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ˈdʌb əldou·ble

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. double, two-base hit, two-bagger, two-basernoun

    a base hit on which the batter stops safely at second base

    "he hit a double to deep centerfield"

  2. double, stunt man, stunt womannoun

    a stand-in for movie stars to perform dangerous stunts

    "his first job in Hollywood was as a double for Clark Gable"

  3. double, image, look-alikenoun

    someone who closely resembles a famous person (especially an actor)

    "he could be Gingrich's double"; "she's the very image of her mother"

  4. doublenoun

    a quantity that is twice as great as another

    "36 is the double of 18"

  5. doubling, doubleadjective

    raising the stakes in a card game by a factor of 2

    "I decided his double was a bluff"

  6. double, dual, twofold, two-fold, treble, threefold, three-foldadjective

    having more than one decidedly dissimilar aspects or qualities

    "a double (or dual) role for an actor"; "the office of a clergyman is twofold; public preaching and private influence"- R.W.Emerson; "every episode has its double and treble meaning"-Frederick Harrison

  7. double, dual, dupleadjective

    consisting of or involving two parts or components usually in pairs

    "an egg with a double yolk"; "a double (binary) star"; "double doors"; "dual controls for pilot and copilot"; "duple (or double) time consists of two (or a multiple of two) beats to a measure"

  8. double, doubled, twofold, two-foldadjective

    twice as great or many

    "ate a double portion"; "the dose is doubled"; "a twofold increase"

  9. doubleadjective

    used of flowers having more than the usual number of petals in crowded or overlapping arrangements

    "double chrysanthemums have many rows of petals and are usually spherical or hemispherical"

  10. bivalent, doubleadjective

    used of homologous chromosomes associated in pairs in synapsis

  11. doubleadjective

    large enough for two

    "a double bed"; "a double room"

  12. double, forkedverb

    having two meanings with intent to deceive

    "a sly double meaning"; "spoke with forked tongue"

  13. double, duplicateverb

    increase twofold

    "The population doubled within 50 years"

  14. doubleverb

    hit a two-base hit

  15. double over, double, double upverb

    bend over or curl up, usually with laughter or pain

    "He doubled and vomited violently"

  16. doubleverb

    do double duty; serve two purposes or have two functions

    "She doubles as his wife and secretary"

  17. doubleverb

    bridge: make a demand for (a card or suit)

  18. duplicate, reduplicate, double, repeat, replicateadverb

    make or do or perform again

    "He could never replicate his brilliant performance of the magic trick"

  19. doubleadverb

    downward and forward

    "he was bent double with pain"

  20. doubleadverb

    two together

    "some people sleep better double"

  21. doubly, double, twiceadverb

    to double the degree

    "she was doubly rewarded"; "his eyes were double bright"


  1. Doublenoun

    A player or singer who prepares to take the part of another player in his absence; a substitute; -- used especially of a person who resembles an actor and takes the actor's place in scenes requiring special skills; as, a stunt double.


  1. doublenoun

    Twice the number, amount, size, etc.

  2. doublenoun

    A person who resembles and stands in for another person, often for safety purposes

    Saddam Hussein was rumored to have many doubles.

  3. doublenoun

    A drink with two portions of alcohol

    On second thought, make that a double.

  4. doublenoun

    A two-base hit

    The catcher hit a double to lead off the ninth.

  5. doublenoun

    A ghostly apparition of a living person; doppelgänger.

  6. doublenoun

    A sharp turn, especially a return on one's own tracks.

  7. doublenoun

    A call that increases certain scoring points if the last preceding bid becomes the contract.

  8. doublenoun

    A strike in which the object ball is struck so as to make it rebound against the cushion to an opposite pocket.

  9. doublenoun

    A bet on two horses in different races in which any winnings from the first race are placed on the horse in the later race.

  10. doubleverb

    To multiply by two

    The company doubled their earnings per share over last quarter.

  11. doubleverb

    To fold over so as to make two folds

    To make a pleat, double the material at the waist.

  12. doubleverb

    To get a two-base hit

    The batter doubled into the corner.

  13. doubleverb

    (sometimes followed by up) To clench (a fist).

  14. doubleverb

    (often followed by together or up) To join or couple.

  15. doubleverb

    To repeat exactly; copy.

  16. doubleverb

    To play two parts or serve two roles.

  17. doubleverb

    To turn sharply; following a winding course.

  18. doubleverb

    To sail around (a headland or other point).

