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Princeton's WordNet

  1. buzzword, cantnoun

    stock phrases that have become nonsense through endless repetition

  2. bank, cant, cambernoun

    a slope in the turn of a road or track; the outside is higher than the inside in order to reduce the effects of centrifugal force

  3. slang, cant, jargon, lingo, argot, patois, vernacularnoun

    a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves)

    "they don't speak our lingo"

  4. cant, pious platitudenoun

    insincere talk about religion or morals

  5. bevel, cant, chamferverb

    two surfaces meeting at an angle different from 90 degrees

  6. cant, cant over, tilt, slant, pitchverb

    heel over

    "The tower is tilting"; "The ceiling is slanting"


  1. cantcontraction

    cannot; is unable to; does not have the ability to

    I can't quite get it to work.

  2. cantcontraction

    is forbidden to; is not permitted to

    You can't enter the hall without a ticket.

  3. cantnoun

    corner, niche

  4. cantnoun

    slope, the angle at which something is set.

  5. cant

    A movement or throw that overturns something.

  6. cantverb

    To set (something) at an angle.

  7. cantverb

    To bevel an edge or corner.

  8. cant

    To overturn so that the contents are emptied.

  9. cantverb

    To divide or parcel out.

  10. cantadjective

    lively, lusty.

  11. Etymology: From canto probably via canter, cognate with chant.

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary

  1. CANTnoun

    Etymology: probably from cantus, Lat. implying the odd tone of voice used by vagrants; but imagined by some to be corrupted from quaint.

    I write not always in the proper terms of navigation, land service, or in the cant of any profession. Dryden.

    If we would trace out the original of that flagrant and avowed impiety, which has prevailed among us for some years, we should find, that it owes its rise to that cant and hypocrisy, which had taken possession of the people’s minds in the times of the great rebellion. Joseph Addison, Freeholder, №. 37.

    Astrologers, with an old paltry cant, and a few pot-hooks for planets, to amuse the vulgar, have too long been suffered to abuse the world. Jonathan Swift, Predictions for the Year 1701.

    A few general rules, with a certain cant of words, has sometimes set up an illiterate heavy writer, for a most judicious and formidable critick. Joseph Addison, Spectator, №. 291.

    Of promise prodigal, while pow’r you want,
    And preaching in the self-denying cant. John Dryden, Aurengz.

    The affectation of some late authours, to introduce and multiply cant words, is the most ruinous corruption in any language. Jonathan Swift.

    Numbers of these tenants, or their descendants, are now offering to sell their leases by cant, even those which were for lives. Jonathan Swift.

  2. To Cantverb

    To talk in the jargon of particular professions, or in any kind of formal affected language, or with a peculiar and studied tone of voice.

    Etymology: from the noun.

    Men cant endlessly about materia and forma; hunt chimeras by rules of art, or dress up ignorance in words of bulk or sound, which may stop up the mouth of enquiry. Joseph Glanvill, Scepsis Scientifica.

    That uncouth affected garb of speech, or canting language rather, if I may so call it, which they have of late taken up, is the signal distinction and characteristical note of that, which, in that their new language, they call the godly party. Robert Sanderson.

    The busy, subtile serpents of the law,
    Did first my mind from true obedience draw;
    While I did limits to the king prescribe,
    And took for oracles that canting tribe. Wentworth Dillon.

    Unskill’d in schemes by planets to foreshow,
    Like canting rascals, how the wars will go. John Dryden, Juven.


  1. cant

    Cant is an insincere or hypocritical manner of speaking, usually related to moral or religious matters. It can also refer to a specialized vocabulary or jargon used by a particular group, often used to exclude outsiders. In a different context, especially in terms of architecture or engineering, it is used to describe a slope or tilt.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Cantnoun

    a corner; angle; niche

  2. Cantnoun

    an outer or external angle

  3. Cantnoun

    an inclination from a horizontal or vertical line; a slope or bevel; a titl

  4. Cantnoun

    a sudden thrust, push, kick, or other impulse, producing a bias or change of direction; also, the bias or turn so give; as, to give a ball a cant

  5. Cantnoun

    a segment forming a side piece in the head of a cask

  6. Cantnoun

    a segment of he rim of a wooden cogwheel

  7. Cantnoun

    a piece of wood laid upon the deck of a vessel to support the bulkheads

  8. Cantverb

    to incline; to set at an angle; to tilt over; to tip upon the edge; as, to cant a cask; to cant a ship

