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Entry: tijeraDefinition: Tijera means beautiful,confident,full of energy,and very Popular
Entry: operaticDefinition: A play, story or other narrative that contains many of the elements found in operas; that being a focus on pure, unadulterated emotion, resonant thematic development that is not restrained to a time period or location but that taps into ideas which are eternal and a presentation which evokes the typical techniques used in the production of opera.
Entry: saranganDefinition: ITS ALL BANTER
Entry: saranganDefinition: FOB I am the weirdo
Entry: saranganDefinition: Amazing football star for FC FOTB
Entry: to be deadDefinition: Supreme football star for FC FOTB
Entry: GaiaDefinition: The Earth personified as a goddess in Greek mythology.
Entry: snefruDefinition: Egyptian person
Entry: desdemonaDefinition: of the Devil; works of the Devil
Entry: mechanical waveDefinition: mechanical waves only travel through matter
Entry: equivalentDefinition: Equvalent means
Entry: limited govermentDefinition: They are some to none rights within the government
Entry: Code of lawDefinition: A king
Entry: anthologyDefinition: plural of anthology; see anthology
Entry: phrasesDefinition: Polite phrases
Entry: polite phrasesDefinition: Polite phrases
Entry: I'm a kidDefinition: a beautiful rose that is a smell of beauty, a rich house planning to make its name and I'm 9 up my sername is desire
Entry: musteringDefinition: It means that if you are struggling to encourage yourself - self belief.
Entry: humnaDefinition: Prophet Muhammad's wife's sister's name
Entry: jasonDefinition: Jason is a common given name for a male. It comes from Greek Ἰάσων (Iasōn),[1] meaning "healer", from the verb ἰάομαι, iaomai, "heal", "cure",[2] cognate with Ἰασώ, Iasō, the goddess of healing[3] and ἰατρός, iatros, "healer", "physician".[4] Forms of related words have been attested in Greek from as far back as Mycenaen (in Linear B) and Arcadocypriot (in the Cypriot syllabary) Greek:
Entry: Jus"tus a surname of jesus. A friend to all.Definition: JUS"TUS. 1. A surname of jesus, a friend of St. Paul (Col. 4: 11). 2. A surname of Joseph called Barsabas (Acts 1: 23). 3. A Christian at Corinth. with whom St. Paul lodged (Acts 18: 7).
Entry: chore whoreDefinition: Chore whore
Entry: OAUDefinition: Omdurman Ahlia University
Entry: deals contingentDefinition: Deals Contingent
Entry: MotzivDefinition: a city in Poland
Entry: ayryDefinition: A red pigeon usually raised by Lebanese men
Entry: MitchDefinition: Boner killer
Entry: Software Development In Bhopal
Entry: spurtsDefinition: Spurts
Entry: spurtsDefinition: The eye of a little party
Entry: factorsDefinition: a part of math
Entry: harnselDefinition: it has orgin in German to mean or symbolise God favour
Entry: Social harmonyDefinition: Poo
Entry: error-riddenDefinition: Full of contradictions, full of many provable mistakes, dominated and plagued by errors, half truths and poor research.
Entry: edvidenceDefinition: a proof of a informaition,data.plan.etc.
Entry: knightsDefinition: Knights
Entry: Storage in the cloudDefinition: Means that we are going in to the the storage of i cloud
Entry: ReviewedDefinition: Looking over something
Entry: maneuveredDefinition: Fuck you
Entry: fangsDefinition: Fangs are teeth like aligators.
Entry: when the chips are downDefinition: a difficult situation in which you are forced to decide what is important to you
Entry: ooughDefinition: Red
Entry: gibbellinDefinition: is the hormne which are produced by plants
Entry: Skills matchDefinition: Understanding the current and future needs of employers, businesses, customers and the economy in a country and matching employee and student skills and future skills development to these needs, this can be achieved in many ways by working in partnership with Employer representative bodies, Governments, local authorities, universities, schools, colleges, job centres, apprentice schemes, careers information, advice and guidance, training providers, the media etc in line with a Governments key national and local job aspirations, markets, plans, targets, objectives and priorities for the year ahead, Each country implements this in a different way
Entry: tripsDefinition: falls down
Entry: Not for profitDefinition: Not for profit- a Not for profit organization or company is one that uses surplus revenues to achieve its goals rather than distributing them as profit or dividends. Designation as a not for profit does not mean that the organization does not intend to make a profit, but rather that the organization has no owners and that the funds realized in the operation of the organization will not be used to benefit any owners.
Entry: benefit capDefinition: In any country which provides welfare benefits - this is the limit on the total amount of benefit that most people aged 16 to 64 can get. This is called the benefit cap.
