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Princeton's WordNet

  1. expiate, aby, abye, atone(verb)

    make amends for

    "expiate one's sins"


  1. aby(Verb)

    To pay for; to buy.

  2. aby(Verb)

    To pay the penalty for; atone for.

    Lest to thy peril thou aby it dear. - Shakespeare, Midsummer Night's Dream, III,ii

  3. aby(Verb)

    To pay as penalty, to suffer.

  4. aby(Verb)

    To endure, to experience, to tolerate. (Confused with abide.)

  5. aby(Verb)

    To endure; to abide. (Confused with abide.)

    But nought that wanteth rest can long aby. - Edmund Spenser

  6. Origin: From abyen, from abycgan, equivalent to . Cognate with Gothic 033F03430331033F0332033E0330033D.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Aby

    alt. of Abye


  1. Aby

    Aby is a village in the civil parish of Aby with Greenfield, in the East Lindsey district of Lincolnshire, England. It is approximately 32 miles east of Lincoln, and 11 miles south of Louth. The village's name is of Old Norse origin, and means "village on a river". The villages of Åby in Sweden and Aaby in Denmark have names of identical origin and meaning. Aby’s 13th century All Saints Church fell into disrepair and was demolished by Sir Henry Vane in 1660. The stone was removed to Belleau for use on the Manor House. In 1888 a pitch pine Chapel was erected on the original site, but all that remains today is the churchyard. Aby railway station opened in neighbouring Claythorpe in 1848, and closed in 1961. Before the railway line was closed, the village had the distinction of the shortest station name on the British network. The Wesleyan Methodists built a red brick chapel in Aby in 1895. It later closed and is now the Village Hall. There is a public house, "The Railway Tavern". There are no schools in the village of Aby; The Aby CofE Primary School, which opened in 1852 closed in 2009. There are seven schools in surrounding Withern, Alford, Well, Willoughby, and Stewton.

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