  19. doublenoun

    The narrow outermost ring on a dartboard.

  20. doublenoun

    A hit on this ring.

  21. doublenoun

    A tile that has the same value (i.e., the same number of pips) in both sides.

  22. doublenoun

    Short form of double-precision floating-point number.

    The sin() function returns a double.

  23. doublenoun

    Two competitions, usually one league and one cup, won by the same team in a single season.

  24. doublenoun

    The feat of scoring twice in one game.

  25. doublenoun

    A former French coin worth one-sixth of a sou.

  26. doublenoun

    A copper coin worth one-eighth of a penny.

  27. doubleverb

    To duplicate (a part) either in unison or at the octave above or below it.

  28. doubleverb

    To be capable of performing (upon an additional instrument).

  29. doubleverb

    To make a call that will double certain scoring points if the preceding bid becomes the contract.

  30. doubleverb

    To cause (a ball) to rebound from a cushion before entering the pocket.

  31. doubleverb

    (foll. by for) To act as substitute.

  32. doubleverb

    To go or march at twice the normal speed.

  33. doubleverb

    To increase by 100%, to become twice as large in size.

    Our earnings have doubled in the last year.

  34. doubleverb

    To multiply the strength or effect of by two.

    Sorry, this store does not double coupons.

  35. doubleadverb

    Twice over; twofold.

  36. doubleadverb

    Two together; two at a time. (especially in see double)

  37. doubleadjective

    Made up of two matching or complementary elements

    The closet has double doors.

  38. doubleadjective

    Twice the quantity

    Give me a double serving of mashed potatoes.

  39. doubleadjective

    Of a family relationship, related on both the maternal and paternal sides of a family

    He's my double cousin as my mother's sister married my father's brother.

  40. doubleadjective

    Designed for two users.

    a double room

  41. doubleadjective

    Folded in two; composed of two layers.

  42. doubleadjective

    Stooping; bent over.

  43. doubleadjective

    Having two aspects; ambiguous.

    a double meaning

  44. doubleadjective

    False, deceitful, or hypocritical.

    a double life

  45. doubleadjective

    Of flowers, having more than the normal number of petals.

  46. doubleadjective

    Of an instrument, sounding an octave lower.

    a double bass

  47. doubleadjective

    Of time, twice as fast.

  48. doublénoun

    A compound attack that deceives the opponent's attempted circular parry.

  49. Etymology: 13th Century. From doble, double, from duplus.

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary

  1. Double

    is much used in composition, generally for doubly, two ways;

  2. DOUBLEadjective

    Etymology: double, French; duplex, Latin; duple, Erse.

    All things are double one against another, and he hath made nothing imperfect. Ecclus. xlii. 24.

    Great honours are great burthens; but, on whom
    They are cast with envy, he doth bear two loads:
    His cares must still be double to his joys,
    In any dignity. Ben Jonson, Catiline.

    I am not so old in proportion to them as I formerly was, which I can prove by arithmetick; for then I was double their age, which now I am not. Jonathan Swift.

    This sum of forty thousand pounds is almost double to what is sufficient. Jonathan Swift, Draper’s Letters.

    It is a curiosity also to make flowers double, which is effected by often removing them into new earth; as, on the contrary part, double flowers by neglecting, and not removing, prove single. Francis Bacon, Natural History, №. 513.

    I met a reverend, fat, old gouty fryar,
    With a paunch swoln so high, his double chin
    Might rest upon’t. John Dryden, Spanish Fryar.

    Thus cursed steel, and more accursed gold,
    Gave mischief birth, and made that mischief bold;
    And double death did wretched man invade,
    By steel assaulted, and by gold betray’d. John Dryden, Ovid.

    No star appears to lend his friendly light;
    Darkness and tempest make a double night. Dryden.

    And if one power did not both see and hear,
    Our sights and sounds would always double be. Davies.

    The magnifico is much belov’d,
    And hath in his effect a voice potential,
    As double as the duke’s. William Shakespeare, Othello.

    I’ th’ presence
    He would say untruths, and be ever double
    Both in his words and meaning. William Shakespeare, Henry VIII.

    Fifty thousand could keep rank, that were not of double heart. 1 Chron. xii. 33.

  3. Doublenoun

    In all the four great years of mortality abovementioned, I do not find that any week the plague increased to the double of the precedent week above five times. John Graunt, Mortality.

