Definitions for wertwɜrt; unstressed wərt

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

wert*wɜrt; unstressed wərt(v.)

  1. Category: Function Word

    Ref: a 2nd pers. sing. past indic. and subj. of be 1

* Archaic..


  1. wert(Verb)

    Second-person singular simple past tense subjunctive of be (used with the pronoun "thou").

    If thou wert mine, I would be in heaven!

Webster Dictionary

  1. Wert

    the second person singular, indicative and subjunctive moods, imperfect tense, of the verb be. It is formed from were, with the ending -t, after the analogy of wast. Now used only in solemn or poetic style

  2. Wert(noun)

    a wart


  1. WERT

    WERT is a radio station broadcasting an oldies/adult standards featuring soft oldies chiefly from the 1940s through today. Licensed to Van Wert, Ohio, USA, the station serves Van Wert primarily but is considered part of the Lima market. The station is currently owned by First Family Broadcasting and broadcasts from its studios on the Lincoln Highway just east of Van Wert.

Anagrams of wert

  1. trew

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equal in value to

Each of these stamps is worth a cent.

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