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Princeton's WordNet

  1. blind(noun)

    people who have severe visual impairments, considered as a group

    "he spent hours reading to the blind"

  2. blind(noun)

    a hiding place sometimes used by hunters (especially duck hunters)

    "he waited impatiently in the blind"

  3. blind, screen(noun)

    a protective covering that keeps things out or hinders sight

    "they had just moved in and had not put up blinds yet"

  4. subterfuge, blind(adj)

    something intended to misrepresent the true nature of an activity

    "he wasn't sick--it was just a subterfuge"; "the holding company was just a blind"

  5. blind, unsighted(adj)

    unable to see

    "a person is blind to the extent that he must devise alternative techniques to do efficiently those things he would do with sight if he had normal vision"--Kenneth Jernigan

  6. blind(adj)

    unable or unwilling to perceive or understand

    "blind to a lover's faults"; "blind to the consequences of their actions"

  7. blind, unreasoning(verb)

    not based on reason or evidence

    "blind hatred"; "blind faith"; "unreasoning panic"

  8. blind(verb)

    render unable to see

  9. blind(verb)

    make blind by putting the eyes out

    "The criminals were punished and blinded"

  10. blind, dim(verb)

    make dim by comparison or conceal


  1. blind(Noun)

    A covering for a window to keep out light. The covering may be made of cloth or of narrow slats that can block light or allow it to pass.

  2. blind(Noun)

    Any device intended to conceal or hide; as, a duck blind.

  3. blind(Noun)

    An 1800s baseball term meaning no score.

  4. blind(Noun)

    A forced bet.

  5. blind(Noun)

    A player who is or was forced to make a bet.

  6. blind(Verb)

    To make temporarily or permanently blind.

  7. blind(Adverb)

    Without seeing; unseeingly.

  8. blind(Adverb)

    Without looking at the cards dealt.

  9. blind(Adjective)

    Unable to see, due to physiological or neurological factors.

  10. blind(Adjective)

    Unable to being used to see, due to physiological or neurological factors.

  11. blind(Adjective)

    Failing to see, acknowledge, perceive.

    The lovers were blind to each other's faults.

  12. blind(Adjective)

    Of a place, having little or no visibility; as, a blind corner.

  13. blind(Adjective)

    Closed at one end; having a dead end; as, a blind hole, a blind alley.

  14. blind(Adjective)

    Without opening; as, a blind wall.

  15. blind(Adjective)

    smallest or slightest in phrases such as

  16. blind(Adjective)

    without any prior knowledge.

    He took a blind guess at which fork in the road would take him to the airport.

  17. blind(Adjective)

    unconditional; without regard to evidence, logic, reality, accidental mistakes, extenuating circumstances, etc.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Blind(adj)

    destitute of the sense of seeing, either by natural defect or by deprivation; without sight

  2. Blind(adj)

    not having the faculty of discernment; destitute of intellectual light; unable or unwilling to understand or judge; as, authors are blind to their own defects

  3. Blind(adj)

    undiscerning; undiscriminating; inconsiderate

  4. Blind(adj)

    having such a state or condition as a thing would have to a person who is blind; not well marked or easily discernible; hidden; unseen; concealed; as, a blind path; a blind ditch

  5. Blind(adj)

    involved; intricate; not easily followed or traced

  6. Blind(adj)

    having no openings for light or passage; as, a blind wall; open only at one end; as, a blind alley; a blind gut

  7. Blind(adj)

    unintelligible, or not easily intelligible; as, a blind passage in a book; illegible; as, blind writing

  8. Blind(adj)

    abortive; failing to produce flowers or fruit; as, blind buds; blind flowers

  9. Blind(verb)

    to make blind; to deprive of sight or discernment

  10. Blind(verb)

    to deprive partially of vision; to make vision difficult for and painful to; to dazzle

  11. Blind(verb)

    to darken; to obscure to the eye or understanding; to conceal; to deceive

  12. Blind(verb)

    to cover with a thin coating of sand and fine gravel; as a road newly paved, in order that the joints between the stones may be filled

  13. Blind(noun)

    something to hinder sight or keep out light; a screen; a cover; esp. a hinged screen or shutter for a window; a blinder for a horse

  14. Blind(noun)

    something to mislead the eye or the understanding, or to conceal some covert deed or design; a subterfuge

  15. Blind(noun)

    a blindage. See Blindage

  16. Blind(noun)

    a halting place

  17. Blind(noun)

    alt. of Blinde


  1. Blind

    "Blind" is a song written and recorded by American nu metal band Korn for their self-titled debut album. It was released as the album's first single in August 1994.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Blind

    blīnd, adj. without sight: dark: ignorant or undiscerning: without an opening.—n. something to mislead: a window-screen: a shade.—v.t. to make blind; to darken, obscure, or deceive; to dazzle.—pa.p. blīnd′ed; pr.p. blīnd′ing.—ns. Blind′age (mil.) a temporary wooden screen faced with earth as a protection against splinters of shell and the like; Blind′-coal, non-bituminous coal.—adj. Blind′ed, deprived of sight: without intellectual discernment.—n. Blind′er, one who or that which blinds; (pl.) a horse's blinkers.—adj. Blind′fold, having the eyes bandaged, so as not to see: thoughtless: reckless.—v.t. to cover the eyes: to mislead.—adj. Blind′ing, tending to make blind.—pr.p. making blind.—adv. Blind′ly.—ns. Blind′ness, want of sight, ignorance, folly; Blind′-side, the side on which a person is blind to danger: weak point; Blind′worm, a small reptile, like a snake, having eyes so small as to be supposed blind.—Blind-man's buff, a game in which one of the party is blindfolded and tries to catch the others. [A.S. blind; Ice. blindr.]

Dictionary of Nautical Terms

  1. blind

    A name on the west coast of Scotland for the pogge, or miller's thumb (Cottus cataphractus).

  2. blind

    Everything that covers besiegers from the enemy. (See ORILLON.)

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Blind' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #3891

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Blind' in Written Corpus Frequency: #2306

  3. Adjectives Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Blind' in Adjectives Frequency: #485

How to pronounce Blind?

  1. Alex
    US English

How to say Blind in sign language?

  1. blind


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of Blind in Chaldean Numerology is: 6

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of Blind in Pythagorean Numerology is: 5

Examples of Blind in a Sentence

  1. Helen Keller:

    There are none so blind as those who will not see!

  2. Jason Romero:

    I became a [much] more active member of the blind community and I realized there are these staggering statistics, like a 70 percent unemployment rate for blind people, a 66 percent obesity rate, two times the rate of depression compared to the general population, you can’t tell me that 70 percent of blind people are unemployable and don’t have those skills.

  3. Ben Ray:

    It's about his values and his priorities and best I can tell since he left office, and maybe before, that was get rich, the only thing they cared about was profit and if that meant that they had to fight some blind and disabled people they were willing to do it.

  4. Christina Rossetti:

    I might show facts as plain as day: but, since your eyes are blind, you'd say, Where? What? and turn away.

  5. Benny Liu:

    Initially we thought we contaminated our samples, or mixed up the two drugs. And so we repeated these experiments over and over again, and got the same exact results, it was a blind stumble onto this discovery.

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