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Entry: bodhisattvaDefinition: One who returns to be of service; to assist others in transitioning to Enlightenment.
Entry: policyDefinition: Administration is the fusion of people with process and material via conducive and encouraging atmospheric condition, for the wellbeing of the people and attainment of the administrator's vision and mission
Entry: policyDefinition: Administration is the fusion of people with process and material via conducive and encouraging atmospheric condition, for the wellbeing of the people and attainment of the administrator's vision and mission
Entry: opinionmarkerDefinition: Saying that you like/hate something in languages.
Entry: define microinjectionDefinition: micro injection
Entry: CADDefinition: cash against documents
Entry: TelfairDefinition: Telfair is a guidance of what to do according to your previous professional area of improving your skills.
Entry: match made in heavenDefinition: For me...everyone is different.-bird I was taken before GOD I was judged on everything that made me man,Good honorable,virtuious,dependable,all good traits that have made me who I am. questions were asked,do you have this?,do you have that?.... All up until asked if I had Love. I didnt... I was told to search my soul because I had found it once. I remembered her,God said If you promise to Love me and accept me as your Lord and Saviour,I can and will do this for you and bring her back into your life. Long story short..He did so send me her back into my life and after 2 months and two days,I came to the solid unquestionable fact that indeed this was all caused by Gods was an act of divine grace by God. I swear to God this statement is true. God is the only way to Love. One soul saved is worth all the gold in the world.
Entry: GypsyDefinition: People that have suffered much persecution for there ethnicity . It has been strongly Believed that they originated from India but from my understanding the gypsys have never believed in the Muslim faith but as far as I can go back from generation to generation we have believed and called upon the name of the God of Abraham issac and Jacob the God of the Jews and believe on the lord Jesus Christ his son I have nothing against India nor there people but all of our culture our ceramomial rules about cleanliness respect for Elders. giving birth, marriage. faith, just to name a few similarity's and way of life so points to us having a hebrew heritage Hitler knew this that is why in my opinion we suffered along side our brothers and sisters in the hollocaust our ashes being mingled was not a coincidence. If we have no country to call our own it doesn't really matter becuase this is not our home we are just passing through looking forward to an eternal kingdom a heavenly kingdom where God will call us his own and we take up residency where the king of glory reigns .
Entry: yalla(h)Definition: bright, enlightened, or can be a lady's name
Entry: McClaveDefinition: physical power;joyful
Entry: fonduedDefinition: rokulio de nogolia ol el polo unima
Entry: NoidedDefinition: To be in a perpetual state of paranoia
Entry: NIGGADefinition: Nubian Intellectuals Getting Goals Accomplished
Entry: 6 MonthsDefinition: Master bedroom with King size bed and childrens' bedroom for 3 with double bed
Entry: μαρδώνω (Greek verb pronounced as mar|d|ono)Definition: Mardonius (in Ancient Greek: Μαρδόνιος) lived in the early 5th century BC and died in 479 BC, at the Battle of Plataea. He was a leading Persian military commander during the Persian Wars with Greece . Mardonius, although having taken intense military action in many battles in Greece and tried to persuade his master kings of Persia, Darius initially and Xerxes afterwards, he eventually did not manage to achieve any real results and was inevitably led to failure. His first big failure happened when his fleet was destroyed in a storm off the coast near Mount Athos Mardonius experienced his second and last failure when he prepared to meet the Greek army at Plataea, despite the opposition from another Persian commander, Artabazus, who, like Artabanus, did not think that the Persian army could automatically defeat the Greeks. Mardonius was killed in the ensuing battle by the Spartans. It is claimed by the great ancient historians Herodotus and Plutarch that a Plataean called Aeimnestus killed Mardonius. This led to his army breaking up. Thus, since antiquity, Mardonius' name was linked to a rather lengthy process towards failure and the Greek verb "μαρδώνω" (Greek pronounciation: mar|d|ono" was produced meaning the above mentioned kind of process. In English, this Greek verb "μαρδώνω" may be translated as botch [sth] i.e. botch or do badly a job, a task etc.
Entry: ας κρατήσουμεDefinition: Let's bear in mind...
Entry: 1Definition: The def of 1 would be aspso
Entry: acDefinition: rajesh
Entry: fuel povertyDefinition: What is fuel poverty When more than 10% of household income is required to maintain a warm home.
Entry: Any personDefinition: It means when someone does something to the wrong person by accident
Entry: FlunkieDefinition: Someone who gets bad grades in school; has failing grades.
Entry: non contact forceDefinition: Is not contact with forces
Entry: EykisDefinition: Best wishes for all.
Entry: Liva cloth name which type of clothDefinition: A women kurti cloth name Liva like cotton, viscose, poleyster etc. my question is this that which type of cloth called Liva.