Entry: employment and support allowanceDefinition: United Kingdom - Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) is money for people who have limited capability for work because of their sickness or disability but do not get Statutory Sick Pay Applies to: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland Age rules: You must be 16 or over and under state pension age Type of benefit: There are two types of ESA: Income-related ESA is means tested Contributory ESA is non means tested Taxable: Income-related ESA is not taxable Contributory ESA is taxable
Entry: campesinosDefinition: ughfgdfgfg ggfmg hgjfhgdfhcycgbngfhfjhfhfv hglhjghjghjgkgkjg
Entry: work capability assessmentDefinition: The work capability assessment is the United Kingdom medical assessment used to decide whether you are eligible for employment and support allowance (ESA). It consists of two separate tests. The first test is to decide whether you are eligible for main phase ESA with a work-related activity component. This is called the limited capability for work assessment. If you fail this this test you will be found capable of work. You will then have to either appeal or try to claim jobseeker’s allowance. If you pass this first test you will then be subject to a second test, usually as part of the same medical, if you have one. This second test is called the limited capability for work-related activity assessment. If you pass this test as well you will be placed in the support group. If you fail it, you will still be in the work-related activity group as a result of passing the first test.
Entry: felideaDefinition: all cats
Entry: AleutsDefinition: Russians going to an island
Entry: TrilaminateDefinition: Having three layers.
Entry: nardineDefinition: A wonderful person to be around. loving, caring, very emotional, outspoken, easy to love, don't easily trust people etc.
Entry: english helperDefinition: Little thing
Entry: NigDefinition: British slang for guy or silly behaving person
Entry: medical cardDefinition: A Medical Card is a plastic card, about the size of a credit card, issued by the Irish Health Service Executive. People who hold a Medical Card are entitled to a range of Health Services free of charge. Medical Cards allow people to access Family Doctor or GP services, community health services, dental services, prescription medicine costs, hospital care and a range of other benefits free of charge. Anyone over the age of 16 years who is ordinarily resident in the State can apply for a Medical Card. If you are financial dependent on your parents or guardians, your parents or guardians need to apply for a medical card. Medical card eligibility is based on an assessment of means. To qualify your weekly income must be below the income threshold. Any income, savings, investments and property (except for your own home) are taken into account in the means test. It is important that you give as much information as possible with your application; including dependents, mortgage payments, medical expenses etc.
Entry: areo-Definition: Areo is the ruling planet of Aries also known as Mars.
Entry: i'veDefinition: I've means that you have something and it is written in 1st person.
Entry: electrostatic seriesDefinition: Ability of material's atom to attract the electron of different material.
Entry: Farm shopDefinition: A farm shop is a type of retail outlet which usually sells produce directly from a farm. Some farm shops also resell related goods such as locally produced groceries, foods, drinks and delicatessen products.
Entry: Mobile phone upgrade / cell phone upgradeDefinition: An upgrade of an existing mobile phone/cell phone contract, price plan, data plan, SIM or handset
Entry: Planning reformDefinition: To change, amend or review via consultation in order to simplify or improve the effectiveness of a National, Local, Municipal or similar governmental Planning system which includes planning permission, planning consent, laws and legislation, that administer or manage planning permission or planning consent in order to be allowed to build on land, develop land, build or develop infrastructure, housing and buildings or change the use of land or buildings in any country
Entry: football managerDefinition: A person who manages, directs and contributes to the training of a national football team, league football team, local football team or any kind of football team or football player and a financial budget and plan for delivering their collective goals
Entry: SchneckelDefinition: Schneckel was the savior name given to male progeny until Scheneckels started to be taken and devoured by mountain goatmen. The people stopped using that name because they did not want their offspring mauled.
Entry: nmDefinition: kik
Entry: trustDefinition: analytical chemical
Entry: webster dictionaryDefinition: Of or like a farce;ridiculous;absurd
Entry: intelligence terminologyDefinition: operational Intelligence Terminology
Entry: intelligence terminologyDefinition: operational Intelligence Terminology
Entry: houghedDefinition: houghed
Entry: hidden in plain sightDefinition: one word answers: camouflaged; disguised; deceptive definition: blending in with the environment
Entry: GCDefinition: Good Cause
Entry: Sam and catDefinition: SAm and cat
Entry: MouseDefinition: A object used to control the computer
Entry: SashieDefinition: One who shares good fortune.(Australian)
Entry: HiltDefinition: The handle of a weapon or tool.
Entry: musterDefinition: muster boldness
Entry: muster boldnessDefinition: muster boldness
Entry: ThyatiraDefinition: continual sacrifice - such as the Catholic Church having communion and continually sacrificing Jesus Christ - body and blood at each service.
Entry: bijayDefinition: bijay is a name of any person.
Entry: DeepakDefinition: work less Party harder
Entry: lines of poetryDefinition: A line of words in a poem that goes together to make poetry
Entry: What is this?Definition: The texts that I type are in English & part of it is in French.
Entry: Sap'head.Definition: Sap'head: "Simple, confiding person --- sap' head. n. dolt --- sapless." [ Collins National Dictionary - first printed 1959; this taken from the1975 reprint. The definition is linked to the literal meaning of sap [ in same dictionary] : quote. "watery juice of plants, containing mineral salts, proteins and carbohydrates." and this meaning is linked to the verb meaning of the word sap: quote. "to undermine; to impair insidiously; to exhaust gradually."
