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Princeton's WordNet

  1. roller(noun)

    a grounder that rolls along the infield

  2. roller, roll, rolling wave(noun)

    a long heavy sea wave as it advances towards the shore

  3. roller(noun)

    a small wheel without spokes (as on a roller skate)

  4. roller(noun)

    a cylinder that revolves

  5. curler, hair curler, roller, crimper(noun)

    a mechanical device consisting of a cylindrical tube around which the hair is wound to curl it

    "a woman with her head full of curlers is not a pretty sight"

  6. roller(noun)

    Old World bird that tumbles or rolls in flight; related to kingfishers

  7. roller, tumbler, tumbler pigeon(noun)

    pigeon that executes backward somersaults in flight or on the ground


  1. roller(Noun)

    anything that rolls

  2. roller(Noun)

    any rotating cylindrical device that is part of a machine, especially one used to apply or reduce pressure

  3. roller(Noun)

    a heavy rolling device used to flatten the surface of the pitch

  4. roller(Noun)

    a large, wide, curling wave that falls back on itself as it breaks on a coast

  5. roller(Noun)

    a cylindrical tool for applying paint or ink

  6. roller(Noun)

    an agricultural machine used for flattening land and breaking up lumps of earth

  7. roller(Noun)

    a bread or variety of roller pigeon that rolls (i.e. tumbles or somersaults) backwards (cf. Penson roller, Birmingham roller, tumbler, tumbler pigeon, English Short Faced Tumbler, English Long Faced Tumbler)

  8. roller(Noun)

    any of various aggressive birds, of the family Coraciidae, having bright blue wings and hooked beaks

  9. roller(Noun)

    (also written Roller) a car made by Rolls-Royce

  10. roller(Noun)

    the police (old blues slang)

  11. roller(Noun)

    a padded surcingle that is used on horses for training and vaulting

  12. roller(Noun)

    A roll of titles or (especially) credits played over film or video; television or film credits.

  13. Roller(ProperNoun)

    A Rolls-Royce car

Webster Dictionary

  1. Roller(noun)

    one who, or that which, rolls; especially, a cylinder, sometimes grooved, of wood, stone, metal, etc., used in husbandry and the arts

  2. Roller(noun)

    a bandage; a fillet; properly, a long and broad bandage used in surgery

  3. Roller(noun)

    one of series of long, heavy waves which roll in upon a coast, sometimes in calm weather

  4. Roller(noun)

    a long, belt-formed towel, to be suspended on a rolling cylinder; -- called also roller towel

  5. Roller(noun)

    a cylinder coated with a composition made principally of glue and molassess, with which forms of type are inked previously to taking an impression from them

  6. Roller(noun)

    a long cylinder on which something is rolled up; as, the roller of a man

  7. Roller(noun)

    a small wheel, as of a caster, a roller skate, etc

  8. Roller(noun)

    aNy insect whose larva rolls up leaves; a leaf roller. see Tortrix

  9. Roller(noun)

    any one of numerous species of Old World picarian birds of the family Coraciadae. The name alludes to their habit of suddenly turning over or "tumbling" in flight

  10. Roller(noun)

    any species of small ground snakes of the family Tortricidae

  11. Origin: [CF. F. rollier.]


  1. Roller

    The rollers are an Old World family, Coraciidae, of near passerine birds. The group gets its name from the aerial acrobatics some of these birds perform during courtship or territorial flights. Rollers resemble crows in size and build, and share the colourful appearance of kingfishers and bee-eaters, blues and pinkish or cinnamon browns predominating. The two inner front toes are connected, but not the outer one. They are mainly insect eaters, with Eurystomus species taking their prey on the wing, and those of the genus Coracias diving from a perch to catch food items from on the ground, like giant shrikes. Although living rollers are birds of warm climates in the Old World, fossil records show that rollers were present in North America during the Eocene. They are monogamous and nest in an unlined hole in a tree or in masonry, and lay 2–4 eggs in the tropics, 3–6 at higher latitudes. The eggs, which are white, hatch after 17–20 days, and the young remain in the nest for approximately another 30 days.

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of Roller in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of Roller in Pythagorean Numerology is: 8

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Wendy Barkett:

    It is going to be a roller coaster ride.

  2. Alisha Walker:

    It’s been a roller coaster, it’s been up and down.

  3. Zoltan Levay:

    It's been rewarding and a challenge and a roller coaster.

  4. Cecily Kellogg of Philadelphia:

    Now? She's absolutely crazy about roller derby and loves it. Can't wait to go each week.

  5. Warren Buffet:

    The world of capitalism is, essentially, a roller coaster, what goes up, must come down.

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Translations for Roller

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  • чIобChechen
  • Tümmlertaube, Roller, Werfer, Rollertaube, Orientalischer Roller, Ostpreußischer Werfer, Racke, Tümmler, Orientalische RollertaubeGerman
  • rodillo, carracaSpanish
  • rulla, tela, pyörittäjä, lopputekstit, jyrä, Rolls, maininki, vikellysvyö, sininärhiFinnish
  • rollier, rouleauFrench
  • csörgőmadár, szalakótaHungarian
  • rúllaIcelandic
  • cavalloneItalian
  • cylindroLatin
  • gáagii naashchʼąąʼígííNavajo, Navaho
  • сизоворо́нка, буру́н, ро́лик, вал, колёсико, ва́лик, ту́рманRussian
  • zlatovranaSerbo-Croatian
  • rollerSwedish
  • korakül, hikorakül, jikorakül, korak, jikorak, hikorakVolapük

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