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Princeton's WordNet

  1. Hercules, Heracles, Herakles, Alcides(noun)

    (classical mythology) a hero noted for his strength; performed 12 immense labors to gain immortality

  2. Hercules(noun)

    a large constellation in the northern hemisphere between Lyra and Corona Borealis


  1. Hercules(ProperNoun)

    Son of Jupiter and Alcmene, a celebrated hero who possessed exceptional strength. Most famous for his 12 labors performed to redeem himself after killing his family.

  2. Hercules(ProperNoun)

    A summer constellation of the northern sky, said to resemble the mythical hero. It lies between the constellations Lyra and Corona Borealis.

  3. Hercules(ProperNoun)

    A crater in the first quadrant on the moon.

  4. Origin: From Herculēs, from Ἡρακλῆς, apparently from Ἥρα + κλέος.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Hercules(noun)

    a hero, fabled to have been the son of Jupiter and Alcmena, and celebrated for great strength, esp. for the accomplishment of his twelve great tasks or "labors."

  2. Hercules(noun)

    a constellation in the northern hemisphere, near Lyra


  1. Hercules

    Hercules is the Roman name for the Greek divine hero Heracles, who was the son of Zeus and the mortal Alcmene. In classical mythology, Hercules is famous for his strength and for his numerous far-ranging adventures. The Romans adapted the Greek hero's iconography and myths for their literature and art under the name Hercules. In later Western art and literature and in popular culture, Hercules is more commonly used than Heracles as the name of the hero. Hercules was a multifaceted figure with contradictory characteristics, which enabled later artists and writers to pick and choose how to represent him. This article provides an introduction to representations of Hercules in the later tradition.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Hercules

    the typical hero of the Greeks, son of Zeus and Alkmene, and the tried therefore of Hera, who persecuted him from his cradle, sending two serpents to devour him as he lay there, but which he strangled with his arms; grown into manhood, and distinguished for his stature and strength, was doomed by the artifice of Hera to a series of perilous adventures before he could claim his rights as a son of his father; these are known as the "Twelve Labours of Hercules": the first the throttling of the Nemean lion; the second, the killing of the Lernean hydra; the third, the hunt and capture of the hind of Diana, with its hoofs of brass; the fourth, the taking alive of the boar of Erymanthus; the fifth, the cleansing of the stables of Augeas; the sixth, the destruction of the Stymphalian birds; the seventh, the capture of the Cretan bull; the eighth, the capture of the mares of Diomedes of Thrace; the ninth, the seizure of the girdle of the queen of the Amazons; the tenth, the killing of Geryon and capture of his oxen; the eleventh, fetching of the golden apples from the garden of the Hesperides; the twelfth, dragging Cerberus to the light of day. These were the twelve, but in addition, he strangled the giant Antæus, slew the robber Cacus, delivered Hesione, unchained Prometheus from the rocks of Caucasus, and smote the centaur Nessus, the last proving the cause of his death. See Nessus.

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of Hercules in Chaldean Numerology is: 5

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of Hercules in Pythagorean Numerology is: 1

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Lucius Annaeus Seneca:

    To greed, all nature is insufficient. - Hercules Oetaeus

  2. Lucius Annaeus Seneca:

    The hour which gives us life begins to take it away. - Hercules Furens

  3. Lucius Annaeus Seneca:

    He who boasts of his ancestry praises the merits of another. - Hercules Furens

  4. Dimitrios Malisiovas:

    Since professional soccer started in 1979, the problem has always been there. Violence and corruption, it’s a bit like the Greek national debt: Too hard to pay down. Or like Hercules in ancient mythology trying to cut the head off the monster, only to see another appear. But that’s what we need to fix this problem, another Hercules. Someone who is fearless and determined.

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