearment.—adj. Sweet′ish, somewhat sweet to the taste.—ns. Sweet′ishness; Sweet′-john, a flower of the narrow-leaved varieties of a species of pink, Dianthus barbatus, as distinguished from other varieties called Sweet-william; Sweet′leaf, a small tree in the southern United States, having sweetish leaves relished by cattle and horses; Sweet′-lips, one whose lips are sweet—a term of endearment: the ballanwrasse, or Labrus maculatus.—adv. Sweet′ly.—ns. Sweet′-mar′joram, a fragrant species of marjoram; Sweet′meat, a confection made wholly or chiefly of sugar; Sweet′-nan′cy, the double-flowered variety of Narcissus poeticus; Sweet′ness; Sweet′-oil, olive-oil; Sweet′-pea, a pea cultivated for its fragrance and beauty; Sweet′-potā′to, a twining plant common in tropical and sub-tropical countries, having large sweetish edible tubers.—adj. Sweet′-scent′ed, having a sweet smell.—n. Sweet′-sop, a tropical American evergreen, also its pulpy fruit.—adj. Sweet′-tem′pered, having a mild, amiable disposition.—ns. Sweet′-wa′ter, a white variety of the European grape, with very sweet juice; Sweet′-will′iam, the bunch-pink, Dianthus barbatus, a garden flower of many colours and varieties; Sweet′wood, a name applied to various trees and shrubs of the laurel family found in South America and the West Indies.—Be sweet on, or upon, to be in love with. [A.S. swéte; Ger. süsz, Gr. hēdys, L. suavis, sweet, Sans. svad, to taste.]

Rap Dictionary

  1. sweetadjective

    Cool, dope, fresh. Now what you know about a sweet MC, from the 313, none of these skills you bout to see come free -- Eminem featuring Eye-Kyu

  2. sweetadjective

    To have a sweet tooth for something means to have a craving for something. He said I drive 'em crazy, got a sweet tooth for you baby, just gonna look at 'cha lady, Lil' Kim's eye candy baby! -- Trick Daddy featuring Cee-Lo, Lil' Kim, Ludacris (Sugar (Remix)) A preson who is a pussy. "You is as sweet as a teddy bear." A person who can't do nothing, they are all talk and no game.

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  1. sweet

    Song lyrics by sweet -- Explore a large variety of song lyrics performed by sweet on the Lyrics.com website.

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Sweet' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #3140

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Sweet' in Written Corpus Frequency: #2216

  3. Adjectives Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Sweet' in Adjectives Frequency: #383

Anagrams for Sweet »

  1. weets

  2. weest

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of Sweet in Chaldean Numerology is: 5

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of Sweet in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9

Examples of Sweet in a Sentence

  1. Dr. Jose P. Rizal:

    Fame to be sweet must resound in the ears of those we love, in the atmosphere of the land that will guard our ashes. Fame should hover over our tomb to warm with its heat the chill of death, so that we may not be completely reduced to nothingness, that something of us may survive! (Noli Me Tangere)

  2. Friday Ponsetto:

    I was approaching the people that had been exiting the hotel, because in my mind, anybody exiting is probably the one that, might be the one that is trying to steal my phone, i admit, yes, I could have approached the situation differently or maybe not yelled at him like that and made him feel, maybe some sort of inferior way -- making him feel as if I was, like, hurting his feels because thats not my intention. I consider myself to be super sweet. I really never ever meant for it to, like, hurt him or his father, either.

  3. Marc Cherry:

    She was, to my way of thinking, the most beautiful of steel magnolias, she was lovely and sweet and kind, but in her core, she was very strong.

  4. Desiderius Erasmus:

    They take unbelievable pleasure in the hideous blast of the hunting horn and baying of the hounds. Dogs dung smells sweet as cinnamon to them.

  5. Kurt Vonnegut Jr.:

    Say what you will about the sweet miracle of unquestioning faith, I consider a capacity for it terrifying and absolutely vile!

