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Definitions for Horticultureˈhɔr tɪˌkʌl tʃər

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. gardening, horticulture(noun)

    the cultivation of plants


  1. horticulture(Noun)

    the art or science of cultivating gardens; gardening

  2. horticulture(Noun)

    small scale agriculture

  3. Origin: 17th century, from the word hortus + culture (on the model of agriculture).

Webster Dictionary

  1. Horticulture(noun)

    the cultivation of a garden or orchard; the art of cultivating gardens or orchards

  2. Origin: [L. hortus garden + cultura culture: cf. F. horticulture. See Yard an inclosure, and Culture.]


  1. Horticulture

    Horticulture is the science, technology, and business involved in intensive plant cultivation for human use. It is practiced from the individual level in a garden up to the activities of a multinational corporation. It is very diverse in its activities, incorporating plants for food and non-food crops. It also includes related services in plant conservation, landscape restoration, landscape and garden design/construction/maintenance, arboriculture, horticultural therapy, and much more. This range of food, medicinal, environmental, and social products and services are all fundamental to developing and maintaining human health and well-being. Horticulturists apply the knowledge, skills, and technologies used to grow intensively produced plants for human food and non-food uses and for personal or social needs. Their work involves plant propagation and cultivation with the aim of improving plant growth, yields, quality, nutritional value, and resistance to insects, diseases, and environmental stresses. They work as gardeners, growers, therapists, designers, and technical advisors in the food and non-food sectors of horticulture.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Horticulture

    hor′ti-kul-tūr, n. the art of cultivating gardens.—adj. Horticul′tural, pertaining to the culture of gardens.—n. Horticul′turist, one versed in the art of cultivating gardens.—Hortus siccus, a collection of dried plants arranged in a book. [L. hortus, a garden, culturacolĕre, to cultivate.]


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