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Princeton's WordNet

  1. voting system, electoral system(noun)

    a legal system for making democratic choices


  1. voting system(Noun)

    A system used to determine the result of an election based on voters' preferences.


  1. Voting system

    A voting system or electoral system is a method by which voters make a choice between options, often in an election or on a policy referendum. A voting system enforces rules to ensure valid voting, and how votes are counted and aggregated to yield a final result. Common voting systems are majority rule, proportional representation or plurality voting with a number of variations and methods such as first-past-the-post or preferential voting. The study of formally defined voting systems is called social choice theory or voting theory, a subfield of political science, economics, or mathematics. With majority rule, those who are unfamiliar with voting theory are often surprised that another voting system exists, or that disagreements may exist over the definition of what it means to be supported by a majority. Depending on the meaning chosen, the common "majority rule" systems can produce results that the majority does not support. If every election had only two choices, the winner would be determined using majority rule alone. However, when there are three or more options, there may not be a single option that is most liked or most disliked by a majority. A simple choice does not allow voters to express the ordering or the intensity of their feeling. Different voting systems may give very different results, particularly in cases where there is no clear majority preference.


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Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Jill Stein:

    It was an amazing affirmation of the power of the American people to have a voice in their voting system and demand elections with integrity.

  2. James Scott, Senior Fellow, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology:

    The collaboration between secretaries of state, election officials and the voting system manufacturers on the matter of enforcing this black box proprietary code secrecy with election systems, is nothing less than the commoditization and monetization of American Democracy.

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