    Here’s a pot of good double, neighbour: drink, and fear not your man. William Shakespeare, Henry VI.

  4. To Doubleverb

    Etymology: from the adjective.

    Rumour doth double voice, and echo
    The numbers of the fear’d. William Shakespeare, Henry IV.

    Pay him six thousand, and deface the bond;
    Double six thousand, and then treble that. William Shakespeare.

    Our foe’s too proud the weaker to assail,
    Or doubles, his dishonour if he fail. John Dryden, State of Innocence.

    This power of repeating or doubling any idea we have of any distance, and adding it to the former, as often as we will, without being ever able to come to any stop or stint, let us enlarge it as much as we will, is that which gives us the idea of immensity. John Locke.

    This was only the value of the silver: there was besides a tenth part of that number of talents of gold, which, if gold was reckoned in a decuple proportion, will just double the sum. John Arbuthnot, on Coins.

    Thus reinforc’d against the adverse fleet,
    Still doubling our’s, brave Rupert leads the way. Dryden.

    He saw proud Arcite and fierce Palemon
    In mortal battle, doubling blow on blow;
    Like lightning flam’d their faulchions to and fro. Dryden.

    Thou shalt double the curtain in the tabernacle. Ex. xxvi. 9.

    He bought her sermons, psalms, and graces,
    And doubled down the useful places. Matthew Prior.

    Presently departing again, and sailing along the coast, he doubled the promontory of Carthage, yet famous for the ruins of that proud city. Richard Knolles, History of the Turks.

    Now we have the cape of Good Hope in sight, the tradewind is our own, if we can but double it. Dryden.

  5. To Doubleverb

    ’Tis observed in particular nations, that within the space of three hundred years, notwithstanding all casualties, the number of men double. Thomas Burnet, Theory of the Earth.

    Throw Ægypt’s by, and offer in the stead,
    Offer —— the crown on Berenice’s head:
    I am resolv’d to double ’till I win. John Dryden, Tyran. Love.

    Under the line the sun crosseth the line, and maketh two Summers and two Winters; but in the skirts of the torrid zone it doubleth and goeth back again, and so maketh one long Summer. Francis Bacon, Natural History, №. 398.

    So keen thy hunters, and thy scent so strong,
    Thy turns and doublings cannot save thee long. Jonathan Swift.

    Who knows which way she points?
    Doubling and turning like an hunted hare!
    Find out the meaning of her mind who can. John Dryden, Sp. Fry.


  1. doublé

    This is a glossary of terms used in fencing.


  1. double

    Double can be defined as a term that refers to two times as much or two times as many of something. It can also refer to something that consists of two parts or is made up of two elements.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Doubleadjective

    twofold; multiplied by two; increased by its equivalent; made twice as large or as much, etc

  2. Doubleadjective

    being in pairs; presenting two of a kind, or two in a set together; coupled

  3. Doubleadjective

    divided into two; acting two parts, one openly and the other secretly; equivocal; deceitful; insincere

  4. Doubleadjective

    having the petals in a flower considerably increased beyond the natural number, usually as the result of cultivation and the expense of the stamens, or stamens and pistils. The white water lily and some other plants have their blossoms naturally double

  5. Doubleadverb

    twice; doubly

  6. Doubleadjective

    to increase by adding an equal number, quantity, length, value, or the like; multiply by two; to double a sum of money; to double a number, or length

  7. Doubleadjective

    to make of two thicknesses or folds by turning or bending together in the middle; to fold one part upon another part of; as, to double the leaf of a book, and the like; to clinch, as the fist; -- often followed by up; as, to double up a sheet of paper or cloth

  8. Doubleadjective

    to be the double of; to exceed by twofold; to contain or be worth twice as much as

  9. Doubleadjective

    to pass around or by; to march or sail round, so as to reverse the direction of motion

  10. Doubleadjective

    to unite, as ranks or files, so as to form one from each two

  11. Doubleverb

    to be increased to twice the sum, number, quantity, length, or value; to increase or grow to twice as much

  12. Doubleverb

    to return upon one's track; to turn and go back over the same ground, or in an opposite direction

  13. Doubleverb

    to play tricks; to use sleights; to play false

  14. Doubleverb

    to set up a word or words a second time by mistake; to make a doublet

  15. Doublenoun

    twice as much; twice the number, sum, quantity, length, value, and the like

  16. Doublenoun

    among compositors, a doublet (see Doublet, 2.); among pressmen, a sheet that is twice pulled, and blurred

