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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

jigdʒɪg(n.; v.)jigged, jig•ging.

  1. (n.)a plate, box, or open frame for holding work and for guiding a machine tool to the work.

    Category: Machinery

  2. any of several devices that are jerked up and down in or pulled through the water to attract fish to a line.

    Category: Sport

  3. an apparatus for washing coal or separating ore from gangue by shaking and washing.

    Category: Mining

  4. a cloth-dyeing machine in which a roll of fabric is unwound, passed through a vat of dye, and then rewound onto another cylinder.

    Category: Textiles

  5. (v.t.)to treat, cut, produce, etc., with a jig.

    Category: Textiles

  6. (v.i.)to use a jig.

  7. to fish with a jig.

    Category: Sport

Origin of jig:

1855–60; prob. akin to jig2, in sense “jerk to and fro”

jigdʒɪg(n.; v.)jigged, jig•ging.

  1. (n.)a rapid, lively, springy, irregular dance for one or more persons, usu. in triple meter.

    Category: Music and Dance

  2. a piece of music for such a dance.

    Category: Music and Dance

  3. Obs. prank; trick.

  4. (v.t.)to dance (a jig or any lively dance).

    Category: Music and Dance

  5. to sing or play in the time or rhythm of a jig:

    to jig a tune.

    Category: Music and Dance

  6. to cause to move with quick, jerky or bobbing motions.

  7. (v.i.)to dance or play a jig.

    Category: Music and Dance

  8. to move with a quick, jerky motion; hop; bob.

Idioms for jig:

  1. in jig time,with dispatch; rapidly.

    Category: Idiom, Informal

Origin of jig:

1550–60; in earliest sense “kind of dance” perh. < MF giguer to frolic, gambol



Princeton's WordNet

  1. jig, gigue(noun)

    music in three-four time for dancing a jig

  2. jig(noun)

    a fisherman's lure with one or more hooks that is jerked up and down in the water

  3. jig(noun)

    a device that holds a piece of machine work and guides the tools operating on it

  4. jig(verb)

    any of various old rustic dances involving kicking and leaping

  5. jig(verb)

    dance a quick dance with leaping and kicking motions


  1. jig(Noun)

    A light, brisk musical movement; a gigue.

  2. jig(Noun)

    A lively dance in 6/8 time; a tune suitable for such a dance. By extension, a lively traditional tune in 6/8 time.

    they danced a jig

  3. jig(Noun)

    A dance performed by one or sometimes two individual dancers, as opposed to a dance performed by a set or team.

  4. jig(Noun)

    A type of lure consisting of a hook molded into a weight, usually with a bright or colorful body.

  5. jig(Noun)

    A device in manufacturing, woodworking, or other creative endeavors for controlling the location, path of movement, or both of either a workpiece or the tool that is operating upon it. Subsets of this general class include machining jigs, woodworking jigs, welders' jigs, jewelers' jigs, and many others.

    Cutting circles out of pinewood is best done with a compass-style jig.

  6. jig(Verb)

    To move briskly, especially as a dance.

    The guests were jigging around on the dancefloor

  7. jig(Verb)

    To fish with a jig.

  8. Origin: An assimilated form of earlier gig, from gigge, from gige, gigue, of origin, from Old Low *, from gīganan, from gheiǵh-. Cognate with ghighe, Geige, gige, gigja. More at gig, geg.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Jig(noun)

    a light, brisk musical movement

  2. Jig(noun)

    a light, humorous piece of writing, esp. in rhyme; a farce in verse; a ballad

  3. Jig(noun)

    a piece of sport; a trick; a prank

  4. Jig(noun)

    a trolling bait, consisting of a bright spoon and a hook attached

  5. Jig(noun)

    a small machine or handy tool

  6. Jig(noun)

    a contrivance fastened to or inclosing a piece of work, and having hard steel surfaces to guide a tool, as a drill, or to form a shield or templet to work to, as in filing

  7. Jig(noun)

    an apparatus or a machine for jigging ore

  8. Jig(verb)

    to sing to the tune of a jig

  9. Jig(verb)

    to trick or cheat; to cajole; to delude

  10. Jig(verb)

    to sort or separate, as ore in a jigger or sieve. See Jigging, n

  11. Jig(noun)

    to cut or form, as a piece of metal, in a jigging machine

  12. Jig(verb)

    to dance a jig; to skip about


  1. Jig

    The Jig is a form of lively folk dance in compound meter, as well as the accompanying dance tune. It developed in 16th century England, and was quickly adopted on the Continent where it eventually became the final movement of the mature Baroque dance suite. Today it is most associated with Irish dance music and Scottish country dance music. Jigs were originally in duple compound meter, but have been adapted to a variety of time signatures, by which they are often classified into groups, including light jigs, slip jigs, single jigs, double jigs, and treble jigs.

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(a piece of music for) a type of lively dance.

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