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Norma Capital CompanyThe core of any Norma is its Capital Company. It could be an onshore or offshore company and any account holder (member) of the specific Norma could also be offshore and onshore as is necessary for the proper functioning of the Norma.
NUCLEUS NORMAIt is the Consolidator of a single System and Structure (i.e. the Systruct) that includes many worlds. It is a separate organization and not an association. It is structured in the same manner as any other Norma but each Nucleus has the typical Ka Tota triangulation structure. The Nucleus is the Norma that supplies the franchise that will transform a Capital Company into a Norma. This franchise establishes a Central Norma and from the authority derived from the Nucleus, the Central Norma then extends the franchise to Resident Normas, who in turn extend the franchise to Project Normas and to Cottage Normas.
NormaA Norma is a body of individual enterprises (or organizations) that comply with the application of the Ka Tota Philosophy. They operate from a purified capitalist system. A Cottage Norma means a Norma that serves a smaller community in the nation it is established in. A Project Norma means that Norma established to serve a larger area than that of the cottage Norma in the same nation as its cottage Norma. A Resident Norma means a Norma established to serve nationwide or statewide (as it may apply in the USA) in the same nation as its cottage Norma and project Norma. A Central Norma means a Norma established to serve the entire world through Resident Normas, Project Normas and Cottage Normas. A Nucleus Norma means that Norma established to serve Central Normas. Since one central Norma is a world, a Nucleus creates many worlds along the lines of the United Nations International Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activity. Many central Normas served by the same nucleus Norma constitute a universe.
Ka Tota WorldIt is a series of structured organizations (Normas) trading in several nations under the same brand or brands, having the same structure, same system, and producing and selling the same products and reporting to the same worldwide head office, called the Central Norma. A single world comprises a Central Norma, its Residence Normas which include Project Normas and Cottage Normas.
Philanthropic InvestmentAn action rooted in an individual’s or foundation’s generosity and altruistic concern to promote good or improve human quality of life that devotes, uses, or gives money, time, talent, emotional energy, etc., over an extended period of time, to gain social returns defined by a specific objective, purpose or result.
PhilanthropyThe “altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement, usually manifested by donations of money, property, or work to needy persons, by endowment of institutions of learning and hospitals, and by generosity to other socially useful purposes.” Another view is “the act of donating money, goods, time, or effort to support a charitable cause, usually over an extended period of time and in regard to a defined objective. In a more fundamental sense, philanthropy may encompass any altruistic activity which is intended to promote good or improve human quality of life.” From the above the following definition could be formulated for Philanthropic Investment - please search for the definition
InvestmentThe "action of putting something in to somewhere else" perhaps originally related to a person's garment or vestment. A traditional definition is the “investing of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.” A more generic view is “devoting, using, or giving of time, talent, emotional energy, etc., as for a purpose or to achieve something.
meribah corporation incthe name “meribah” has different meanings for different people. the meribah corporation is a global organization with a calling to make this world a better place. only God almighty can do this. for all involved in the diverse activities of the corporation “meribah” is a declaration of absolute obedience to God. together, our testimony is “God’s will; nothing less, nothing more, nothing else – at all costs”. www.meribah.org has more detail.
capithe coalescence of authority, power and influence
accelerated corporate developmentit comprise a customized decision support system wrapped into an accelerated corporate development program allowing decision makers to make the right decisions that will assure they reach their pre-determined goals because they use all the relevant scientific laws and principles in the manner they should, not missing critical decision criteria. this system is built for the subscriber with the subscriber and then putting the subscriber in control of the system – not creating dependence (like consultants do) but creating proficiency by transferring knowledge and competency.
