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dɪˈvɪʒ əndi·vi·sion

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. divisionnoun

    an army unit large enough to sustain combat

    "two infantry divisions were held in reserve"

  2. part, section, divisionnoun

    one of the portions into which something is regarded as divided and which together constitute a whole

    "the written part of the exam"; "the finance section of the company"; "the BBC's engineering division"

  3. divisionnoun

    the act or process of dividing

  4. divisionnoun

    an administrative unit in government or business

  5. division, variancenoun

    discord that splits a group

  6. class, divisionnoun

    a league ranked by quality

    "he played baseball in class D for two years"; "Princeton is in the NCAA Division 1-AA"

  7. divisionnoun

    (biology) a group of organisms forming a subdivision of a larger category

  8. divisionnoun

    (botany) taxonomic unit of plants corresponding to a phylum

  9. division, air divisionnoun

    a unit of the United States Air Force usually comprising two or more wings

  10. division, naval divisionnoun

    a group of ships of similar type

  11. divisionnoun

    an arithmetic operation that is the inverse of multiplication; the quotient of two numbers is computed

  12. division, partition, partitioning, segmentation, sectionalization, sectionalisationnoun

    the act of dividing or partitioning; separation by the creation of a boundary that divides or keeps apart


  1. divisionnoun

    The act or process of dividing anything.

  2. divisionnoun

    Each of the separate parts of something resulting from division.

  3. divisionnoun

    The process of dividing a number by another.

  4. divisionnoun

    A calculation that involves this process.

    I've got ten divisions to do for my homework.

  5. divisionnoun

    A formation, usually made up of two or three brigades.

  6. divisionnoun

    A section of a large company.

  7. divisionnoun

    A rank (Latin divisio) below kingdom and above class, particularly used of plants or fungi, also (particularly of animals) called a phylum; a taxon at that rank

    Magnolias belong to the division Magnoliophyta.

  8. divisionnoun

    A disagreement; a difference of viewpoint between two sides of an argument.

  9. divisionnoun

    A florid instrumental variation of a melody in the 17th and 18th centuries, originally conceived as the dividing of each of a succession of long notes into several short ones.

  10. divisionnoun

    A set of pipes in a pipe organ which are independently controlled and supplied.

  11. divisionnoun

    A concept whereby a common group of debtors are only responsible for their proportionate sum of the total debt.

  12. divisionnoun

    Any of the four major parts of a COBOL program source code

  13. Etymology: From divisio, noun of process form from perfect passive participle divisus, from divido

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary

  1. Divisionnoun

    Etymology: divisio, Latin.

    Thou madest the spirit of the firmament, and commanded it to part asunder, and to make a division betwixt the waters. 2 Esdr. vi. 41.

    If we look into communities and divisions of men, we observe that the discreet man, not the witty, guides the conversation. Joseph Addison, Spectator, №. 225.

    There was a division among the people, because of him. Jo. vii. 43.

    As to our divisions with the Romanists, were our differences the product of heat, they would, like small clefts in the ground, want but a cool season to cement them. Dec. of Piety.

    In the divisions I have made, I have endeavoured, the best I could, to govern myself by the diversity of matter. John Locke.

    Express the heads of your divisions in as few and clear words as you can, otherwise I never can be able to retain them. Jonathan Swift.

    Thy tongue
    Makes Welsh as sweet as ditties highly penn’d,
    Sung by a fair queen, in a Summer’s bower,
    With ravishing division to her lute. William Shakespeare, Henry IV.

    Our tongue will run divisions in a tune, not missing a note, even when our thoughts are totally engaged elsewhere. Joseph Glanvill.

    I will put a division between my people and thy people. Ex.

    The king-becoming graces,
    I have no relish of them; but abound
    In the division of each several crime,
    Acting it many ways. William Shakespeare, Macbeth.


