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  1. buzzword compliant(Adjective)

    Supporting all features considered important by marketing, regardless of their actual value.

  2. Origin: Ironic parallel of standards compliant.


  1. Buzzword compliant

    In the technology industry, buzzword compliant is a tongue-in-cheek expression used to suggest that a particular product supports features simply because they are currently fashionable. Examples include: ⁕Client–server products in the early 1990s ⁕CORBA and COM based programs in the mid-1990s ⁕Java-based programs in the late 1990s ⁕Protected memory and preemptive multitasking in the late 1990s ⁕Service-oriented architecture ⁕Ajax or Web 2.0 today ⁕Cloud computing ⁕NoSQL ⁕Big data ⁕Agile ⁕In-Memory Buzzword compliance is a modern version of the old practice of being checkbox compliant, ensuring that a product has all the features listed in product reviews. Since many of the decision-makers regarding technology purchases may only be semi-literate technically, the use of buzzwords makes a product sound more valuable. Among the technically literate, the phrase is sometimes used in a sardonic way, as in: "I have no idea what it does, but it sure is buzzword compliant", implying that perhaps the effort on the product has gone into marketing and public relations rather than the technology. Technical staff, and those involved in recruiting and hiring them, also speak of a résumé or CV being "buzzword compliant" when it contains a large number of such terms. This can be a matter of some practical importance to a job-seeker. In many large organizations, those who receive and evaluate applications for employment will not be familiar with the domain of the job, and therefore can only assess buzzword compliance with the job description when deciding which applications the hiring manager will see.

The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. buzzword compliant

    [also buzzword-enabled] Used (disparagingly) of products that seem to have been specified to incorporate all of this month's trendy technologies. Key buzzwords that often show up in buzzword-compliant specifications as of 2001 include ‘XML’, ‘Java’, ‘peer-to-peer’, ‘distributed’, and ‘open’.


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    The numerical value of buzzword compliant in Pythagorean Numerology is: 4

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