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  1. kerogen(Noun)

    any organic matter present in a sedimentary rock that is insoluble in organic solvents; the precursor of oil and natural gas


  1. Kerogen

    Kerogen is a mixture of organic chemical compounds that make up a portion of the organic matter in sedimentary rocks. It is insoluble in normal organic solvents because of the high molecular weight of its component compounds. The soluble portion is known as bitumen. When heated to the right temperatures in the Earth's crust, some types of kerogen release crude oil or natural gas, collectively known as hydrocarbons. When such kerogens are present in high concentration in rocks such as shale they form possible source rocks. Shales rich in kerogens that have not been heated to a warmer temperature to release their hydrocarbons may form oil shale deposits. The name "kerogen" was introduced by the Scottish organic chemist Alexander Crum Brown in 1906.

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