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Princeton's WordNet

  1. goblin, hob, hobgoblin(noun)

    (folklore) a small grotesque supernatural creature that makes trouble for human beings

  2. elf, hob, gremlin, pixie, pixy, brownie, imp(noun)

    (folklore) fairies that are somewhat mischievous

  3. hob(noun)

    a hard steel edge tool used to cut gears

  4. hob(verb)

    a shelf beside an open fire where something can be kept warm

  5. hob(verb)

    cut with a hob


  1. hob(Noun)

    A kind of cutting tool, used to cut the teeth of a gear.

  2. hob(Noun)

    The flat projection or iron shelf at the side of a fire grate, where things are put to be kept warm.

  3. hob

    The top cooking surface on a cooker. It typically comprises several cooking elements (often four), also known as 'rings'.

  4. hob

    A rounded peg used as a target in several games, especially in quoits

  5. hob

    A male ferret.

  6. hob(Verb)

    To create (a gear) by cutting with a hob.

  7. hob(Verb)

    To engage in the process of cutting gears with a hob.

  8. hob(Noun)

    A fairy; a sprite; an elf.

    From elves, hobs, and fairies, Defend us, good Heaven! uE000126600uE001 Beaumont and Flanders.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Hob(noun)

    the hub of a wheel. See Hub

  2. Hob(noun)

    the flat projection or iron shelf at the side of a fire grate, where things are put to be kept warm

  3. Hob(noun)

    a threaded and fluted hardened steel cutter, resembling a tap, used in a lathe for forming the teeth of screw chasers, worm wheels, etc

  4. Hob(noun)

    a fairy; a sprite; an elf

  5. Hob(noun)

    a countryman; a rustic; a clown

  6. Origin: [Prob. akin to hump. Cf. Hub. ]


  1. Hob

    A hob is a type of small mythological household spirit found in the north and midlands of England, but especially on the Anglo-Scottish border, according to traditional folklore of those regions. They could live inside the house or outdoors. They are said to work in farmyards and thus could be helpful, however if offended they could become nuisances. The usual way to dispose of a hob was to give them a set of new clothing, the receiving of which would make the creature leave forever. It could however be impossible to get rid of the worst hobs. A famous hob called the hobthrust lived near Runswick Bay in a hobhole, and was said to be able to cure whooping cough. As well as the brownie, another cognate exists in the Scandinavian tomte or nisse; all of which are thought to be derived from the household gods of olden times, known in England as the cofgodas of which the brownie and hob are indeed a survival. In Moldovan Gypsy folklore a correlate of the hob was the "Goblin". They also lived inside or outside, worked incredibly fast and hard and could make plants grow quickly. These abilities combined with their supernatural strength and speed made them invaluable to farmers lucky enough to be on their good side. There existed no folklore regarding a negative interaction with clothing except that these creatures considered the clothes of mankind to be inferior to their own.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Hob

    hob, n. the projecting nave of a wheel: a projection on the side of a fireplace, on which anything may be laid to keep hot: a game in which coins are placed on the end of a short stick at which stones are thrown, those that fall head up going to the thrower—also the round stick used in this game: a hardened threaded steel mandrel used in forming the cutting ends of screw-chasing tools, &c.—n. Hob′nail, a nail with a thick, strong head, used in horse-shoes, &c.: a clownish fellow.—v.t. to furnish with hobnails: to trample upon with hobnailed shoes.—adj. Hob′nailed. [Cf. Hub.]

  2. Hob

    hob, n. a clownish fellow: a rustic: a fairy.—n. Hob′binoll, a rustic.—adj. Hob′bish, clownish.—n. Hobgob′lin, a mischievous fairy: a frightful apparition.—Play hob, to make confusion. [A corr. of Rob for Robin, Robert.]

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  • τελώνιοGreek
  • armureFrench
  • 바퀴통Korean
  • гвоздь, варочная панель, червячная фреза, хорёкRussian

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