  9. Cantverb

    to give a sudden turn or new direction to; as, to cant round a stick of timber; to cant a football

  10. Cantverb

    to cut off an angle from, as from a square piece of timber, or from the head of a bolt

  11. Cantnoun

    an affected, singsong mode of speaking

  12. Cantnoun

    the idioms and peculiarities of speech in any sect, class, or occupation

  13. Cantnoun

    the use of religious phraseology without understanding or sincerity; empty, solemn speech, implying what is not felt; hypocrisy

  14. Cantnoun

    vulgar jargon; slang; the secret language spoker by gipsies, thieves, tramps, or beggars

  15. Cantadjective

    of the nature of cant; affected; vulgar

  16. Cantverb

    to speak in a whining voice, or an affected, singsong tone

  17. Cantverb

    to make whining pretensions to goodness; to talk with an affectation of religion, philanthropy, etc.; to practice hypocrisy; as, a canting fanatic

  18. Cantverb

    to use pretentious language, barbarous jargon, or technical terms; to talk with an affectation of learning

  19. Cantnoun

    a call for bidders at a public sale; an auction

  20. Cantverb

    to sell by auction, or bid a price at a sale by auction

  21. Etymology: [Prob. from OF. cant, F. chant, singing, in allusion to the singing or whining tine of voice used by beggars, fr. L. cantus. See Chant.]


  1. Cant

    A cant is the jargon or argot of a group, often implying its use to exclude or mislead people outside the group.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Cant

    kant, v.i. to speak in a conventional manner: to use the language of thieves, &c.: to talk in an affectedly solemn or hypocritical way.—n. a hypocritical or affected style of speech: the language peculiar to a sect: odd or peculiar talk of any kind: slang: a common saying: affected use of religious phrases or sentiments.—n. Cant′er, one who cants, a beggar: one who makes hypocritical professions.—adj. Cant′ing, whining, pretending to piety: (her.) allusive (see Allusive). [L. cantāre, freq. of canĕre, to sing.]

  2. Cant

    kant, n. an inclination from the level: a toss or jerk: a sloping or tilted position: one of the segments forming a side-piece in the head of a cask: a ship's timber lying obliquely to the line of the keel.—v.t. to turn on the edge or corner: to tilt or toss suddenly.—ns. Cant′ing, tilting; Cant′ing-coin; Cant′ing-wheel; Cant′-rail, a timber running along the tops of the upright pieces in the sides of the body of a railway-carriage and supporting the roof and roof-sticks. [Prob. conn. with Dut. kant; Ger. kante, corner.]

  3. Cant

    kant, n. sale by auction.—v.t. to sell by auction. [O. Fr. encant, auction; der. uncertain, cf. Low L. incantāre, to put up to auction.]

  4. Cant

    kant, adj. brisk: lively. [Scot.; der. unknown. See Canty.]

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Cant

    affectation of thinking, believing, and feeling what one in his heart and reality does not, of which there are two degrees, insincere and sincere; insincere when one cants knowing it, and sincere when one cants without knowing it, the latter being of the darker and deeper dye.

Dictionary of Nautical Terms

  1. cant

    A cut made in a whale between the neck and the fins, to which the cant-purchase is made fast, for turning the animal round in the operation of flensing.

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Etymology and Origins

  1. Cant

    After Alexander and Andrew Cant, a couple of bigoted Covenanters, who persecuted their religious opponents with relentless zeal, and at the same time prayed for those who suffered on account of their religious opinions.

Surnames Frequency by Census Records

  1. CANT

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Cant is ranked #62531 in terms of the most common surnames in America.

    The Cant surname appeared 320 times in the 2010 census and if you were to sample 100,000 people in the United States, approximately 0 would have the surname Cant.

    81.5% or 261 total occurrences were White.
    11.5% or 37 total occurrences were of Hispanic origin.
    4.6% or 15 total occurrences were Black.
    1.5% or 5 total occurrences were Asian.