  17. Doublenoun

    that which is doubled over or together; a doubling; a plait; a fold

  18. Doublenoun

    a turn or circuit in running to escape pursues; hence, a trick; a shift; an artifice

  19. Doublenoun

    something precisely equal or counterpart to another; a counterpart. Hence, a wraith

  20. Doublenoun

    a player or singer who prepares to take the part of another player in his absence; a substitute

  21. Doublenoun

    double beer; strong beer

  22. Doublenoun

    a feast in which the antiphon is doubled, hat is, said twice, before and after the Psalms, instead of only half being said, as in simple feasts

  23. Doublenoun

    a game between two pairs of players; as, a first prize for doubles

  24. Doublenoun

    an old term for a variation, as in Bach's Suites

  25. Etymology: [OE. doblen, dublen, doublen, F. doubler, fr. L. duplare, fr. duplus. See Double, a.]


  1. Double

    In baseball, a double is the act of a batter striking the pitched ball and safely reaching second base without being called out by the umpire, without the benefit of a fielder's misplay or another runner being put out on a fielder's choice.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Double

    dub′l, adj. twofold: twice as much: of extra weight, size, or quality: two of a sort together: in pairs: acting two parts, insincere.—adv. Doub′ly. [O. Fr. doble—L. duplusduo, two, and plus, akin to plenus, full.]

  2. Double

    dub′l, v.t. to multiply by two, to be the double of: to fold: to repeat: to clench: to pass round or by.—v.i. to increase to twice the quantity: to turn sharply back on one's course in running.—n. twice as much: a duplicate: an actor's substitute: a quick pace (short for double-quick): one's wraith or apparition: one's exact counterpart: a trick: (eccles.) a feast on which the antiphon is said both before and after the psalms.—adjs. Doub′le-act′ing, applying power in two directions: producing a double result; Dou′ble-banked, having two men at each oar, or having two tiers of oars one above the other, as in ancient galleys; Doub′le-barr′elled, having two barrels.—n. Doub′le-bass, the lowest-toned instrument of violin form.—adjs. Doub′le-bit′ing, cutting on either side; Doub′le-breast′ed, of a coat having two breasts, one to be folded over the other.—ns. Doub′le-charge, to charge with a double measure; Doub′le-deal′er, a deceitful person; Doub′le-deal′ing, duplicity.—adj. Doub′le-decked, having two decks above water-line.—n. Doub′le-deck′er, a double-decked frigate.—adj. Doub′le-dyed, twice dyed: deeply imbued (as a double-dyed villain).—n. Doub′le-ea′gle (U.S.), a gold coin worth $20, or £4, 2s. 2d.: the heraldic representation of an eagle with two heads, as in the arms of Russia and Austria.—adj. Doub′le-edged, having two edges: cutting or working both ways.—ns. Doub′le-end′er, anything having two ends alike: a cross-cut sawing machine, with two adjustable circular saws, for sawing both ends of timber; Doub′le-en′try (book-k.), a method by which two entries are made of each transaction.—adjs. Doub′le-eyed, having a deceitful countenance; Doub′le-faced, hypocritical, false.—ns. Doub′le-fā′cedness; Doub′le-first, at Oxford, a degree with first-class honours in mathematics and classics: one who takes such a degree.—adj. Doub′le-flow′ered, having double flowers, as a plant.—v.t. Doub′le-gild, to gild with double coatings of gold: to gloze over.—n. Doub′le-Glos′ter, Gloucestershire cheese of extra richness.—adjs. Doub′le-hand′ed, having two hands, two-handled; Doub′le-head′ed, having two heads; Doub′le-heart′ed, treacherous; Doub′le-hung, suspended, as a window-sash, so as to move either upward or downward; Doub′le-locked, locked with two locks or bolts: locked by two turns of the key, as in very few locks but many novels; Doub′le-manned, furnished with twice the complement of men; Doub′le-mean′ing, deceitful; Doub′le-mind′ed, undet

Military Dictionary and Gazetteer

  1. double

    To unite, as ranks or files, so as to form one. To double upon, to inclose between two fires.

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  1. double

    Song lyrics by double -- Explore a large variety of song lyrics performed by double on the Lyrics.com website.

Surnames Frequency by Census Records


    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Double is ranked #29403 in terms of the most common surnames in America.

