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  1. magnetic circuit(Noun)

    A closed path of magnetic flux


  1. Magnetic circuit

    A magnetic circuit is made up of one or more closed loop paths containing a magnetic flux. The flux is usually generated by permanent magnets or electromagnets and confined to the path by magnetic cores consisting of ferromagnetic materials like iron, although there may be air gaps or other materials in the path. Magnetic circuits are employed to efficiently channel magnetic fields in many devices such as electric motors, generators, transformers, relays, lifting electromagnets, SQUIDs, galvanometers, and magnetic recording heads. The concept of a "magnetic circuit" exploits a one-to-one correspondence between the equations of the magnetic field in an unsaturated ferromagnetic material to that of an electrical circuit. Using this concept the magnetic fields of complex devices such as transformers can be quickly solved using the methods and techniques developed for electrical circuits. Some examples of magnetic circuits are: ⁕horseshoe magnet with iron keeper ⁕horseshoe magnet with no keeper ⁕electric motor

The Standard Electrical Dictionary

  1. Magnetic Circuit

    A magnetic field of force is characterized by the presence of lines of force, which, while approximately parallel, curve around and tend to form closed curves. The polarity of a field of force is referred to an imaginary direction of the lines of force from the north pole through space to the south pole, and in the part of the field corresponding to the body of the magnet, from the south to the north pole. The cut indicates these features. Hence the magnetic field of force is termed the magnetic circuit, and to it are attributed a species of resistance termed reluctance, q. v., and the producing cause of the field or lines of force is termed sometimes magneto-motive force, q. v.) corresponding to the electro-motive force. The modern treatment of the magnetic circuit is similar to the application of Ohm's law and the laws of resistance and conductivity to the electric circuit.

Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

  1. magnetic circuit

    See magnetic mine.


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