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  1. iduronic acid(Noun)

    A uronic acid that is a component of the glycosaminoglycan heparin


  1. Iduronic acid

    L-Iduronic acid is the major uronic acid component of the glycosaminoglycans dermatan sulfate, and heparin. It is also present in heparan sulfate although here in a minor amount relative to its carbon-5 epimer glucuronic acid. IdoA is a hexapyranose sugar. Most hexapyranoses are stable in one of two chair conformations ¹C4 or 4C1. L-iduronate is different and adopts more than one solution conformation, with an equilibrium existing between three low-energy conformers. These are the ¹C4 and 4C1 chair forms and an additional ²S0 skew-boat conformation. IdoA may be modified by the addition of an O-sulfate group at carbon position 2 to form 2-O-sulfo-L-iduronic acid. In 2000, LK Hallak described the importance of this sugar in respiratory syncytial virus infection. Dermatan sulfate and heparan sulfate were the only GAGs containing IdoA, and they were the only ones that inhibited RSV infection in cell culture. When internally positioned within an oligosaccharide, the ¹C4 and ²S0 conformations predominate. Proton NMR spectroscopy can be used to track changes in the balance of this equilibrium. ⁕IdoA¹C4 conformation ⁕IdoA²S0 conformation

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Iduronic Acid

    Component of dermatan sulfate. Differs in configuration from glucuronic acid only at the C-5 position.


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    The numerical value of iduronic acid in Chaldean Numerology is: 2

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    The numerical value of iduronic acid in Pythagorean Numerology is: 2

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