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Princeton's WordNet

  1. stripnoun

    a relatively long narrow piece of something

    "he felt a flat strip of muscle"

  2. strip, slipnoun

    artifact consisting of a narrow flat piece of material

  3. airstrip, flight strip, landing strip, stripnoun

    an airfield without normal airport facilities

  4. comic strip, cartoon strip, strip, funniesnoun

    a sequence of drawings telling a story in a newspaper or comic book

  5. stripnoun

    thin piece of wood or metal

  6. strip, striptease, strip showverb

    a form of erotic entertainment in which a dancer gradually undresses to music

    "she did a strip right in front of everyone"

  7. deprive, strip, divestverb

    take away possessions from someone

    "The Nazis stripped the Jews of all their assets"

  8. undress, discase, uncase, unclothe, strip, strip down, disrobe, peelverb

    get undressed

    "please don't undress in front of everybody!"; "She strips in front of strangers every night for a living"

  9. stripverb

    remove the surface from

    "strip wood"

  10. leach, stripverb

    remove substances from by a percolating liquid

    "leach the soil"

  11. denude, bare, denudate, stripverb

    lay bare

    "denude a forest"

  12. plunder, despoil, loot, reave, strip, rifle, ransack, pillage, forayverb

    steal goods; take as spoils

    "During the earthquake people looted the stores that were deserted by their owners"

  13. clean, stripverb

    remove all contents or possession from, or empty completely

    "The boys cleaned the sandwich platters"; "The trees were cleaned of apples by the storm"

  14. stripverb

    strip the cured leaves from

    "strip tobacco"

  15. stripverb

    remove the thread (of screws)

  16. stripverb

    remove a constituent from a liquid

  17. strip, dismantleverb

    take off or remove

    "strip a wall of its wallpaper"

  18. stripverb

    draw the last milk (of cows)

  19. strip, undress, divest, disinvestverb

    remove (someone's or one's own) clothes

    "The nurse quickly undressed the accident victim"; "She divested herself of her outdoor clothes"; "He disinvested himself of his garments"

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary

  1. Stripnoun

    A narrow shred.

    Etymology: Probably for stripe.

    These two apartments were hung in close mourning, and only a strip of bays round the other rooms. Jonathan Swift.

  2. To STRIPverb

    Etymology: streopen, Dutch; bestripte, stripped , Sax.

    They began to strip her of her cloaths when I came in among them. Philip Sidney.

    They stript Joseph out of his coat. Gen. xxxvii. 23.

    Scarce credible it is how soon they were stript and laid naked on the ground. John Hayward.

    Hadst thou not committed
    Notorious murder on those thirty men
    At Askelon, who never did thee harm,
    Then like a robber strip’dst them of their robes. John Milton.

    You cloath all that have no relation to you, and strip your master that gives you food. Roger L'Estrange.

    A rattling tempest through the branches went,
    That stript them bare. John Dryden, Knights Tale.

    He saw a beauteous maid
    With hair dishevel’d, issuing through the shade,
    Stript of her cloaths. Dryden.

    He left the pillagers, to rapine bred,
    Without controul to strip and spoil the dead. Dryden.

    The bride was put in form to bed;
    He follow’d stript. Jonathan Swift.

    The apostle in exhorting men to contentment, although they have in this world no more than bare food and raiment, giveth us to understand that those are even the lowest of things necessary, that if we should be stript of all these things, without which we might possibly be, yet these must be left. Richard Hooker.

    We strip and divest ourselves of our own will, and give ourselves entirely up to the will of God. Brian Duppa.

    It is difficult to lead another by words into the thoughts of things, stripped of those specifick differences we give them. John Locke.

    One would imagine these to be the expressions of a man blessed with ease and affluence, not of one just stript of all those advantages, and plunged in the deepest miseries; and now sitting naked upon a dunghil. Francis Atterbury.

    That which lays a man open to an enemy, and that which strips him of a friend, equally attacks him in all those interests that are capable of being weakned by the one and supported by the other. Robert South, Sermons.

    If the leaves or dried stocks be stripped into small straws, they arise unto amber, wax, and other electerics, no other ways than those of wheat or rye. Thomas Browne, Vulgar Errours.

