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My main artistic interests are music (I play guitar and ukulele, sing and write songs), photography (mainly landscapes, travel and family) and poetry. I began writing poems (not counting the few I wrote in school) in the 1990s, and I continue to enjoy writing them, along with the occasional short story. I have lived the whole of my life in West Yorkshire, England.

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transferred epithetThis is the name for the curious English construction in which an adjective is understood as modifying, not the noun following it, but somebody or something else: "She was smoking a pensive cigarette." Here it is not the cigarette which is pensive but the woman smoking it.
St Elmo's fire(noun) a phenomenon in which a luminous electrical discharge appears on a ship or aircraft during a storm.
lightning chessA form of chess in which each player must move much faster than normal. Time is controlled by a clock or a buzzer. Failure to move within the time limit means forfeiture of the game.
intellectual myopiaa phrase coined for stupidity.
jib sheet(noun) SAILING a rope by which a jib is trimmed.
orthoclaseNoun) a common rock-forming mineral occurring typically as white or pink crystals. It is a potassium-rich alkali feldspar and is used in ceramics and glass-making.
bujutsu(noun) an umbrella term that covers all of the traditional Japanese martial arts such as Kenjutsu, SoJutsu, JoJutsu and so on and was originally the sole preserve of the Samurai though nowadays Bujutsu techniques are practiced by many people around the world.
leaf hammer(noun) a blacksmith's specialist tool
breadnut(noun) the round, yellow or brown fruit of the ramon, Brosimum alicastrum, of the mulberry family, used, roasted or boiled, as a substitute for bread in the West Indies.
fish diveballet term - a move in which the ballerina dives to be caught by her partner, with her head and shoulders just clear of the floor.

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