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Translations for Sweet

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • soet, soeterig, hulpwardig, lieflikAfrikaans
  • حلوArabic
  • dadlıAzerbaijani
  • татлыBashkir
  • сало́дкі, мі́лыBelarusian
  • сла́дъкBulgarian
  • মিষ্টিBengali
  • c'hwek, fresk, disall, heson, dousBreton
  • dolç, ensucrat, dolçament, llaminaduraCatalan, Valencian
  • мерзаChechen
  • slazený, sladký, čerstvý, milý, melodický, ochotný, voňavý, příjemný, sladkostCzech
  • пылак, тутлӑChuvash
  • melysWelsh
  • sød, fersk, ren, blid, sødet, behagelig, frisk, venlig, melodisk, usaltet, sødlig, let, konfekt, bolsje, slik, sødtDanish
  • süß, zuckerhaltig, lecker, nett, herzig, wohlriechend, gezuckert, duftend, lieblich, SüßigkeitGerman
  • ŋaneŋaneEwe
  • γλυκόηχος, ανάλατος, πράος, ευωδιαστός, γλυκός, μειλίχιος, καραμέλαGreek
  • dolĉa, sukeraĵoEsperanto
  • agradable, dulce, oloroso, rico, amable, lindo, bello, melodioso, fresco, fragante, mono, hermoso, tierno, azucarado, encantador, gustoso, benigno, sabroso, dulcemente, caramelo, chucheSpanish
  • magusEstonian
  • gozo, gozoaBasque
  • شیرینPersian
  • makee, ihana, äitelä, makea, siisti, miellyttävä, imelä, suloinen, pehmeä, hyväntuoksuinen, puhdas, auttavainen, herttainen, mukava, raikas, ystävällinen, makeutettu, sokerinen, hellästi, karamelli, karkki, makeinen, namu, ihanastiFinnish
  • søturFaroese
  • mélodieux, frais, doux, sucré, génial, charmant, sympathique, sympa, gentil, doucement, bonbon, sucreries, friandiseFrench
  • caoin, milis, binn, milseánIrish
  • binn, blasda, milis, grinn, mealach, suiteas, mìlseanScottish Gaelic
  • doceGalician
  • મીઠીGujarati
  • מתוק, במתיקותHebrew
  • मीठा, मिठाईHindi
  • édes, édességHungarian
  • անուշահոտ, քաղցր, քաղցրահամ, դուրեկան, քաղցրահնչյուն, կոնֆետArmenian
  • manisIndonesian
  • dolcaIdo
  • sæturIcelandic
  • dolce, dolcificato, gentile, carino, zuccheroso, melodioso, fresco, genuino, amabile, profumato, fragrante, non salato, puro, simpatico, zuccherato, intonato, dolcemente, dolcetto, caramellaItalian
  • מתוקHebrew
  • しょっぱくない, 甘い, 新鮮, 芳しい, 甘口, 心地よい, 香しい, 素晴らしい, 都合のよい, 雑味のない, 親切, 可愛い, 快く, 糖菓Japanese
  • ტკბილი, არომატული, კამფეტიGeorgian
  • тәттіKazakh
  • ទន់ភ្លន់, ផ្អែមKhmer
  • ಸಿಹಿKannada
  • 달콤하다, 달다, 마음좋다, 삼삼하다, 알맞다, 향기롭다, 신선하다, 단Korean
  • شیرین, xwînşirîn, şirîn, şirînkirî, destxweşKurdish
  • таттууKyrgyz
  • dulcis, suāvis, dulceLatin
  • séiss, Zockerboun, KamellLuxembourgish, Letzeburgesch
  • ຫວານLao
  • saldusLithuanian
  • salds, saldumsLatvian
  • ankamamina, mamyMalagasy
  • waitīMāori
  • сладокMacedonian
  • മധുരംMalayalam
  • амттайMongolian
  • मधूर, छान, सुगंध, गोडMarathi
  • manisMalay
  • lief, schattig, zoet, vriendelijk, snoep, snoepjeDutch
  • søtlig, ren, usaltet, hjelpsom, sukkertilsatt, søt, fersk, vennlig, vakker, snillNorwegian
  • łikanNavajo, Navaho
  • tsekemera, tseketsekeChichewa, Chewa, Nyanja
  • doçOccitan
  • słodki, słodzony, melodyjny, miły, uroczy, słodko, słodycze, cukierek, SłodkiePolish
  • amável, suave, cheiroso, doce, amigável, puro, perfumado, melodioso, adocicado, fresco, adoçado, docementePortuguese
  • dultsch, doltsch, dutschRomansh
  • gusosaKirundi
  • dulceRomanian
  • сла́дкий, ми́лый, мелоди́чный, душистый, сладкозву́чный, пре́сный, ледене́ц, сласть, сла́дость, конфе́таRussian
  • bomboKinyarwanda
  • मधुरSanskrit
  • durkeSardinian
  • сладак, sladakSerbo-Croatian
  • sladkýSlovak
  • sladekSlovene
  • kutapiraShona
  • ëmbëlAlbanian
  • söt, behaglig, frisk, välljudande, sötad, färsk, väldoftande, ljuvlig, doftande, vacker, mild, härlig, osaltad, hjälpsam, intagande, melodisk, vänlig, älsklig, näpen, ljuv, ren, omtänksam, rar, älskvärd, gullig, karamell, underbart, snask, härligt, vackert, ljuvligt, godsak, godis, sötsak, sött, sSwedish
  • pipi, tamu, peremendeSwahili
  • இனிப்பானTamil
  • మిఠాయిTelugu
  • ширинTajik
  • สด, หวาน, หอมThai
  • datly, süýjiTurkmen
  • matamis, maasukal, matatamisTagalog
  • tatlı, şekerTurkish
  • татлыTatar
  • соло́дкийUkrainian
  • میٹھاUrdu
  • totli, shirinUzbek
  • tshimedzwa
  • ngọtVietnamese
  • svidikVolapük
  • partartWolof
  • זיסYiddish
  • Chinese
  • uswidiZulu

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