Entry: MESADefinition: does it mean large
Entry: free at the point of deliveryDefinition: Please - Word definition - This means that citizens generally do not pay anything for their doctor visits, nursing services, surgical procedures or appliances, consumables such as medications and bandages, plasters, medical tests, and investigations, x-rays, CT or MRI scans etc. Hospital inpatient and outpatient services are free, both medical and mental health services. Funding for these services is provided through general taxation and not a specific tax. Eligibility for free National Health Service services is based on having "permanent residence status" (a birthright for some or granted by the Home Office for those who have immigrated). The person must be registered with a general practitioner and have an National Health Service card and number. This may apply to students with a visa to study at a recognized institution for 6 months or more, but not visitors on a tourist visa for example. Citizens of the EU holding a valid European Health Insurance Card and persons from certain other countries with which the country has reciprocal arrangements concerning health care can likewise get emergency treatment without charge.
Entry: EndoantigenDefinition: It is a foreign antigen that is synthesized within body cells.
Entry: neolithic eraDefinition: take to be true
Entry: cultural achievementDefinition: IDK
Entry: paramoreDefinition: a lover / romantic partner
Entry: cabooseDefinition: caboose
Entry: hot girlsDefinition: there se
Entry: cultural characteristicsDefinition: What does characteristics of culture(´⊙ω⊙`)( • ̀ω•́ )✧(っ´▽`)っo(╥﹏╥)o°.*\( ˆoˆ )/*.°ლ(´ڡ`ლ)(っ´▽`)っ(╥╯﹏╰╥)ง〣( ºΔº )〣ฅ(๑*▽*๑)ฅ!!(๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)°.*\( ˆoˆ )/*.°(╥╯﹏╰╥)งლ(´ڡ`ლ)o(╥﹏╥)oฅ(๑*▽*๑)ฅ!!(๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)( • ̀ω•́ )✧ლ(´ڡ`ლ)ヽ(`⌒´)ノ〣( ºΔº )〣( • ̀ω•́ )✧╯﹏╰(◐∇◐*)(๑´ڡ`๑)♡┐(´д`)┌(╥╯﹏╰╥)ง(。ŏ_ŏ)凸(>皿皿皿皿皿皿皿皿皿皿皿皿皿皿
Entry: shunterDefinition: a person who moves form here and there
Entry: job specializationDefinition: job specialization
Entry: astromomyDefinition: screw yall
Entry: amorphhous solidDefinition: stupid
Entry: kibbleDefinition: Pace yourself and take it easy
Entry: publixDefinition: it's a store
Entry: sphere on a american flageDefinition: i dont know what it is
Entry: postionDefinition: idk
Entry: alcoverDefinition: internal recess : recess in a wall of a room
Entry: kylieDefinition: a persons name
Entry: ethical analysisDefinition: A method of evaluation situations in which the correct action is in question.
Entry: shikareeDefinition: (noun) alt. of Shikari, which means big game hunter, especially a native of the area.
Entry: apointedDefinition: gg
Entry: orchestratedDefinition: to arrange or manipulate, especially by means of clever or thorough planning or maneuvering: to orchestrate a profitable trade agreement.
Entry: rydeDefinition: a customized vehicle
Entry: transactiveDefinition: Gstjhhcjhbjlkvyfcugbjknvv
Entry: KelemeworkDefinition: Ethiopian girl or boy name meaning gold colored.given name to express beauty.
Entry: post secondaryDefinition: bitch boy
Entry: At Star Micronics we are dedicated to supplying quality CNC sliding head lathes. With a state of the art technology centre in Derbyshire and a team of the best turning applications engineers in the UK,
Entry: heat flowDefinition: the flow of heat
Entry: keishawnDefinition: a person who is awesome and handsome
Entry: loveDefinition: amazing
Entry: cjDefinition: amazing
Entry: Indirect DemocracyDefinition: A form of government in which people elect representatives to rule their interest.
Entry: resolve disputesDefinition: To Settle Disegrement
Entry: hench menDefinition: a faithful follower or political supporter, especially one prepared to engage in crime or dishonest practices by way of service.
Entry: what does kneltDefinition: t656565t7ytyu5uyftyhoi
Entry: RameumptomDefinition: a place built up in the center a synagogue; being interpreted as the holy stand.
Entry: civilizationsDefinition: thinking
Entry: naomiDefinition: very pretty and smart
Entry: duddyDefinition: sloth lover of the poop
Entry: flow mapDefinition: an abusement in life as we know it
Entry: jeoparizeDefinition: To mess up
Entry: COMPPLESDefinition: fart fart fart fart
Entry: Spare room subsidyDefinition: UK Government Welfare reform - the amount of benefit that people can get if they are deemed to have a spare bedroom in their council or housing association home. This measure currently (2014) only applies to housing benefit claimants of working age, and is commonly referred to as the bedroom tax, size criteria, under-occupation penalty or removal of the spare room subsidy
Entry: Goneral or GonerilDefinition: Goneral or Goneril is the ungrateful daughter of King Lear
Entry: gleamedDefinition: to fuck
Entry: jeshuronDefinition: the name denote extremely happy person or the prosperous one
Entry: jeshironDefinition: the name denote extremely happy person or the prosperous one
Entry: barbiesDefinition: a doll
Entry: bonkrupsyDefinition: a gifted divise that dhimani use
Entry: Balancedly - for - Word in definitionDefinition: def.1 having the nature and qualities of being mentally and emotionally stable def. 2 having the nature and qualities of being in equilibrium - equal balance between powers:equality of effect
Entry: GRINGODefinition: Acronym for Graduate in non graduate occupation
Entry: antiwarDefinition: Def. 1 Not supporting war in any shape or form Def.2 Supporting peace in every faucet of life and society, Def.3 supporting Peaceful & harmonious government policies and solutions Def.4 not supporting the use of weapons or violence to reach solutions Def.5 supporting peaceful inclusive solutions and resolutions,
Entry: manifest functionDefinition: An open, stated and conscious function.
