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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

con•vey•ancekənˈveɪ əns(n.)

  1. the act of conveying.

  2. a means of transporting, esp. a vehicle.

    Category: Transportation

  3. the transfer of property from one person to another. the document accomplishing this.

    Category: Law

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. conveyance(noun)

    document effecting a property transfer

  2. conveyance, imparting, impartation(noun)

    the transmission of information

  3. conveyance, transport(noun)

    something that serves as a means of transportation

  4. conveyance, conveyance of title, conveyancing, conveying(noun)

    act of transferring property title from one person to another

  5. transportation, transport, transfer, transferral, conveyance(noun)

    the act of moving something from one location to another


  1. conveyance(Noun)

    An act or instance of conveying.

  2. conveyance(Noun)

    A means of transporting, especially a vehicle.

  3. conveyance(Noun)

    An instrument transferring title of an object from one person or group of persons to another.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Conveyance(noun)

    the act of conveying, carrying, or transporting; carriage

  2. Conveyance(noun)

    the instrument or means of carrying or transporting anything from place to place; the vehicle in which, or means by which, anything is carried from one place to another; as, stagecoaches, omnibuses, etc., are conveyances; a canal or aqueduct is a conveyance for water

  3. Conveyance(noun)

    the act or process of transferring, transmitting, handing down, or communicating; transmission

  4. Conveyance(noun)

    the act by which the title to property, esp. real estate, is transferred; transfer of ownership; an instrument in writing (as a deed or mortgage), by which the title to property is conveyed from one person to another

  5. Conveyance(noun)

    dishonest management, or artifice

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


the act of conveying

the conveyance of goods.

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