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Princeton's WordNet

  1. jolt, jar, jounce, shock(noun)

    a sudden jarring impact

    "the door closed with a jolt"; "all the jars and jolts were smoothed out by the shock absorbers"

  2. jerk, jerking, jolt, saccade(verb)

    an abrupt spasmodic movement

  3. jolt, jar(verb)

    move or cause to move with a sudden jerky motion

  4. jolt(verb)

    disturb (someone's) composure

    "The audience was jolted by the play"


  1. Jolt(v. t.)

    To stun or shock a person physically, as with a blow or electrical shock; as, the earthquake jolted him out of bed.

  2. Jolt(v. t.)

    To stun or shock or change the mental state of (a person) suddenly, as if with a blow; as, the sight of the house on fire jolted him into action; his mother's early death jolted his idyllic happiness.

  3. Jolt(n.)

    A physical or psychological shock; see jolt v. t. senses 2 and 3; as, the stock market plunge was a big jolt to his sense of affluence; he touched the casing of the ungrounded motor and got a jolt from a short inside.

  4. Jolt(n.)

    Something which causes a jolt; as, the bad news was a jolt.


  1. jolt(Noun)

    An act of jolting.

  2. jolt(Noun)

    A surprise or shock.

  3. jolt(Noun)

    A long prison sentence.

  4. jolt(Noun)

    A narcotic injection.

  5. jolt(Verb)

    To push or shake abruptly and roughly.

    The bus jolted its passengers.

  6. jolt(Verb)

    To knock sharply; to deal a blow to.

  7. jolt(Verb)

    To shock (someone) into taking action or being alert; as, to jolt someone out of complacency

  8. jolt(Verb)

    To shock emotionally.

    Her untimely death jolted us all.

  9. jolt(Verb)

    To shake; to move with a series of jerks.

    The bus jolted along the stony path.

  10. Origin: Maybe from jollen.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Jolt(verb)

    to shake with short, abrupt risings and fallings, as a carriage moving on rough ground; as, the coach jolts

  2. Jolt(verb)

    to cause to shake with a sudden up and down motion, as in a carriage going over rough ground, or on a high-trotting horse; as, the horse jolts the rider; fast driving jolts the carriage and the passengers

  3. Jolt(noun)

    a sudden shock or jerk; a jolting motion, as in a carriage moving over rough ground

  4. Origin: [Prob. fr. jole, joll, jowl, and orig. meaning, to knock on the head. See Jowl.]


  1. Jolt

    Jolt is a fictional character, a superheroine in the Marvel Universe and a member of the Thunderbolts and Young Allies.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Jolt

    jōlt, v.i. to shake with sudden jerks.—v.t. to shake with a sudden shock.—n. a sudden jerk.—ns. Jolt′er; Jolt′-head, Jolt′erhead, a blockhead.—adv. Jolt′ingly, in a jolting manner. [Old form joll, prob. conn. with jowl.]

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of Jolt in Chaldean Numerology is: 6

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    The numerical value of Jolt in Pythagorean Numerology is: 3

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Charles R. Swindoll:

    The swift wind of compromise is a lot more devastating than the sudden jolt of misfortune.

  2. Naomi Watts:

    She's going through something very different than he is, but yet she also needs a jolt, demolition.

  3. Millan Mulraine:

    We expect this report to deliver a further jolt to the Fed's confidence in their relatively optimistic economic outlook and further solidify the bias for a September hike.

  4. Julie Gayet:

    I hope this book will give him a jolt, i hope it will help him to see the mistakes he has made and those he should stop making and why left-wing voters are feeling betrayed.

  5. Ken Yeager:

    Chocolate is a huge caffeine source, i know people who don't drink coffee but they'll eat six little candy bars in a two-hour period because they want the same kind of jolt.

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Translations for Jolt

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • разтърсвам, потресавамBulgarian
  • rütteln, wachrütteln, holpern, aufrüttelnGerman
  • traquetear, sacudirSpanish
  • ravistaa, tärähdys, vaappua, järkyttää, tönäistä, lyödä, töniä, shokki, täräyttää, täristää, järkytys, heilahdella, tärinäFinnish
  • soubresautFrench
  • crath, crathadhScottish Gaelic
  • झटकाHindi
  • in de war brengen, ontnuchtering, schok, ontnuchteren, horten, verwarren, botsen, kwetsen, schokken, verrassingDutch
  • sacudirPortuguese
  • встревожить, потрясать, трясти, удар, толчок, шок, тряхнуть, встряска, тряска, потрястиRussian
  • ryck, stöt, skakningSwedish

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