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Princeton's WordNet

  1. water table, water level, groundwater level(noun)

    underground surface below which the ground is wholly saturated with water

    "spring rains had raised the water table"


  1. water table(Noun)

    The level, underground, below which the ground is saturated with water

Webster Dictionary

  1. Water table

    a molding, or other projection, in the wall of a building, to throw off the water, -- generally used in the United States for the first table above the surface of the ground (see Table, n., 9), that is, for the table at the top of the foundation and the beginning of the upper wall


  1. Water table

    The water table is the surface where the water pressure head is equal to the atmospheric pressure. It may be conveniently visualized as the "surface" of the subsurface materials that are saturated with groundwater in a given vicinity. However, saturated conditions may extend above the water table as surface tension holds water in some pores below atmospheric pressure. Individual points on the water table are typically measured as the elevation that the water rises to in a well screened in the shallow groundwater. The groundwater may be from infiltrating precipitation or from groundwater flowing into the aquifer. In areas with sufficient precipitation, water infiltrates through pore spaces in the soil, passing through the unsaturated zone. At increasing depths water fills in more of the pore spaces in the soils, until the zone of saturation is reached. In permeable or porous materials, such as sands and well fractured bedrock, the water table forms a relatively horizontal plane. Below the water table, in the phreatic zone, permeable units that yield groundwater are called aquifers. The ability of the aquifer to store groundwater is dependent on the primary and secondary porosity and permeability of the rock or soil. In less permeable soils, such as tight bedrock formations and historic lakebed deposits, the water table may be more difficult to define.


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    The numerical value of water table in Chaldean Numerology is: 6

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    The numerical value of water table in Pythagorean Numerology is: 8

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  • mesa de aguaSpanish
  • nappe phréatiqueFrench
  • maoschlár, uiscechlárIrish
  • ниво на подземни води, хидростатско нивоMacedonian
  • grondwaterstandDutch

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