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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

quan•ti•fi•erˈkwɒn təˌfaɪ ər(n.)

  1. Logic. an expression, as “all” or “some,” that indicates the quantity of a proposition.

    Category: Philosphy

    Ref: Compare existential quantifier, universal quantifier.

  2. a word or phrase, usu. modifying a noun, that indicates quantity, as much or few.

    Category: Grammar

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. quantifier, logical quantifier(noun)

    (logic) a word (such as `some' or `all' or `no') that binds the variables in a logical proposition

  2. quantifier(noun)

    (grammar) a word that expresses a quantity (as `fifteen' or `many')


  1. quantifier(Noun)

    A word, such as all or many, that expresses a quantity

  2. quantifier(Noun)

    The operator, represented by either of the symbols u2200 (universal quantifier) or u2203 (existential quantifier), used in predicate calculus to indicate the degree that predicate is true for a specified set.

  3. quantifier(Noun)

    A symbol or symbols in a regular expression indicating the number of characters to be matched.


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