customized decision support systemguidance, based on business intelligence, assisting decision makers to make the best possible decision to meet his/her particular challenge
buying decision toola decision instrument used by consumers (the public) to buy goods and services to make decisions on suppliers based on best value-for-money and best cost-to-performance criteria – choosing suppliers posing the least risk (usually concealed)
procurement decision instrumenta decision instrument used by organizations that could be used even by a novice to make decisions on suppliers of goods and services based on best value-for-money and best cost-to-performance criteria – choosing suppliers posing the least risk (usually concealed)
virtuous circleone positive (performance improvement) leads to another and to another every time gaining momentum and affecting a wider sphere – a vivid demonstration of the intelligent use of interdependence
moment of truththe end result of one or more business processes, the point where the outcome is experienced by the recipient of perceived value
kpixa key performance indicator that has been evaluated (measured) against its benchmark from which a key performance index is computed
kpaseveral performance indicators that form part of a business process
kpikey performance indicators used for benchmarking and evaluating the performance of business processes
quality driver – technologythe ability and limits of the technology currently being used
quality driver – informationthe proficiency of communication, providing information that is relevant, timeous and actionable
quality driver – empathythe emotional content of a process
quality driver –assurancelevels of proficiency, efficiency and effectiveness – the assurance that promises (contractual stipulations will be and can be executed
quality driver – reliabilitya demonstration of a commitment to deliver what was promised
quality driver – tangiblephysical ingredients of a process or that which is a physical deliverable
quality driver – responsivenessthe time laps between request and execution
high impact quality driverdepending on the specific challenge some quality drivers will have a higher impact on performance improvement than others – high impact is directly related to the problem, challenge or opportunity to be addressed
katota one world cardindividuals who are committed to the katota way of life will receive a oneworld identification card assuring integrity to others and as a reminder of his/her commitment to the katota way of lifethe oneworld card holder is being evaluated almost 24/7 ensuring transparency, accountability and restitution (if and when required)
katota way of lifekatota started as a philosophy, but its application must translate into a way of life portraying personal integrity because of transparency, accountability and the willingness to fix mistakes (restitution)
critical business processesan organization performs many and diverse business processes. they are all important. however, for a particular desired outcome certain business processes are more important than others. because of the (often concealed) interdependence of business processes, critical business processes need to be identified by applying statistical methodology
value chaindelivering value is the outcome of a range of activities grouped into business processes and the business processes (links) follow a chain of events that form a value chain
soft servicesa term used (often in the building maintenance industry to distinguish non-technical services from technical services
hybrid structurean organization comprising both for-profit and not-for-profit departments or divisions
social benefit organizationit is a hybrid type of organization
sbosocial benefit organization
community benefit organizationit is a non-profit organization, but with clear goals for uplifting or developing a community it wants to serve with meaningful, visible and verifiable benefits
cbocommunity benefit organization
bodies of authorityformal associations and clubs where people join as members by obligation while continued membership is conditional to meet the criteria set in the constitution and code of conduct
membership bodiesformal associations and clubs where people join as members voluntary, provided they meet certain criteria set in the constitution
business functions - supportingthese function are supportive. they are not there in the first place to lead or to control. these functions typically are the management of human resources, information, administration, procurement, general management and public relations
business functions - controllingethical and financial management are controlling functions. financial management will tend to retrench people and cut costs (responding in a passive and negative way when faced with calamity) and as necessary it might be, marketing will tend to be creative and find innovative ways out of a tight spot
business functions - leadingthe marketing function is the only function that produces income – it is creative and vibrant, but these dynamics must be harnessed by the controlling functions
business functionsmanagement scientists have identified a total of nine universally accepted business functions. some are leading, others are controlling and others are supporting.
specialist reportusually follows after a special report with more in-depth business intelligence
modifiersemployees in direct contact with the support base of organizations, without the opportunity or ability to make a sale, but with direct ability to build or erode customer relationships
rainmakersemployees with direct contact with the support base of organizations with focus on making a sale while able to build or erode customer relationships
influencersemployees with direct contact with the support base of organizations, with limited opportunity to make a fresh sale, but could upsell (buy more, buy more regularly) and able to build or erode customer relationships
isolatedsemployees (usually administrative) in the background with no direct contact with the support base of an organization, without the opportunity to make a sale, but with direct influence on their value experiences
value driversthere are seven value drivers in managing value effectively
pripprofit improvement proposal
pipperformance improvement proposal

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