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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

broad•castˈbrɔdˌkæst, -ˌkɑst(v.)-cast; -cast•ed, -cast•ing

  1. (v.t.)to transmit (programs) from a radio or television station.

    Category: Showbiz

  2. to speak, perform, or present on a radio or television program.

    Category: Showbiz

  3. to cast or scatter abroad over an area, as seed in sowing.

    Category: Agriculture

  4. to spread widely; disseminate.

  5. (v.i.)to transmit programs or signals from a radio or television station.

    Category: Showbiz

  6. to make something known widely; disseminate something.

  7. to speak, perform, or present all or part of a radio or television program.

    Category: Showbiz

  8. (n.)something that is broadcast.

  9. a single radio or television program.

    Category: Showbiz

  10. a single period of broadcasting.

    Category: Showbiz

  11. a method of sowing by scattering seed.

    Category: Agriculture

  12. (adj.)(of programs) transmitted from a radio or television station.

    Category: Showbiz

  13. of or pertaining to broadcasting.

    Category: Showbiz

  14. cast abroad or all over an area, as seed scattered widely.

  15. (adv.)so as to reach or be cast abroad over a wide area.

Origin of broadcast:

1760–70; orig. as adv.


Princeton's WordNet

  1. broadcast(noun)

    message that is transmitted by radio or television

  2. broadcast, program, programme(verb)

    a radio or television show

    "did you see his program last night?"

  3. air, send, broadcast, beam, transmit(verb)

    broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or television

    "We cannot air this X-rated song"

  4. broadcast(verb)

    sow over a wide area, especially by hand

    "broadcast seeds"

  5. circulate, circularize, circularise, distribute, disseminate, propagate, broadcast, spread, diffuse, disperse, pass around(verb)

    cause to become widely known

    "spread information"; "circulate a rumor"; "broadcast the news"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. broadcast(verb)ˈbrɔdˌkæst, -ˌkɑst

    ***to transmit to TV or radio

    ***a speech that will be broadcast live; ***TV stations broadcasting a weather warning

  2. broadcast(noun)ˈbrɔdˌkæst, -ˌkɑst

    a TV or radio program

    ***the station's first broadcast


  1. broadcast(Noun)

    A transmission of a radio or television programme aired to be received by anyone with a receiver.

  2. broadcast(Noun)

    A programme (show, bulletin, documentary ...) so transmitted.

  3. broadcast(Noun)

    The act of scattering seed.

  4. broadcast(Verb)

    To transmit a message or signal via radio waves or electronic means

  5. broadcast(Verb)

    To transmit a message over a wide area

  6. broadcast(Verb)

    To appear as speaker, presenter or performer in a broadcast program

  7. broadcast(Verb)

    To sow seeds over a wide area

  8. broadcast(Verb)

    To send an email in a single transmission to a (typically large) number of people

  9. broadcast(Adjective)

    cast or scattered widely, in all directions

  10. Origin: broad + cast

Webster Dictionary

  1. Broadcast(noun)

    a casting or throwing seed in all directions, as from the hand in sowing

  2. Broadcast(adj)

    cast or dispersed in all directions, as seed from the hand in sowing; widely diffused

  3. Broadcast(adj)

    scattering in all directions (as a method of sowing); -- opposed to planting in hills, or rows

  4. Broadcast(adverb)

    so as to scatter or be scattered in all directions; so as to spread widely, as seed from the hand in sowing, or news from the press


  1. Broadcast

    Broadcast are an indie electronic band, founded in Birmingham, England. Original members were Trish Keenan, Roj Stevens, Tim Felton and James Cargill. Various drummers played with the band, including Keith York, Phil Jenkins, Jeremy Barnes, Steve Perkins, and Neil Bullock. As of 2005, the group consisted of Keenan and Cargill, Felton having departed to form a new project, Seeland, with Billy Bainbridge, formerly of another Birmingham Warp act, Plone. After the 2011 death of Trish Keenan, Cargill remains the only member.

British National Corpus

  1. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'broadcast' in Nouns Frequency: #2650

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to send out (radio and TV programmes etc)

He broadcasts regularly.

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