    When some fond easy fathers strip themselves before they lie down to their long sleep, and settle their whole estates upon their sons, has it not been seen that the father has been requited with beggary? Robert South, Sermons.

    He stript off his cloaths. 1 Sam. xix. 24.

    Logick helps us to strip off the outward disguise of things, and to behold and judge of them in their own nature. Isaac Watts.

    His unkindness
    That stript her from his benediction, turn’d her
    To foreign casualties, gave her dear rights
    To her doghearted daughters: these things sting him. William Shakespeare.

    Amongst men who examine not scrupulously their own ideas, and strip them not from the marks men use for them, but confound them with words, there must be endless dispute. John Locke.


  1. Strip

    Strip is a song by American recording artist Chris Brown, featuring American rapper Kevin "K-MAC" McCall, released as a single from his mixtape Boy In Detention and as a buzz single from Brown's fifth studio album Fortune on November 18, 2011. It was written by Amber Streeter, Brown, Christopher Whitacre, J. Lonny Bereal, Justin Henderson and McCall, while production was handled by Tha Bizness. "Strip" peaked at number 37 on the US Billboard Hot 100, and number three on the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.


  1. strip

    A strip is a long, narrow piece of material, land, or surface. It is characterized by its significantly greater length than width. It can also refer to a sequence of drawings or pictures that tell a story, such as in a comic strip.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Stripverb

    to deprive; to bereave; to make destitute; to plunder; especially, to deprive of a covering; to skin; to peel; as, to strip a man of his possession, his rights, his privileges, his reputation; to strip one of his clothes; to strip a beast of his skin; to strip a tree of its bark

  2. Stripverb

    to divest of clothing; to uncover

  3. Stripverb

    to dismantle; as, to strip a ship of rigging, spars, etc

  4. Stripverb

    to pare off the surface of, as land, in strips

  5. Stripverb

    to deprive of all milk; to milk dry; to draw the last milk from; hence, to milk with a peculiar movement of the hand on the teats at the last of a milking; as, to strip a cow

  6. Stripverb

    to pass; to get clear of; to outstrip

  7. Stripverb

    to pull or tear off, as a covering; to remove; to wrest away; as, to strip the skin from a beast; to strip the bark from a tree; to strip the clothes from a man's back; to strip away all disguisses

  8. Stripverb

    to tear off (the thread) from a bolt or nut; as, the thread is stripped

  9. Stripverb

    to tear off the thread from (a bolt or nut); as, the bolt is stripped

  10. Stripverb

    to remove the metal coating from (a plated article), as by acids or electrolytic action

  11. Stripverb

    to remove fiber, flock, or lint from; -- said of the teeth of a card when it becomes partly clogged

  12. Stripverb

    to pick the cured leaves from the stalks of (tobacco) and tie them into "hands"; to remove the midrib from (tobacco leaves)

  13. Stripverb

    to take off, or become divested of, clothes or covering; to undress

  14. Stripverb

    to fail in the thread; to lose the thread, as a bolt, screw, or nut. See Strip, v. t., 8

  15. Stripnoun

    a narrow piece, or one comparatively long; as, a strip of cloth; a strip of land

  16. Stripnoun

    a trough for washing ore

  17. Stripnoun

    the issuing of a projectile from a rifled gun without acquiring the spiral motion

  18. Etymology: [OE. stripen, strepen, AS. strpan in bestrpan to plunder; akin to D. stroopen, MHG. stroufen, G. streifen.]


  1. Strip

    Strip is the second solo album by Adam Ant, released in 1983. It marked a decline in Ant's success, as it only reached #65 in the US and #20 in the UK. The lead single from the album was "Puss 'n Boots", which continued the pantomime themes and fashions of Ant's earlier work. The single reached #5 on the UK chart in 1983, becoming Ant's final UK top ten hit, although other top 20 hits would follow. The title track, "Strip" was released as a single in 1984 and reached #41 on the UK singles chart and #42 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The cover photograph was fashioned after actress Jane Russell's famous photo from Howard Hughes's 1943 film The Outlaw. An extensive tour of the US was undertaken after the release. In Adam Ant's 2006 autobiography, he mentions that the promoters and tour managers were incentivized with higher pay if the album hit the Top 40 in the US. It got to #65. Some performances of the tour can be found on YouTube. It was the biggest American tour of Ant's career, with dates in many cities, and was famous for the showmanship involved; this included a vine-covered bridge suspended above the audience, and a Houdini-style immersion tank, which Ant would jump in and emerge from wearing only black shorts - after "stripping" his stage costume off during the course of the show.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Strip