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of CANT in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of CANT in Pythagorean Numerology is: 2

Examples of CANT in a Sentence

  1. Greg Genske:

    Both the Rays and The Dodgers were tested again today and their travel back to their home cities will be determined after being approved by the appropriate authorities. The commissioners office said it will consult with the players association as part of its investigation. The union was in the process of gathering facts on the events. Justin Turner hit.307 with four homers and 23 RBIs in the pandemic-shortened season and.293( 17 for 58) with three homers and six RBIs in the postseason, including.320 with a pair of solo homers in World Series. Having a mask on and staying socially distanced, Justin Turner want to come out and take a picture with the trophy, which cant state strongly enough how big of a role hes played in the success of this organization, Andrew Friedman said. But I think for Justin Turner, just being a free agent, not knowing exactly how the future is going to play out. I dont think there was anyone that was going to stop Justin Turner from going out, i think from at least my perspective and not watching it super closely with everything going on, but I think he was mindful of other people, especially other people that he hadnt already been in contact with. This is something that were going to wrap our arms around tonight and in the morning and figure out where were going from here. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Turner, however, was visible on the field without a mask during the celebration. And The Dodgers manager Dave Roberts was nearby, also not wearing a mask. I havent seen the pictures, Andrew Friedman said. If there are people around them without masks, thats not good optics at all. I havent seen them, so The Dodgers hard for me to speak to it specifically.

  2. Dan Gelber:

    We have a very serious health care issue, we have over 1,400 people in our hospitals right now. Our intensive care is increasing. Our people on vents is increasing. We cant just ignore that.

  3. Tom Walters:

    I dont want anyone telling us we cant worship our God collectively as a body, this could possibly be, disguised in everything else, a direct attack against the church itself.

  4. Congressman John Lewis of Georgia:

    I believe - Itruly believe - the time to begin impeachment proceedings against this president has come, todelay or to do otherwise will betray the foundation of our democracy. CLICK HERE TO GET THE OPINION NEWSLETTER Are you confused yet ? If so, we dont blame you. If you left town for the week, you may be wondering what the hell is going on exactly. Impeachment ? For years, they told you that Donald Trump was going to be impeached for colluding with Russia, spying for Putin. Then it turned out Donald Trump didnt do that. The story evaporated into dust and seemed to blow away. Then just a few days ago, they were grumbling about impeachment again, and they dragged in Corey Lewandowski. Remember Corey Lewandowski ? They brought Corey Lewandowski to Capitol Hill to make their case. That didnt go well at all. Rep. Nadler You, D-N.Y., House Judiciary Committee chairman : And so we ask you, is it correct that as reported in the Mueller report on June 19th, 2017, you met alone in the Oval Office with the president ? Corey Lewandowski, former Donald Trump campaign manager : Did you read the exact language of the report ? I dont have it available to me. Nadler You : I dont think I need to do that. I have limited time. Did you meet alone with the President on that date ? Lewandowski : Congressman, Id like you to refresh my memory by providing a copy of the report so I can follow along. Nadler You : You dont have a copy with you ? Lewandowski I dont have a copy of the report, congressman. Nadler You dont have any independent recollection of whether you met with the President on that date. Lewandowski : Congressman, Im just trying to find in the Mueller report where it states that. Nadler You : Well, you have it in front of you. I gave you the page number. Corey Lewandowski : We are on Page 90, is it, sir ? Unidentified male : Mr. Chairman, youve got to the clock. Nadler You : No, I dont have to start the clock. Nadler You is filibustering. It didnt take much for Chairman Nadler to collapse live on C - SPAN -- pretty embarrassing. Youd think at some point, Democrats might just decide to run a real presidential campaign in 2020 and beat Donald Trump that way, just like in a democracy. It would have to be more effective than what theyre doing now, and the numbers show it. As of this morning, Donald Trump Trumps approval rating was the highest it has been since the inauguration. But no, Democrat dont want to wait until the next election. They dont want to wait until November. Politics takes too long, and it leaves too much to chance. The risk of democracy is voters might not agree with you. Hillary Clinton learned that the hard way in 2016. And the one thing Democrats dont want to do is to repeat that. Better to remove your opponents by force, if you can. Which brings us to the latest question of impeachment : What exactly is this about ? Sorry to laugh in the middle of this -- weve spent all day trying to figure out what is the impeachment story. Its about Ukraine. Its less than a week old. And so you might be forgiven for not understanding why would the president be impeached for a story that the Democrats literally cant explain ? What did the president do wrong ? Were going to do our best to tell you the case that theyre making. And honestly, as we said, its confusing and not all that interesting. Within a sentence, here is what theyre saying. Theyre saying that in a phone call with the president of Ukraine, Donald Trump threatened to delay a $ 400 million military aid package to Ukraine, unless the Ukrainian government agreed to investigate possible criminal activity involving Joe Bidens son. Why Joe Bidens son ? Well for five years, Joe Bidens son, Joe Bidens, it turns out, was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to serve on the board of a Ukrainian gas company. Why would Joe Bidens son be on the board of a Ukrainian gas company ? Joe Bidens had no experience in the energy business. Joe Bidens didnt speak the relevant language. Joe Bidens apparently had no experience whatsoever in the region. It turns out at that very moment, Joe Biden was President Obamas point man for Ukraine. Oh. So at a certain point during this saga, the gas company in question was investigated. And then in 2016, the Ukrainian prosecutor overseeing that investigation was fired. Apparently, he was fired under pressure from Joe Biden. Now to the layman, that looks a lot like corruption. What does it have to do with the president being impeached ? Well, the accusation is that Donald Trump suggested that that squelched investigation deserved a second look. And Democrats say that suggestion was an impeachable offense. Are you following this ? Of course, there are plenty of other reasons that the U.S. might not want to send $ 400 million to Ukraine. Its a notoriously corrupt country, for one thing. What do we get out of it, is another. And by the way, sending military aid to Ukraine may please the neocons in CNN -- Bill Kristol was strongly for it -- but it also greatly increases the chances of conflict with Russia. And of course, that would mean nuclear conflict potentially. Whats the point of that, exactly ? Nobody has bothered to explain why sending $ 400 million in military aid to Ukraine is in the interest of the United States. They havent even thought to explain that. Theyre too busy yelling about impeachment. And theyre doing it with all the hysterical intensity that has become the hallmark of the modern left. They have a lot of energy. Too bad, none of it is focused on the countrys real problems, and there are a lot of them. We dont want to go through the same litany again, but we will hit on just a couple because theyre worth mentioning. Our national debt is exploding. And that includes credit card debt, by the way. Personal debt at Donald Trumps approval rating ever measured. We have a war in Afghanistan that we cant seem to win or end. Our towns outside the big cities are being decimated and desiccated by opioids and suicide. If you havent been there, drive through and take a look for yourself. We have basically an open border with Mexico. Tech companies trying to control our freedom of speech. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP In many ways, our country is on the wrong track, and people know it. Everybody knows it, Democrats and Republicans. But instead of trying to fix any of that, Democrats want to spend the next year explaining -- and they plan to -- why it was perfectly fair for Joe Bidens neer-do-well sonto get 600 grand a year from Ukrainian oligarchs. Thats totally fine. But its somehow criminal for Donald Trump to ask about that. Thats the message. Good luck with that. Hard to imagine many voters will be impressed by it. Adapted from Tucker Carlsons monologue from.

