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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ten•derˈtɛn dər(adj.; v.)-der•er, -der•est

  1. (adj.)soft or delicate in substance; not hard or tough:

    a tender steak.

  2. weak or delicate in constitution; not strong or hardy.

  3. (of plants) unable to withstand freezing temperatures.

    Category: Botany

  4. young or immature:

    children of tender age.

  5. delicate or gentle:

    the tender touch of her hand.

  6. easily moved to sympathy or compassion:

    a tender heart.

  7. affectionate or sentimental:

    a tender glance.

  8. acutely or painfully sensitive:

    a tender bruise.

  9. easily distressed:

    a tender conscience.

  10. of a delicate or ticklish nature; requiring careful handling:

    a tender subject.

  11. Category: Nautical, Navy

    Ref: crank2. 2 1

  12. (v.t.)to make tender.

  13. Archaic. to regard or treat tenderly.

Origin of tender:

1175–1225; ME, var. of tendre < OF < L tenerum, acc. of tener tender


ten•derˈtɛn dər(v.t.)

  1. to present formally for acceptance; make formal offer of:

    to tender one's resignation.

  2. to offer or proffer.

  3. Law. to offer (money, goods, etc.) in payment of an obligation and in exact accordance with its terms.

    Category: Law

  4. (v.i.)to make or submit a bid (often fol. by for).

    Category: Economics

  5. (n.)an offer of something for acceptance.

  6. something tendered or offered, esp. money, as in payment.

  7. an offer made in writing by one party to another to execute certain work, supply certain commodities, etc., at a given cost.

    Category: Business

  8. Law. an offer of money, goods, etc., in satisfaction of a debt.

    Category: Law

Origin of tender:

1535–45; earlier tendre < AF


tend•erˈtɛn dər(n.)

  1. a person who attends to or takes charge of someone or something.

  2. an auxiliary ship employed to attend one or more other ships, as for supplying provisions.

    Category: Nautical, Navy

  3. a dinghy carried or towed by a yacht.

    Category: Nautical, Navy

  4. a railroad car attached to a steam locomotive for carrying fuel and water.

    Category: Railroads

Origin of tender:

1425–75; late ME; orig. aph. var. of attender

Princeton's WordNet

  1. tender, legal tender, stamp(noun)

    something that can be used as an official medium of payment

  2. attendant, attender, tender(noun)

    someone who waits on or tends to or attends to the needs of another

  3. bid, tender(noun)

    a formal proposal to buy at a specified price

  4. tender(noun)

    car attached to a locomotive to carry fuel and water

  5. tender, ship's boat, pinnace, cutter(noun)

    a boat for communication between ship and shore

  6. tender, supply ship(adj)

    ship that usually provides supplies to other ships

  7. tender(adj)

    given to sympathy or gentleness or sentimentality

    "a tender heart"; "a tender smile"; "tender loving care"; "tender memories"; "a tender mother"

  8. sensitive, sore, raw, tender(adj)


    "the tender spot on his jaw"

  9. tender(adj)

    young and immature

    "at a tender age"

  10. affectionate, fond, lovesome, tender, warm(adj)

    having or displaying warmth or affection

    "affectionate children"; "a fond embrace"; "fond of his nephew"; "a tender glance"; "a warm embrace"

  11. tender(adj)

    easy to cut or chew

    "tender beef"

  12. tender, untoughened(adj)

    physically untoughened

    "tender feet"

  13. crank, cranky, tender, tippy(adj)

    (used of boats) inclined to heel over easily under sail

  14. tender(verb)

    (of plants) not hardy; easily killed by adverse growing condition

    "tender green shoots"

  15. tender(verb)

    offer or present for acceptance

  16. offer, bid, tender(verb)

    propose a payment

    "The Swiss dealer offered $2 million for the painting"

  17. tender(verb)

    make a tender of; in legal settlements

  18. tender, tenderize, tenderise(verb)

    make tender or more tender as by marinating, pounding, or applying a tenderizer

    "tenderize meat"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. tender(adjective)ˈtɛn dər

    gentle and kind

    a tender caress

  2. tenderˈtɛn dər

    ≠ tough

Webster Dictionary

  1. Tender(noun)

    one who tends; one who takes care of any person or thing; a nurse

  2. Tender(noun)

    a vessel employed to attend other vessels, to supply them with provisions and other stores, to convey intelligence, or the like

  3. Tender(noun)

    a car attached to a locomotive, for carrying a supply of fuel and water

  4. Tender(verb)

    to offer in payment or satisfaction of a demand, in order to save a penalty or forfeiture; as, to tender the amount of rent or debt

  5. Tender(verb)

    to offer in words; to present for acceptance

  6. Tender(noun)

    an offer, either of money to pay a debt, or of service to be performed, in order to save a penalty or forfeiture, which would be incurred by nonpayment or nonperformance; as, the tender of rent due, or of the amount of a note, with interest

  7. Tender(noun)

    any offer or proposal made for acceptance; as, a tender of a loan, of service, or of friendship; a tender of a bid for a contract

  8. Tender(noun)

    the thing offered; especially, money offered in payment of an obligation

  9. Tender

    easily impressed, broken, bruised, or injured; not firm or hard; delicate; as, tender plants; tender flesh; tender fruit

  10. Tender

    sensible to impression and pain; easily pained

  11. Tender

    physically weak; not hardly or able to endure hardship; immature; effeminate

  12. Tender

    susceptible of the softer passions, as love, compassion, kindness; compassionate; pitiful; anxious for another's good; easily excited to pity, forgiveness, or favor; sympathetic

  13. Tender

    exciting kind concern; dear; precious

  14. Tender

    careful to save inviolate, or not to injure; -- with of

  15. Tender

    unwilling to cause pain; gentle; mild

  16. Tender

    adapted to excite feeling or sympathy; expressive of the softer passions; pathetic; as, tender expressions; tender expostulations; a tender strain

  17. Tender

    apt to give pain; causing grief or pain; delicate; as, a tender subject

  18. Tender

    heeling over too easily when under sail; -- said of a vessel

  19. Tender(noun)

    regard; care; kind concern

  20. Tender(verb)

    to have a care of; to be tender toward; hence, to regard; to esteem; to value


  1. Tender

    "Tender" is a song by English alternative rock band Blur.

British National Corpus

  1. Adjectives Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'tender' in Adjectives Frequency: #862

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soft; not hard or tough

The meat is tender.

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