Entry: sexyDefinition: A SUPER HOT GIRL
Entry: book lengthDefinition: A series of books all on one
Entry: HyothesisDefinition: A sciensce términos
Entry: ZentangleDefinition: Zentangle is a form of meditative doodling that has patterns, or tangles, put together to form a Zen-tangle, as the Zen part is how it is meditative and calming, and tangle as in the doodle-y patterns. Go to You-tube and type in 'Zentangle Tutorial' for more.
Entry: etDefinition: slang for ate, eaten
Entry: dogeDefinition: Wow such amaze
Entry: yeshnaDefinition: Happiness
Entry: passinateDefinition: yes besuse I need this rof my homwok
Entry: dlkgj;prouihDefinition: it means hello.
Entry: rough patchesDefinition: hard times
Entry: color pallateDefinition: a palate of colors
Entry: Propraetor -- what does it mean?Definition: Propraetor -- is it a governor
Entry: massDefinition: mass
Entry: cringedDefinition: bend one's heads and body in fear or in a servile manner
Entry: yeildDefinition: Let it go
Entry: verbDefinition: a verb is aword
Entry: rodentDefinition: Rodent= A animal with sharp teeth used for gnawing.
Entry: kimbiDefinition: Diaper
Entry: AnlaufDefinition: Anlauf means "on the run"
Entry: EMANUEL I.Definition: Emanuel I is an artist from US Virgin Islands. Emanuel is his first name and the I has several meanings. I in Emanuel I, means Intelligence, The First, The Last, One, of the One and also Only.
Entry: orththalmic careersDefinition: Pertaining to the eye.
Entry: GajoDefinition: Diarrhea from the Dakota/Lakota/Nakota languages.
Entry: Fractional crystallization (Geology)Definition: Fractional crystallization is the removal and segregation from a melt of mineral precipitates;
Entry: HopelandDefinition: Made up Language used by sigur ros before the writing of lyrics like scat in jazz
Entry: NibiruDefinition: light bearer
Entry: AntiwarDefinition: Def. 1 Not supporting war in any shape or form Def.2 Supporting peace in every faucet of life and society, Def.3 supporting Peaceful & harmonious government policies and solutions Def.4 not supporting the use of weapons or violence to reach solutions Def.5 supporting peaceful inclusive solutions and resolutions,
Entry: shinshinDefinition: shinshin
Entry: bamboodleDefinition: To leave. to go. to pick up and get the hell out of there
Entry: wyomingDefinition: its asome
Entry: wyomingDefinition: like not a cool word to use
Entry: OTTOMYDefinition: Off The Top Of My Head
Entry: shrunDefinition: did you see that it was very seeable yeah girl that's so alsome did you see it it was pretty.
Entry: walled inDefinition: To be brick in..walled up.. punishment for some thing bad..
Entry: sewing toolsDefinition: It is the tools used for sewing or weaving.
Entry: trifectaDefinition: Also means a set of three things. #2 under definition.
Entry: HardmanDefinition: Last name.
Entry: outcome variableDefinition: your mother
Entry: LynchianDefinition: William Lynch
Entry: adeemDefinition: rare
Entry: StateBoarderDefinition: Something :D
Entry: chloroxDefinition: stain remover
Entry: Poultry farmDefinition: Hello how are u in Chinese
Entry: Charles Edward carrylDefinition: Fool, he is an American author of children's books
Entry: scrape and sand'emDefinition: to scratch and put it under sand
Entry: Hoe gaan dit?Definition: Direct translation: How goes it? Meaning: How are you?
Entry: yahwistDefinition: Yahwists comes from Cyrus of Persia respect for the Isrealites. He said they had great wisdom. Yah being the poetic for of Yahweh so it is really Yahweh's wisdom hence Yahwists is what he called the people
Entry: j� tunheimDefinition: . . . he of the barrel head
Entry: InfatiableDefinition: Infatigable
Entry: AmazonDefinition: amazon - from the Persian , Farsi would translate as : "Hamazan " - the Greek language has an inclination to omit the initial letter , termed as " aphesis", as in "squire " for " esquire " ; thus if the true origin of the term is Persian : Hamazan -"hama" meaning a band , bandit , group ,company ( of warriors ,people , etc. ) and the " zan" in Farsi means " woman " - see Chamber's Etymological Dictionary entry : Zenana - apartments in India which houses women ( from " zan "- woman (Persian) the " hama" is found in conjugated forms in Farsi : hamshire = sister hamrah - fellow-traveller hamrahi = help , co-operation
Entry: keenanDefinition: homo
Entry: ann.Definition: annalen (German)
Entry: GuinnessDefinition: Cassidy CaroLee Hart- The Princess Diva
Entry: Ahura MazdaDefinition: The Creative Source and owner of the entire Cosmos and everything in it, including us!!!!!~~ Our Dad that provides us with EVERYTHING that we need every day!!!!!~~
Entry: MetttcDefinition: Mission Equipment troops Terrain Time Cuvilians on the battlefield
Entry: ebiz4u.jigsy.comDefinition: Paid To Click
Entry: cosinage. cosinerDefinition: horse trading, i.e., as with a used car salesman.
