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Princeton's WordNet

  1. gall, irk(verb)

    irritate or vex

    "It galls me that we lost the suit"


  1. irk(Verb)

    to irritate; annoy; bother

    It irks me to do all this work and have someone destroy it.

  2. Origin: From irken, from yrkja, from wurkijanan, from werǵ-. Cognate with yrkja, yrka, wyrcan, wyrcean. More at work.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Irk(verb)

    to weary; to give pain; to annoy; -- used only impersonally at present

  2. Origin: [OE. irken to tire, become tired; cf. Sw. yrka to urge, enforce, press, or G. ekel disgust, MHG. erklich disgusting; perh. akin to L. urgere to urge, E. urge.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Irk

    ėrk, v.t. to weary: to trouble: to distress (now used only impersonally).—adj. Irk′some, causing uneasiness: tedious: unpleasant.—adv. Irk′somely.—n. Irk′someness. [M. E. irken—Scand., Sw. yrka, to urge; prob. cog. with L. urgēre.]

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