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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ty•ro•sineˈtaɪ rəˌsin, -sɪn, ˈtɪr ə-(n.)

  1. a crystalline amino acid, HOC6H4CH2CH(NH2)COOH, abundant in ripe cheese, that acts as a precursor of norepinephrine and dopamine.

    Category: Biochemistry

    Ref: Abbr.: Tyr 2; Symbol: Y 4

Origin of tyrosine:

1855–60; < Gk tȳrós cheese + -ine2

Princeton's WordNet

  1. tyrosine(noun)

    an amino acid found in most proteins; a precursor of several hormones


  1. tyrosine(Noun)

    A nonessential amino acid CHNO found in most animal proteins, especially casein.


  1. Tyrosine

    Tyrosine or 4-hydroxyphenylalanine, is one of the 22 amino acids that are used by cells to synthesize proteins. Its codons are UAC and UAU. It is a non-essential amino acid with a polar side group. The word "tyrosine" is from the Greek tyri, meaning cheese, as it was first discovered in 1846 by German chemist Justus von Liebig in the protein casein from cheese. It is called tyrosyl when referred to as a functional group or side chain.

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Tyrosine

    A non-essential amino acid. In animals it is synthesized from PHENYLALANINE. It is also the precursor of EPINEPHRINE; THYROID HORMONES; and melanin.


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