Entry: MARINELANDDefinition: MarineLand is the place where many animals are stuck in tiny cages with horrible water conditions where they are forced to preform tricks to eat. Otherwise known as "TORTURE".
Entry: rationaleDefinition: it means a passionate sex without condom
Entry: UnaidsDefinition: Unaids
Entry: Betty BoopDefinition: A cartoon thottie
Entry: jussiDefinition: Jussi
Entry: TRUSTDefinition: Vehicle registration is the process in which a vehicle goes through, in terms of inspection, for it to be giving an identification number and also registering it in the name of the rightful owner with his or her valuable details
Entry: trustDefinition: Vehicle registration is the process in which a vehicle goes through, in terms of inspection, for it to be giving an identification number and also registering it in the name of the rightful owner with his or her valuable details
Entry: ertugrulDefinition: it is a very old and respectful Turkic name, original form is artun-gra-el which means god`s noble seed, Arthur is short form of this name
Entry: I'M real I working on my article to type at home and i have to do article for this compay bookmarkDefinition: I just discover a amazing website call Bookmarking Demon. ?.Really...Bookmarking Demon. It is a Social Bookmarking, You can tap into an unlimited supply of targeted traffic it free , '"Really it free".! Bookmarks are categorized in different Tags.
Entry: DATADefinition: Data is a plural word of datum
Entry: crDefinition: Country road - found on street signs in rural areas in america
Entry: FirefighterDefinition: Firefighter a brave person that is not scared to risk it all so that others can live
Entry: scrublordDefinition: a scrub lord is a person who sucks a gaming. A noob
Entry: TURBO NERDDefinition: Alex deakin is a turbo nerd scrub lord fgt
Entry: gollDefinition: No consideration. Lacking manners. Couch monster
Entry: focusDefinition: Focus ~ to direct one's attention for a specific purpose.
Entry: hoosuDefinition: hoosu is nathing but jambu vasne.
Entry: 304Definition: Hoe
Entry: niko fitisemanuDefinition: niko fitisemanu is the best guy in the world and is friends with Frazer, keenan, wood, bailey etc. NIKO ROCKS
Entry: frazer fisherDefinition: a guy who is friends with niko and woody. for short his name is fish.
Entry: who is a parentDefinition: parent
Entry: caligulaDefinition: little boots
Entry: VISIONDefinition: The ability to see things through the leading of the Holy Spirit
Entry: ChickenobiaDefinition: Fit
Entry: PhillipsDefinition: Goldie locks lookalike (Cankle)
Entry: Circle JerkDefinition: vulgar metaphor that refers to a situation, often in the workplace, politics or academia, where people are stroking each other's ego without producing anything of value
Entry: AlloraDefinition: Lol my name
Entry: heart-poundinglyDefinition: Looking for pictures or images for pounding
Entry: GodfatherDefinition: A god father the best of men
Entry: TraverseDefinition: To descend or ascend.
Entry: PoliteDefinition: 'Polite' means to have good manners and to show respect to everyone.
Entry: EmphasizeDefinition: Emphasize
Entry: pharyngealDefinition: affecting the throat
Entry: B.E.DDefinition: Banking Endless Dollars
Entry: BhutanDefinition: Bhutan means "Garden of the Gods". As in the elohim nephillim and their offspring half human/half fallen angel,which was forbidden by God,but these entities revered themselves as Gods because of the superimposed size sometimes being giant sized and knowledge from before the flesh carried into this dimension with them.
Entry: WearsDefinition: how can do some thing hard
Entry: resdenceDefinition: to to to
Entry: wellingDefinition: Building up
Entry: ASOSDefinition: A Sense of Sensuality
Entry: Manufactured woodDefinition: Not from a tree,man made but still looks like it
Entry: DFDDefinition: DATA FLOW DIGRAM
Entry: ferrariDefinition: In Italian : blacksmith
Entry: drillingDefinition: multi-barrelled firearm - combination shotgun and rifle
Entry: group homesDefinition: housing for people with disabilities. It should not be called group home, I don't think
Entry: UnexpressiveDefinition: It means that you like can't express what your trying to say.
Entry: vatoDefinition: Yo Nigga
Entry: phileDefinition: phile means to have a strong attraction
Entry: VenturedDefinition: a new business activity that involves taking risks
Entry: Population in mathsDefinition: it is statistic
Entry: PresentDefinition: A movement with your hands
Entry: whooingDefinition: Too move a certain way with an obstcle
Entry: شربلDefinition: to milk
Entry: Mini- beastDefinition: Small creatures ( bullet ants , bees , etc)
Entry: SolutioningDefinition: 1.The process of a counselee finding a solution to their problem under the suggested directions of a counselor. 2.Wherein a counselor will through careful suggestion guide or nudge a counselor towards an answer to their problems without give the direct answer and as a result the counselee discovers their own answer thereby claiming ownership of the answer. When the counselee discovers their own answers, they typically (through ownershipof the answer) have greater success at implementing those answers.
