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Princeton's WordNet

  1. ablation, extirpation, cutting out, excision(noun)

    surgical removal of a body part or tissue

  2. ablation(noun)

    the erosive process that reduces the size of glaciers


  1. Ablation(n.)

    (Aerospace) Wearing away of the outer layers of a protective shield or surface by the heat and aerodynamic forces caused by flying through the atmosphere at hypersonic speed, as during reentry from space; as, ablation of the heat shield during reentry.

  2. Origin: [L. ablatio, fr. ablatus p. p. of auferre to carry away; ab + latus, p. p. of ferre carry: cf. F. ablation. See Tolerate.]


  1. ablation(Noun)

    A carrying or taking away; removal.

  2. ablation(Noun)

    The surgical removal of a body part or an organ; the removal of an organ function; amputation.

  3. ablation(Noun)

    The progressive removal of material by any of a variety of processes such as vaporization under heat or chipping.

  4. ablation(Noun)

    The total removal of a glacier by melting and evaporation; the lowering of a land surface by any of several means, as in wind erosion, mass wasting.

  5. Origin: * First attested before 1425.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Ablation(noun)

    a carrying or taking away; removal

  2. Ablation(noun)


  3. Ablation(noun)

    wearing away; superficial waste

  4. Origin: [L. ablatio, fr. ablatus p. p. of auferre to carry away; ab + latus, p. p. of ferre carry: cf. F. ablation. See Tolerate.]


  1. Ablation

    Ablation is removal of material from the surface of an object by vaporization, chipping, or other erosive processes. Examples of ablative materials are described below and include spacecraft material for ascent and atmospheric reentry, ice and snow in glaciology, biological tissues in medicine, and passive fire protection materials.

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