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Princeton's WordNet

  1. hoopskirt, crinoline(noun)

    a skirt stiffened with hoops

  2. crinoline(noun)

    a full stiff petticoat made of crinoline fabric

  3. crinoline(noun)

    a stiff coarse fabric used to stiffen hats or clothing


  1. crinoline(Noun)

    A stiff fabric made from cotton and horsehair

  2. crinoline(Noun)

    A stiff petticoat made from this fabric

  3. crinoline(Noun)

    A skirt stiffened with hoops

Webster Dictionary

  1. Crinoline(noun)

    a kind of stiff cloth, used chiefly by women, for underskirts, to expand the gown worn over it; -- so called because originally made of hair

  2. Crinoline(noun)

    a lady's skirt made of any stiff material; latterly, a hoop skirt

  3. Origin: [F., fr. crin hair,L. crinis.]


  1. Crinoline

    Crinoline was originally a stiff fabric with a weft of horse-hair and a warp of cotton or linen thread. The fabric first appeared around 1830, but by 1850, the word had come to mean a stiffened petticoat or rigid skirt-shaped structure of steel designed to support the skirts of a woman's dress into the required shape. In form and function it is very similar to the earlier farthingale.


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