  1. division

    Division is one of the four basic mathematical operations, along with addition, subtraction, and multiplication. It is the process of separating or distributing a quantity into equal parts. In a division operation, the quantity being divided is known as the dividend, the quantity being divided by is the divisor, and the result is known as the quotient. For example, in the division 20 ÷ 5 = 4, 20 is the dividend, 5 is the divisor, and 4 is the quotient. Division is the inverse operation of multiplication.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Divisionnoun

    the act or process of diving anything into parts, or the state of being so divided; separation

  2. Divisionnoun

    that which divides or keeps apart; a partition

  3. Divisionnoun

    the portion separated by the divining of a mass or body; a distinct segment or section

  4. Divisionnoun

    disunion; difference in opinion or feeling; discord; variance; alienation

  5. Divisionnoun

    difference of condition; state of distinction; distinction; contrast

  6. Divisionnoun

    separation of the members of a deliberative body, esp. of the Houses of Parliament, to ascertain the vote

  7. Divisionnoun

    the process of finding how many times one number or quantity is contained in another; the reverse of multiplication; also, the rule by which the operation is performed

  8. Divisionnoun

    the separation of a genus into its constituent species

  9. Divisionnoun

    two or more brigades under the command of a general officer

  10. Divisionnoun

    two companies of infantry maneuvering as one subdivision of a battalion

  11. Divisionnoun

    one of the larger districts into which a country is divided for administering military affairs

  12. Divisionnoun

    one of the groups into which a fleet is divided

  13. Divisionnoun

    a course of notes so running into each other as to form one series or chain, to be sung in one breath to one syllable

  14. Divisionnoun

    the distribution of a discourse into parts; a part so distinguished

  15. Divisionnoun

    a grade or rank in classification; a portion of a tribe or of a class; or, in some recent authorities, equivalent to a subkingdom


  1. Division

    A division is a large military unit or formation usually consisting of between 10,000 and 30,000 soldiers. In most armies, a division is composed of several regiments or brigades; in turn, several divisions typically make up a corps. In most modern militaries, a division tends to be the smallest combined arms unit capable of independent operations; due to its self-sustaining role as a unit with a range of combat troops and suitable combat support forces, which can be divided into various organic combinations. While the focus of this article is on army divisions, in naval usage division has a completely different meaning, referring either to an administrative department aboard naval and coast guard ships and shore commands, or to a sub-unit of several ships within a flotilla or squadron. In the administrative usage, unit size varies widely, though typically divisions number far less than 100 persons. In the US and Commonwealth Navies a divisional officer is usually an Ensign or Lieutenant, but may be an officer of much higher rank in certain circumstances or aboard large warships, who oversees a team of enlisted sailors in their duties.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Division

    di-vizh′un, n. act of dividing: state of being divided: that which divides: a partition: a barrier: the portion divided or separated: part of an army or military force: separation: difference in opinion, &c.: disunion: (arith.) the rule or process of finding how many times one number is contained in another.—n. Divisibil′ity.—adj. Divis′ible, capable of being divided or separated.—adv. Divis′ibly.—adjs. Divi′sional, Divi′sionary, pertaining to or marking a division or separation; Divīs′ive, forming division or separation: creating discord.—ns. Divīs′iveness; Divis′or (arith.), the number which divides the dividend.

Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

  1. division

    1. A tactical unit/formation as follows: a. A major administrative and tactical unit/formation which combines in itself the necessary arms and services required for sustained combat, larger than a regiment/brigade and smaller than a corps. b. A number of naval vessels of similar type grouped together for operational and administrative command, or a tactical unit of a naval aircraft squadron, consisting of two or more sections. c. An air division is an air combat organization normally consisting of two or more wings with appropriate service units. The combat wings of an air division will normally contain similar type units. 2. An organizational part of a headquarters that handles military matters of a particular nature, such as personnel, intelligence, plans, and training, or supply and evacuation. 3. (DOD only) A number of personnel of a ship

Dictionary of Nautical Terms

  1. division

    A select number of ships in a fleet or squadron of men-of-war, distinguished by a particular flag, pendant, or vane. A squadron may be ranged into two or three divisions, the commanding officer of which is always stationed in the centre. In a fleet the admiral divides it into three squadrons, each of which is commanded by an admiral, and is again divided into divisions; each squadron had its proper colours (now distinguishing mark) according to the rank of the admiral who commanded it, and each division its proper mast. The private ships carried pendants of the same colour with their respective squadrons at the masts of their particular divisions, so that the ships in the last division of the blue squadron carried a blue pendant at their main topgallant-mast head, the vane at the mizen. All these are superseded by the abolition of the Red and Blue. The St. George's white ensign flag and pendant alone are used.