  5. Nayib Bukele:

    If a poor woman has a miscarriage, shes immediately suspected of having had an abortion, we cant assume guilt when what a woman needs is immediate assistance.

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  • лицеме́рие, преобръщане, наклон, жарго́н, окантвам, накланямBulgarian
  • argotCatalan, Valencian
  • Gaunersprache, Phrasendrescherrei, Redendes Wappen, kanten, abschrägen, Fachsprache, kippen, Jargon, Phrase, RotwelschGerman
  • argot, coa, jergaSpanish
  • mankuminen, kallistaa, kaltevuus, slangi, hurskastelu, höpöpuhe, jargonFinnish
  • armes parlantes, lange de bois, lamentation, langue de bois, argotFrench
  • zsargon, tolvajnyelv, képmutatásHungarian
  • 傾斜, 斜面, 隠語Japanese
  • neigen, boeventaal, huicheltaal, Bargoens, jargon, vaktaal, sprekend wapen, bedelaarsgekerm, hellingDutch
  • jargão, códigoPortuguese
  • лицеме́рие, фе́ня, [[блатно́й]] [[язы́к]], ха́нжество, кантовать, нытьё, [[та́йный]] [[язы́к]], жарго́н, перевёртываниеRussian
  • jargonTurkish

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  • Dan Murrell
    Dan Murrell
    None of the examples in sentences are of cant; they are of can't, the contraction for cannot. All these people are using the word incorrectly, because very few people put the apostrophes in their written speech anymore. 
    LikeReply4 years ago

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an utterance expressing pain or disapproval
A depend
B signify
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