Entry: ظهورDefinition: revelation, manifestation
Entry: ماخذDefinition: base, source
Entry: scince derived from latin wordDefinition: Darivation of science
Entry: jjDefinition: an acronym for jealous or just jealous
Entry: moneyDefinition: Is a person that have a hole lot of money or funds; alot of money
Entry: strainDefinition: to strain something
Entry: cerealsDefinition: a food we usually eat for breakfast. sweet
Entry: brooksDefinition: Brooks is the plural of brook. Brooks may refer to: Places[edit] Antarctica Cape Brooks Canada Brooks, Alberta United States Brooks, Arkansas Brooks, California Brooks, Georgia Brooks, Kentucky Brooks, Maine Brooks, Minnesota Brooks, Oregon Brooks Township, Michigan Brooks City-Base, former United States Air Force base near San Antonio, Texas Brooks, Wisconsin United States and Canada The Brooks Range, mountain range in Alaska and Yukon People[edit] Surname[edit] Main article: Brooks (surname) Given name[edit] Brooks Atkinson, American theater critic Brooks Laich, Canadian ice hockey player Brooks Landgraf, American politician Brooks Newmark, British member of parliament Brooks Orpik, American ice hockey player Brooks Reed, American football player Brooks Robinson, American baseball player Fictional characters Brooks Hatlen, a character in The Shawshank Redemption (1994) played by James Whitmore Companies[edit] Brooks Automation, provider of automation, vacuum and instrumentation solutions Brooks Brothers, American men's clothier Brooks England, manufacturer of traditional English bicycle saddles Brooks Locomotive Works, an early manufacturer of steam locomotives for the US railroads Brooks Pharmacy, former pharmacy chain Brooks Sports, American athletic shoe manufacturer Education[edit] Brooks College, a system of for-profit colleges in California Brooks High School (disambiguation) Brooks Institute, a for-profit college in California focusing on visual arts Brooks School, North Andover, Massachusetts, United States Other uses[edit] Brooks (group), 1970s UK vocal group Brooks (mango), a late-season mango cultivar originated in Miami, Florida Brooks (programming language), a functional logic programming language Nickname for the Brooklyn Dodgers, former Major League Baseball team, now the Los Angeles Dodgers
Entry: food preparationDefinition: the amount of food we eat
Entry: BOLSTER CHISELDefinition: tool for brick laying
Entry: pipediaDefinition: PIPEDIA Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (2000, c. 5) (PIPEDA)
Entry: How is the language related to English Second LanguageDefinition: Why is it important to have a clear difinition of the word language
Entry: vatureDefinition: Ass hoe
Entry: negative nellyDefinition: a strong feeling for a rude name
Entry: high angleDefinition: High
Entry: StockDefinition: Another word for term of stock
Entry: term of stocksDefinition: Another word for term of stock
Entry: one againstDefinition: against
Entry: BradyDefinition: Brady, Texas
Entry: weather forecastDefinition: which predict the weather
Entry: LoonatikDefinition: Loonatik and Drinks Short Film Production company Nottingham run by David Lilley and Stephen Gray.
Entry: WANA, PAKISTANDefinition: Women Are Not Allowed
Entry: JOINTING TOOLDefinition: The mortar joints in brickwork have a significant influence on the overall appearance. Mortar joints have a marked effect on the appearance of brickwork. They account for a surprisingly large proportion of its surface area – slightly more than 17% in stretcher bonded work. The colour and texture of the mortar and the joint profile are all important factors. A variety of joint profiles are used. Some reveal the edges of the bricks and so accentuate their individual forms, others obscure the edges and merge bricks and mortar to a homogeneous surface. The most popular joint profiles are: ‘flush’, ‘bucket handle’, ‘weather struck’, and ‘recessed’ or ‘raked’. These can be formed as ‘jointing’, that is, completed as the brickwork is laid, or as ‘pointing’ – with the joints left recessed to receive the later addition of mortar in which the joint profile is formed. Some other profiles, for example ‘weather struck and cut’, are only practicable as pointing. As bricks are laid, mortar is squeezed from the bed joint. When the brick is properly set in position excess mortar is skimmed off at the surface. To do this a trowel is held at an angle to the wall surface with the edge under the projecting mortar; it is then run forward along the line of the bed joint to cut off the excess. The trowel should not be scraped up or down the face of the brickwork because that will smear mortar onto it. Any cavities in cross joints (vertical joints) should be made good and excess mortar cut off flush to match the bed joints.
Entry: verbDefinition: bob
Entry: Wel faranDefinition: We'll faran- When you are concerned about someone's well-being
Entry: sycoraxDefinition: The ancient Greek word for sorcery
Entry: fleedDefinition: fleed
Entry: dffdfgdfdfdfsddfsfDefinition: I really don't know what this means I was looking on here for a reason (DONT COPY THIS)
Entry: UFODefinition: U found out
Entry: wordDefinition: Art Work
Entry: clammingDefinition: hungry
Entry: proslambanomenosDefinition: The lowest note of the ancient Greek musical scale.
Entry: cowleyDefinition: Leader of the cow's.
Entry: kherDefinition: what god decides for you
Entry: defineDefinition: WHAT IS EFFECTIVE STUDY
Entry: MOTHERSHIPDefinition: Mothership is the name of skrillex tour
Entry: abunaiDefinition: Danger!