Military Dictionary and Gazetteer

  1. division

    In military matters, is one section of an army, comprising 2 or more brigades, commanded by a general officer. In regimental formation, 2 companies of a regiment or battalion constitute a division, when in column.

Editors Contribution

  1. divisionnoun

    0.) Groups of a specified kind separated before the participants gather a mental image of what the future will or could be like after corrections. 1.) The action of separating something into parts, or the process of being separated. 2.) The distribution of something separated into parts.

    Humans are a division of civilians that come together to construct civilization into perfection beyond time.

    Etymology: Calculation

    Submitted by Tehorah_Elyon on January 24, 2024  

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British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Division' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #1138

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Division' in Written Corpus Frequency: #1414

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Division' in Nouns Frequency: #393

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of Division in Chaldean Numerology is: 1

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    The numerical value of Division in Pythagorean Numerology is: 2

Examples of Division in a Sentence

  1. Rafa Nadal:

    A country with many players in the top 100 should not be in the second division and be experiencing the situation that probably will happen with the Russia tie, personally, I find it a shame and frustrating that it is like this.

  2. Catherine Templeton:

    The State Law Enforcement Division actually called and said, 'Catherine, we need you to get a concealed weapons permit; we need you to start carrying and we need you to protect yourself because you’ve made a lot of people mad,'.

  3. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe:

    Innocent citizens, including babies and children, fell victim in Syria, as the security situation is getting increasingly severe around our country, we should strengthen the deterrence of the Japan-US alliance based on an appropriate division of roles between Japan and the United States, and continue to study what we must do in order to protect the lives and the assets of the Japanese people.

  4. Carlos Castro:

    When we had good Republicans running the country, we had great opportunities, and we kind of like identified with a lot of them... with the Democrats, we have some difficulties because some of them lean too much into social issues that only bring, you know, division, having all of this bad treatment from the Republican establishment, a lot of us have been forced to support candidates that show they care about the community and fortunately, it's been the Democratic Party lately.

  5. John Dingell:

    One of the advantages to knowing that your demise is imminent, and that reports of it will not be greatly exaggerated, is that you have a few moments to compose some parting thoughts, in our modern political age, the presidential bully pulpit seems dedicated to sowing division and denigrating, often in the most irrelevant and infantile personal terms, the political opposition.

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Translations for Division

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  • deel, afdeling, gedeelte, skeiding, divisie, verdelingAfrikaans
  • раздел, подразделение, част, деление, делене, дивизия, разделянеBulgarian
  • dělení, oddělení, díl, divizeCzech
  • Division, Teil, Teilung, AbteilungGerman
  • διχασμός, διαίρεση, μεραρχία, διχόνοια, διεύθυνσηGreek
  • dividado, divido, divizioEsperanto
  • divisiónSpanish
  • لشکر, تقسیم, بخشPersian
  • osa, divisioona, jako, kaari, jakaminen, pääjakso, jakolaskuFinnish
  • divisionFrench
  • divyzje, ôfstimming, yndieling, dieling, klasse, ôfdielingWestern Frisian
  • deighilt, urrannIrish
  • אוגדה, חילוק, חלוקהHebrew
  • bagian, divisi, pemekaranIndonesian
  • deiling, skiptingIcelandic
  • divisioneItalian
  • 除算, 割り算, 部, 分割Japanese
  • កងពលធំ, សាខាKhmer
  • 사단, 부서Korean
  • divisionLatin
  • whakawehenga, whare, mātuaMāori
  • дивизија, делење, оддел, поделба, одделение, дел, поделеностMacedonian
  • വിഭാഗംMalayalam
  • pembahagian, bahagian, divisiMalay
  • divisjonNorwegian
  • afdeling, eenheid, gedeelte, delen, verdeling, divisie, deling, staartdeling, deel, deelbaarheid, scheidingDutch
  • divisjonNorwegian Nynorsk
  • dzielenie, podział, dywizjaPolish
  • divisão, partePortuguese
  • t'aqaQuechua
  • impartire, divizie, parte, diviziune, divizareRomanian
  • секция, деление, отделение, дивизион, раздел, дивизия, отделRussian
  • deljenje, divizijaSlovene
  • ndarjeAlbanian
  • divisionSwedish
  • farakano, ugaviSwahili
  • విభాగము, భాగహారము, విభజనTelugu
  • تقسیمUrdu

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