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  1. saturable reactor(Noun)

    an iron-core inductor whose inductance may be changed by varying the permeability of the core; used to control large alternating currents such as in theatre light dimmers


  1. Saturable reactor

    A saturable reactor in electrical engineering is a special form of inductor where the magnetic core can be deliberately saturated by a direct electric current in a control winding. Once saturated, the inductance of the saturable reactor drops dramatically. This decreases inductive reactance and allows increased flow of the AC current. Saturable reactors provide a very simple means to remotely and proportionally control the alternating current through a load such as an incandescent lamp; the AC is roughly proportional to the direct current in the control winding. In addition, because of the particular arrangement of the power windings, the control winding, and the core, the control winding is well isolated from the AC power. The AC power windings are also usually configured so that they cancel out AC voltages that would otherwise be induced into the control winding. Because the required inductance to achieve dimming varies with the size of the load, saturable reactors often have multiple taps, allowing a small inductance to be used with a large load or a larger inductance to be used with a smaller load. In this way, the required magnitude of the control current can be also held roughly constant, no matter what the load.


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