Entry: niceDefinition: Lopez means that any people with the last name lopez are nice to other people
Entry: BRODefinition: Business Relationship Officer
Entry: BRODefinition: Business Representative Officer
Entry: Mirabeau B LamarDefinition: The second president after sam houston
Entry: tertiaryDefinition: BEAST LIKE
Entry: LODDefinition: Level Of Detail
Entry: shiksaDefinition: FIlthy animal, Whore..
Entry: It's discribed with jeansDefinition: B. n . W . T
Entry: -mancerDefinition: -Mancer means "Control of" or "Influences..."
Entry: FamblyDefinition: The same as family. A reference to family/close friends that are like family
Entry: tamiloreDefinition: a very good name and pretty name
Entry: asirDefinition: to be write of anything
Entry: gayDefinition: to be kissed in the booty
Entry: jacques cartierDefinition: Was French
Entry: extradagantDefinition: A ACT OF A RALLY CALM OR NORMAL PERSON
Entry: laqueariaDefinition: A panelled ceiling
Entry: effects-basedDefinition: effects-based
Entry: QGDDefinition: Acronym for Quantum-Geometry Dynamics
Entry: keep in mineDefinition: keep in mine
Entry: musicDefinition: the nine greek godesses of the arts
Entry: StraighteningDefinition: Making something longer
Entry: StraighteningDefinition: Stretching
Entry: OGPlanetDefinition: OGPlanet - The O stands for Online... The G stands for Gaming... And Planet well means planet
Entry: new lands octavesDefinition: One of the first attempts at a periodic table, known as "Newlands octaves", arranged the known elements by atomic weight.
Entry: dobereiner's triadsDefinition: In the history of the periodic table, D
Entry: Quadrant in mathDefinition: A big ass is a quadrant in math
Entry: SanyazaDefinition: Samyaza means "infamous rebellion
Entry: bealDefinition: a holiday ,a amharic (ethiopia)
Entry: jabarshabazzDefinition: a boy who loves sports
Entry: jabarshabazzzDefinition: a little hansome boy
Entry: braceroDefinition: A Mexican farmer who is not an American,who works for little money.
Entry: one directionDefinition: a boy band Harry,Louis,Liam,Niall,Zayn
Entry: nothingDefinition: Many organisms compacting of people cells
Entry: prayer shawlDefinition: Accept as revelation
Entry: EvilsizerDefinition: A Awesome Person Sexy A Past Generation
Entry: hayleDefinition: Hayle- Beautiful,Pretty, Something to do with a hot tan girl
Entry: aftertaste/synonymsDefinition: Hgg
Entry: plotnaDefinition: antolp
Entry: abuelasDefinition: grandmothers
Entry: Curb stonerDefinition: The name a licensed car dealer gives a person that gives the customer a used car for a fair price
Entry: grotesque distortionDefinition: disgusting and not clear
Entry: catapultedDefinition: Flung to somewhere.
Entry: chloroDefinition: green
Entry: foul planDefinition: entangling plan
Entry: KCMILDefinition: MIL is a unit of length,KCMIL is a thousand circular appears on the different electrical wires diameter and measuring in mil unit
Entry: target shootingDefinition: to killing someone with target point
Entry: emparedadoDefinition: Sandwich
Entry: bukharaDefinition: steam
Entry: the constitutionDefinition: I love pickles and they love me too -Isabelle Brown wrote this XD
Entry: Beach cliffDefinition: A cliff on a beach
Entry: Bre'AnnaDefinition: Act so choose frfr 3/30/14
Entry: TjonDefinition: The great one. Kingdom age co-founder
Entry: BurenDefinition: A U.S. President named Martin Van Buren
Entry: hobbledehoyDefinition: gobshite
Entry: lenutaa_mirceaa-social definitions platformDefinition: add new definition for lenutaa_mirceaa social definitions platform
Entry: holy joeDefinition: Air Force term for reusable, string-tied envelopes used for inter-office mail. The brown envelopes with holes.
Entry: penguinDefinition: The right translation of english name "penguin" in french is "manchot", not "pingouin". A "pingouin" is an auk or a razorbill! Please, erase this big mistake on your website!
Entry: cuivierDefinition: A breed of whales
Entry: eucatastropheDefinition: A good catastrophe
Entry: jumpDefinition: to spring, pounce.
Entry: guruDefinition: Guru are teachers and thinkers.
Entry: organisimDefinition: is a living thing.
Entry: cellDefinition: A cell is the smallest unit in living things that can carry the basic prosses in live.
Entry: intimacyDefinition: the state of allowing the sharing of ones personal self in any manner; physical, sexual, emotional, behavioral, beliefs etc.
Entry: wubwubDefinition: drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrop the bass!!
Entry: dwimmerDefinition: Dimmer means that a person is in touch with the life in everything.
Entry: ANNDefinition: Annotated. Annotated Statutes: Sometimes referred to as a state or federal "Code." It is a collection of state or federal laws, that is accompanied by a brief summary, or "annotation," of the court decisions of the appropriate state or federal appeals courts that have interpreted the meaning, constitutionality or limitations on the enforceability of the statutes.
