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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

con•vey•anc•ingkənˈveɪ ən sɪŋ(n.)

  1. the branch of law dealing with the examination of property titles and the drawing of documents for the conveyance of property.

    Category: Law

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. conveyance, conveyance of title, conveyancing, conveying(noun)

    act of transferring property title from one person to another


  1. conveyancing(Noun)

    The drawing of deeds etc. concerning transfer of property, and the legal execution of such transfers.

  2. Origin: From conveyance.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Conveyancing(noun)

    the business of a conveyancer; the act or business of drawing deeds, leases, or other writings, for transferring the title to property from one person to another


  1. Conveyancing

    In law, conveyancing is the transfer of legal title of property from one person to another, or the granting of an encumbrance such as a mortgage or a lien. The term conveyancing may also be used in the context of the movement of bulk commodities or other products such as water, sewerage, electricity, or gas. A typical conveyancing transaction contains two major landmarks: the exchange of contracts and completion. Conveyancing occurs in three stages: before contract, before completion and after completion. A buyer of real property must ensure that he or she obtains a good and marketable 'title' to the land; i.e., that the seller is the owner, has the right to sell the property, and there is no factor which would impede a mortgage or re-sale. A system of conveyancing is usually designed to ensure that the buyer secures title to the land together with all the rights that run with the land, and is notified of any restrictions in advance of purchase. In most mature jurisdictions, conveyancing is facilitated by a system of land registration which is designed to encourage reliance on public records and assure purchasers of land that they are taking good title. The systems of public record often have a French background.

Translations for conveyancing

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


the branch of the law dealing with transfer of property.

  • aktebesorgingAfrikaans
  • قانون نَقل الملَكيَّـهArabic
  • юр. раздел от правото, занимаващ се с прехвърлянето на имотиBulgarian
  • transferência de bensPortuguese (BR)
  • převádění majetkuCzech
  • die AbtretungGerman
  • tilskødningDanish
  • μεταβίβαση ακινήτουGreek
  • preparación de escrituras de traspasoSpanish
  • omandiülekandmineEstonian
  • انتقال مالکیتFarsi
  • kauppalakiFinnish
  • procédure translative (de propriété)French
  • הַעֲבָרַת בַּעֲלוּתHebrew
  • संपत्ति के हस्तांतरण संबंधी कानूनHindi
  • prijenos vlasništvaCroatian
  • tulajdonátruházásHungarian
  • notariatIndonesian
  • undirbúningur og frágangur afsalsgjörningaIcelandic
  • normativa per il trasferimento di proprietà)Italian
  • 不動産譲渡手続Japanese
  • 양도증서 작성업(법)Korean
  • nuosavybės perdavimo teisėLithuanian
  • īpašuma nodošanas formalitātesLatvian
  • pemindahan hakMalay
  • overdrachtsrechtDutch
  • tilskjøting, overdragelseNorwegian
  • prawo własnościowePolish
  • انتقال مالکیتPersian
  • د مالكيت انتقالPashto
  • transferência de bensPortuguese
  • transfer de proprietateRomanian
  • право, регулирующее передачу имуществаRussian
  • prevádzanie majetkuSlovak
  • prenos imovineSlovenian
  • prenos imovineSerbian
  • uppsättande av överlåtelsehandlingarSwedish
  • การโอนกรรมสิทธิ์Thai
  • tapu işleriTurkish
  • 產權轉讓法Chinese (Trad.)
  • норми права, що регулюють перехід права власності на нерухомістьUkrainian
  • دستاويز نويسى، نقل نويسىUrdu
  • việc chuyển nhượng tài sảnVietnamese
  • 财产转让法律事务Chinese (Simp.)

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