Entry: HarawayDefinition: Haraway
Entry: truculenceDefinition: Rather than another defiinition, I am more to a more common usage in today's the autistic the area of diagnostic description...for "aggressive authority figure disobedience syndrome:...I am surprised more doctors are not using appears to be kinder than it's meaning in my view...just a gran's opinion
Entry: armorialsDefinition: Pictorial or sculptural on subjects of note
Entry: thotDefinition: That hoe over there
Entry: ragaiDefinition: The most beautiful Pearson in the world . The name of a famous queen of russia in the 70s. She was on of the most hounded plea in the world. Many people highly respected her a wanted to be her washing of feet slaves. And many wanted to be her kissing feet slaves.
Entry: Racing suspension of motorcycleDefinition: Racing suspension fork motorcycle including all frame
Entry: carkitureDefinition: something you don't wanna loose
Entry: BusinessDefinition: Delegated Authority is a small family owned Transport business out of Greenville Texas that was established in September 2016 by Anthony and Raney Laisure.
Entry: AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhDefinition: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh means it be screme
Entry: AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhDefinition: It mene ahhhhhhhhhh
Entry: SpectDefinition: You say example
Entry: tsunamiDefinition: A very large ocean wave caused by an underwater earthquake or volcanic eruption.
Entry: patricianlyDefinition: A family system headed by the man ( as it may be a grand father, a father or brother). A social system governed by a man.
Entry: religionDefinition: To search
Entry: ScornDefinition: Disgust
Entry: The CentreDefinition: The Centre, It's a place of fifth tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong.
Entry: ondulaientDefinition: to ripple [rippled|rippled] {vb
Entry: magciianDefinition: a person who does magic
Entry: huapalaDefinition: it is a drink some people say that it has a good tast too some just say its poisones
Entry: LISTENDefinition: Body Snatching is encroachment to a single individual human that is used for the composition to change the any part of the body for money payment or the act of reciprocation pertaining to any type of goods or lifestyle. It is also attachment of satellites or computers that track the body (person) etc.
Entry: chadwickDefinition: An annoying idiotic person sometimes refered to as a n****r.
Entry: Throttle(noun)the windpipe or trachea the weasandThrottle(noun)the throttle valveThrottle(verb)to coDefinition: The word throttle means to strangle or to block the airways in your throat.
Entry: EbionismDefinition: There are those who reject these biblical truths and declare that Jesus was a man, but not God (Ebionism) Docetism is the view that Jesus was God, but not human. Both viewpoints are not biblical and false.
Entry: coptDefinition: coppiced
Entry: wot in tarnationDefinition: name jeff
Entry: 1 monthDefinition: a place
Entry: informaticalDefinition: Informatics is the science of how to use data, information and knowledge to improve human health and the delivery of health care services.
Entry: HIV(Definition: HIV stand for (HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS). It cause sexually transmitted diseases called AIDS (ACQUIRED IMMUNODEFICIENCY SYNDROME)
Entry: hawaDefinition: longing,desire
Entry: pledgeDefinition: A solemn promise to do something.
Entry: Ice-nineDefinition: James Richards says it it "two words to remember" and I guess they are in his book for sale. Wondering if it is a scam, since ice-nine searches so far don't lead to him. His page is at:
Entry: den Garaus machenDefinition: When you kill something or somebody
Entry: SahitiDefinition: Represents Goddess Saraswati. Knowledge and Wisdom
Entry: gourmandDefinition: you might add "as opposed to gourmet, a person who ...
Entry: wagonerDefinition: A person that wagons
Entry: tamariscoDefinition: Es como el tamarisco en la arabá,
Entry: LongshorewomenDefinition: A women who is a proud member of a local union who engages in the loading and unloading of cargo whether by way of cargo ships, trains with port access, or cruise ships. This may include the agile operation of heavy machinery, light machinery, and always includes physical labor, and overall the mental facility in importing and exporting material goods by way of sea and land in an efficient manner.
Entry: mein lebenDefinition: my life
Entry: vectorDefinition: that villain guy from the first despicable me movie.
Entry: kiaraDefinition: kind and pretty bright girl and always ready to fight her way to the top
Entry: indigenouslyDefinition: indigenously assembled - According to the use in the Example below, means not made in America.
Entry: testificarDefinition: tes·ti·fi·car (latim testificor, -ari testemunhar, atestar, declarar, certificar, invocar como testemunha) verbo transitivo 1. Comprovar, atestar.; 2. Assegurar; afirmar.
Entry: KUTHADefinition:
Entry: αναδεξιμιάDefinition: God daughter
Entry: Flat lineDefinition: You are heald
Entry: Two ends meetDefinition: Opposite natured people don't agree with one another
Entry: lenguitaDefinition: little tongue

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