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Entry: Utility BeltDefinition: A metaphor referring to the first piece of armour Christians should wear in their conflict with evil, the belt of truth, the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 6:14)
Entry: PyuthanDefinition: Pyu.... mean one of the power full solder department .... than .....shelter of siting soldiers ...
Entry: CognitioningDefinition: The act of bringing your thoughts into a desired state for use.
Entry: hopsuDefinition: Most Nobile Chinese son!
Entry: meathDefinition: Extract of a plant to make a drink. Referred to in verses of the 9th book of the Rig Veda, the Soma Pavamanna.
Entry: ChoingDefinition: Choing is everything. The essence of all that was, is and will be.
Entry: uratedDefinition: URated is Digital Marketing Company that specializes in working their clients to improve bottoms lines and drive sales.
Entry: HogwallopDefinition: Nigger
Entry: aboriginal americanDefinition: Black Indians of north america,native American
Entry: horsetailDefinition: botanicznie: skrzyp
Entry: ensuranceDefinition: ensurance
Entry: sudorificDefinition: 発汗作用のある in Japanese. You translation is incorrect.
Entry: rstersDefinition: I have heard some of watermen that live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia refer to oysters as "rsters" because of their accent.
Entry: bosomDefinition: Earth
Entry: TribenaDefinition: Endicott's wife in the song "Endicott" by Kid Creole and the Coconuts
Entry: creative workDefinition: Creative work is an artistic expression of one's imagination and heart's emotions guided by life's logos,pathos and ethos.
Entry: dobbyDefinition: Doll baby
Entry: merkatroidDefinition: A pitcher for a ladies fast pitch softball team that wins a game by 20 or more runs.
Entry: pyrometric coneDefinition: Jaimerais savoir a quoi sa fonctionnent tout ces petites pyramide???
Entry: mhscDefinition: mhsc - messiah healing sabbath church
Entry: Sweet peaDefinition: A sweet young woman
Entry: villainizedDefinition: meant to be a looked at in a villain way. negative or bad
Entry: elfinlyDefinition: From an elf point of view; in an elf manner; within elfin ability.
Entry: biohackingDefinition: used in Nutrigenomics to assist in reducing ageing.
Entry: ruckDefinition: 凡人の集まり、有象無象
Entry: maneuversDefinition: deceitfulness; tricks of the enemy
Entry: BallheadDefinition: Ballhead or Ball Head is Island (St. Thomas, Trinidad, etc) slang for Bone Head
Entry: ComancheDefinition: Enemy to All
Entry: TENSIESDefinition: Second decade of a century.
Entry: eratosthenesDefinition: Inventor of the setting sun.
Entry: chaveDefinition: Key
Entry: IrregardlessDefinition: Irreguardless of how you may feel, what you believe or who you are, God Almighty, THE CREATOR OF THE WORLD LOVES YOU AND YOU
Entry: comfittedDefinition: "comfitted" means to be made physically and emotionally comfortablein a stressful situation
Entry: swackDefinition: A whole bunch of something.
Entry: inasssiduidadeDefinition: Falta de assiduidade, comparecimento normal as obrigações, quer de trabalho ou compromissos de qualquer espécie, remunerado ou não.
Entry: inasssiduidadeDefinition: Falta de assiduidade, comparecimento normal as obrigações, quer de trabalho ou compromissos de qualquer espécie, remunerado ou não.
Entry: BOOK ITDefinition: To guarantee something. To go ahead and make the bet (with the bookie) or to make the reservation (book the hotel).
Entry: JesmionDefinition: Jesmion is Love of God.
Entry: InterKnotDefinition: A beatbox rock band from London. Derived from the internet.
Entry: anthropyDefinition: everything existing, exist solely for benefit of humanity
Entry: jesmionDefinition: God's Love. There are loves and there is Love. Jesmion is a Love of God
Entry: shalkDefinition: A fire beetle from video game The Elder Scroll: Morrowind.

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