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Princeton's WordNet

  1. wort(noun)

    usually used in combination: `liverwort'; `milkwort'; `whorlywort'

  2. wort(noun)

    unfermented or fermenting malt

Webster Dictionary

  1. Wort(noun)

    a plant of any kind

  2. Wort(noun)


  3. Wort(noun)

    an infusion of malt which is unfermented, or is in the act of fermentation; the sweet infusion of malt, which ferments and forms beer; hence, any similar liquid in a state of incipient fermentation

  4. Origin: [OE. worte, wurte, AS. wyrte; akin to OD. wort, G. wrze, bierwrze, Icel. virtr, Sw. vrt. See Wort an herb.]


  1. WORT

    WORT is a listener-sponsored community radio station, broadcasting from 118 S. Bedford St. in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. WORT offers a range of programming. WORT's FM signal reaches a roughly 50-mile radius around Madison. In early 2006, the station began webcasting all of its programming in both high quality and low quality streams. WORT also maintains an archive of recent news and public affairs programs available for podcast, download, or stream.

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