    strip, v.t to pull off in strips or stripes: to tear off: to deprive of a covering: to skin, to peel, to husk: to make bare: to expose: to remove the overlying earth from a deposit: to deprive: to impoverish or make destitute: to plunder: to press out the last milk at a milking: to press out the ripe roe or milt from fishes, for artificial fecundation: to separate the leaves of tobacco from the stems.—v.i. to undress: to lose the thread, as a screw: to come off:—pr.p. strip′ping; pa.t. and pa.p. stripped.—n. a long narrow piece of anything (cf. Stripe).—ns. Strip′leaf, tobacco which has been stripped of the stalks before packing; Strip′per, one who, or that which, strips.—n.pl. Strip′pings, the last milk drawn from a cow at a milking.—Strip off, to pull or take off: to cast off. [A.S. strýpan; Ger. streifen.]

British National Corpus

  1. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Strip' in Nouns Frequency: #1636

  2. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Strip' in Verbs Frequency: #813

Anagrams for Strip »

  1. stirp

  2. sprit

  3. spirt

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of Strip in Chaldean Numerology is: 9

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of Strip in Pythagorean Numerology is: 1

Examples of Strip in a Sentence

  1. Winnie Mpanju-Shumbusho:

    Malaria continues to strip communities around the world of promise and economic potential.

  2. Fatou Bensouda:

    I am satisfied that ... war crimes have been or are being committed in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.

  3. Bobby DiCello:

    We're concerned that they put all these officers together and the audio is off, it is unreasonable to strip the videos of their value at this point.

  4. Salman Aziz:

    We live kind of society where people scold you for wearing crop clothes. But for their own pleasure and entertainment this society tears your clothes apart to see your naked body. Even the society forces you to strip down your clothes for their hidden satisfaction. But in front of all they just say you are so nasty.

  5. Connecticut State Archaeologist Nicholas Bellantoni:

    Because of the battlefield, they had little choices in terms of where to bury them, they had to bury them hastily, after the battle, we know that [the British] spent the night in Ridgefield - that gave them the time to strip the bodies and bury them.

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Translations for Strip

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  • отнемам, ограбвам, писта, свалям, ивица, комикси, събличам, правя стриптийзBulgarian
  • striptýz, pruh, přistávací plocha, třída, bulvár, komiks, kreslený seriálCzech
  • λωρίδα, ταινία, σκίτσα συνέχειαςGreek
  • striptiziEsperanto
  • tira, desvestir, sacarse la ropa, removerSpanish
  • نوارPersian
  • kaistale, suikale, kiitotie, sarjakuvastrippi, strippi, kiitorata, strippausFinnish
  • strippaFaroese
  • bande, se déshabiller, strip, enleverFrench
  • bannScottish Gaelic
  • jalurIndonesian
  • desvestizarIdo
  • flugbraut, svipta, stripp, afklæðast, strippa, strimill, myndasyrpa, braut, nektardans, fjarlægjaIcelandic
  • striscia di fumetti, pista d'atterraggio, privare, denudare, via principale, spogliarello, spogliarsi, svuotare, striscia, listello, strappare, togliere, corso, spogliare, svestire, denudarsi, fare lo spogliarello, derubare, striscia d'asfalto, strada, lista, reggetta, fumettoItalian
  • 切れ, 脱ぐ, 奪い取る, 滑走路Japanese
  • nudor, nudoLatin
  • sloksneLatvian
  • whakahahakeMāori
  • landingsbaan, koopgoot, strippen, stripboek, uitkleden, asfalt, strookDutch
  • rozebrać sięPolish
  • tira, pistaPortuguese
  • dezbrăca, face, jupui, prădui, secaRomanian
  • полоса́, раздевать, поло́ска, снимать, раздеваться, дорожкаRussian
  • pristajalna stezaSlovene
  • serie, stripp, strippa, ta av, remsa, strimla, landningsbana, klä avSwedish
  • ஆடை அவிழ்ப்புTamil
  • เพิกThai
  • striptiz, striptiz yapmakTurkish
  • 跳闸Chinese

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