Entry: wotDefinition: Some sort of old word
Entry: andes mountainsDefinition: mountians that were us to hid behind them and fight from there
Entry: JehovahDefinition: Jehovah means Lord over or God over all.
Entry: cugutso54Definition: Otjing nothing
Entry: conncessionsDefinition: Items bought, made or ordered with the intention of selling for profit, including but not limited to food, snacks, and beverages.
Entry: ASRDefinition: actual spraying rate
Entry: heaven gossDefinition: a young girl
Entry: False BayDefinition: a bay in SW South Africa, near the Cape of Good Hope
Entry: longedDefinition: blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh curtis butler is my name
Entry: longedDefinition: toooo blahhhh blahhh blahhh blahhh and talk alot and blahh blahh blahh blahh
Entry: badgesDefinition: shinny things on cops shirt
Entry: ouckDefinition: gross
Entry: detionsDefinition: blow up things
Entry: skisDefinition: don't know
Entry: CharlotteDefinition: Charlotte is a potato that is the most awesome potato ever in the history of mankind.
Entry: AccuracyDefinition: Deviation from correctness
Entry: AccuracyDefinition: Deviation from correctness
Entry: PersiaDefinition: Persia is the most awesome girl in the world. If she wasn't born, the word 'awesome' would never have existed.
Entry: PosthappyDefinition: To be happy after a specific time or event.
Entry: chew the foodDefinition: crush or grind with the teeth; masticate
Entry: take out foodDefinition: purchase prepared food to be eaten at home
Entry: BaccDefinition: Bacc is a word from the middle english (ormulum)
Entry: tailDefinition: Brainless end part
Entry: compound wordDefinition: What does compound words mean for kids
Entry: sachin TendulkarDefinition: Sachin Tendulkar Personal information Full nameSachin Ramesh Tendulkar Born 24 April 1973 (age 40)[1] Bombay, Maharashtra, India NicknameTendlya, God of Cricket,[2][3] Little Master,[1] Master Blaster[4][5] Height5 ft 5 in (165 cm) Batting styleRight-handed Bowling styleRight-arm medium, leg break, off break RoleBatsman International information National side India Test debut (cap 187)15 November 1989 v Pakistan Last Test14 November 2013 v West Indies ODI debut (cap 74)18 December 1989 v Pakistan Last ODI18 March 2012 v Pakistan ODI shirt no.10 Only T20I (cap 11)1 December 2006 v South Africa Domestic team information YearsTeam 1988Cricket Club of India 1988–2013Mumbai 1992Yorkshire 2008–2013Mumbai Indians Career statistics CompetitionTestODIFCLA Matches200463310551 Runs scored15,92118,42625,39621,999 Batting average53.7944.8357.9245.54 100s/50s51/6849/9681/11660/114 Top score248*200*248*200* Balls bowled4,2408,0547,56310,230 Wickets4615471201 Bowling average54.1744.4862.1842.17 5 wickets in innings0202 10 wickets in match0n/a0n/a Best bowling3/105/323/105/32 Catches/stumpings115/–140/–186/–175/– Source: Cricinfo, 15 November 2013 Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar (i/ˌsətʃɪn tɛnˈduːlkər/; born 24 April 1973) is a former Indian cricketer widely acknowledged as the greatest batsman of the modern generation, popularly holds the title "God of Cricket" among his fans.[2] Some commentators, such as former West Indian batsman Brian Lara, have labelled Tendulkar the greatest cricketer of all time.[6][7][8][9] He took up cricket at the age of eleven, made his Test debut against Pakistan at the age of sixteen, and went on to represent Mumbai domestically and India internationally for close to twenty-four years. He is the only player to have scored one hundred international centuries, the first batsman to score a Double Century in a One Day International, and the only player to complete more than 30,000 runs in international cricket.[10] In October 2013, he became the 16th player and first Indian to aggregate 50,000 runs in all recognised cricket (First-class, List A and Twenty20 combined).[11][12][13] In 2002, Wisden Cricketers' Almanack ranked him the second greatest Test batsman of all time, behind Don Bradman, and the second greatest ODI batsman of all time, behind Viv Richards.[14] Later in his career, Tendulkar was a part of the Indian team that won the 2011 World Cup, his first win in six World Cup appearances for India.[15] He had previously been named "Player of the
Entry: african americanDefinition: a black folk someone that has a little percent of black in them.
Entry: pefDefinition: peak expiatory flow
Entry: kallarDefinition: kallar name came from their bandit nature.they perform brutal robbery in ancient times.many literature / history registered this.during nayakkar rule in tamilnadu they make kallars as security gaurds to avoid clashes. maravar comes as warriors later become robbers.these people also worked as security guards of nayakkars. during british period these two casts added in criminal tribe act.
Entry: upsDefinition: ups=unit power supply
Entry: hog fuelDefinition: large to small garden waste chopped up and used as water retention fot use of muddt area around gates where it gets muddy
Entry: -logousDefinition: pertaining to study
Entry: company ruleDefinition: to be ruled by a company.
Entry: uvicDefinition: university of victoria
Entry: how do isa saver accounts workDefinition: interest remit
Entry: end of daysDefinition: the end of days has a spiritual meaning, we are in the evening of the 8th day of creation. christ is a new creation.
Entry: frbDefinition: flat rate box

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