    The Double surname appeared 804 times in the 2010 census and if you were to sample 100,000 people in the United States, approximately 0 would have the surname Double.

    94.9% or 763 total occurrences were White.
    2.2% or 18 total occurrences were of two or more races.
    1.3% or 11 total occurrences were of Hispanic origin.
    0.7% or 6 total occurrences were Asian.

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Double' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #2026

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Double' in Written Corpus Frequency: #1038

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Double' in Nouns Frequency: #2490

  4. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Double' in Verbs Frequency: #635

  5. Adjectives Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Double' in Adjectives Frequency: #238

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of Double in Chaldean Numerology is: 9

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of Double in Pythagorean Numerology is: 5

Examples of Double in a Sentence

  1. Allen Sills:

    Were doing calls with the teams headed or potentially headed to the playoffs, to share what we have learned over five months and how we can double down as we enter the playoffs. We had a call last night looking at planning for the offseason.

  2. Claudia Mendez:

    It's a double-edged sword just because Sara Cromer never want to be in this place, but to hear that it's even being acknowledged is, in a sense, a relief.

  3. Brian Zaugg:

    It happens at the beach as much as on snow, the UV rays reflecting off snow and ice can create a double exposure( from sunlight overhead and the reflection on a surface) and that's when it's risky — it's the same effect as staring at water.

  4. Brian Kelly:

    I know people pay for their monthly parking, which in New York City can be quite expensive, put that on the right credit card and you’ll be getting double and triple points. Dig deep in the earning categories on your credit cards, because you may find some categories that you didn’t realize.

  5. Gabriel Landeskog:

    We’re super happy to hear the news, the 4,000 we have in here now, it sounds a lot more than 4,000. We’re excited to almost double that.

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Translations for Double

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • مزدوجArabic
  • двойно, двойник, дублирам, сгъвам на две, удвоявам, свивам, контрирам, копирам, сгънат на две, удвоен, кичест, двоен, двуличен, двойнственBulgarian
  • doblar, dobleCatalan, Valencian
  • dvojník, zdvojnásobit, dvojitý, dvojnásobekCzech
  • dwbwl, dwblWelsh
  • dobbeltDanish
  • doubeln, Doppelte, kontrieren, verdoppeln, doppeln, Doppelter, ballen, Double, Doppelgänger, kontra-, doppelt, gefüllt, zweilagig, doppellagig, doppel-German
  • διπλασιάζω, διπλός, διπλάσιοςGreek
  • duobliĝi, duopa, duoblaEsperanto
  • hacer de doble de, doblar, apretar, duplicar la velocidad, torcer, circunnavegar, doble, sosias, emparejar, duplicar, ser doble de, hacer las veces de, doblado, encorvado, bicapaSpanish
  • kerrata, kaksinkertainen määrä, toistaa, kaksinkertaistaa, olla, laskostaa, kaksoisrooli, puristaa, tehdä, liittää, tuplata, äkkikäännös, korvata, kaksoisolento, kiertää, tupla, kaksois-, kerrottu, kaksinkertainen, tupla-Finnish
  • double, doublerFrench
  • dúbail, dúbailt, dúbailteIrish
  • dùbailteScottish Gaelic
  • dobreGalician
  • dooblitManx
  • כפיל, כפילה, הכפיל, כפולHebrew
  • kettősHungarian
  • կրկնապատկելArmenian
  • dupleInterlingua
  • dua kali lipatIndonesian
  • duoplaIdo
  • doppiare, sosia, doppio, doppione, doppiaItalian
  • לְהַכפִּילHebrew
  • ダブルJapanese
  • 더블Korean
  • duplex, binus, geminusLatin
  • dubbelgangster, dubbelganger, dubbeleDutch
  • dobbeltNorwegian
  • sobowtór, podwójny, podwójna, podwójne, podwójniePolish
  • sósia, dobrar, dobro, duplicar, duploPortuguese
  • dubel, dobelRomansh
  • dubla, îndoi, dublu, dublatRomanian
  • удваивать, удвоить, двойник, двойнойRussian
  • dupioSardinian
  • dvojnik, dvojnicaSerbo-Croatian
  • dubbla, dubbel, ersätta, dubbelvika, duplicera, dubbelgångare, runda, fördubbla, dubblera, tvetydig, tvåfaldig, dubbelviktSwedish
  • రెట్టింపుTelugu
  • çiftTurkish

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    a hazy or indistinct representation
    • A. blur
    • B. jeopardize
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