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Entry: pecker snotDefinition: You shoot it out your dick
Entry: telepathyDefinition: The ability to communicate data, emotions, feelings and thoughts from one being or animal to another using the consciousness or mind.
Entry: rosettaDefinition: is a robotic space probe built and launched by the European Space Agency.
Entry: electronDefinition: Is a subatomic particle.
Entry: AlkaliedDefinition: of horses or cattle in the western USA, having the health or strength detrimentally affected by drinking alkali-contaminated water.
Entry: AlkaliedDefinition: containing grain or hay, selenium
Entry: tracking solar collection systemsDefinition: Solar collection systems that are mounted and track the east to west movement of the sun for effective and efficient solar collection.
Entry: solar orientationDefinition: The alignment of a building in relation to the sun, depending on the geographical area and climate.
Entry: business to business (B to B)Definition: A type of commerce transaction between businesses.
Entry: pruneDefinition: To cut or trim a branch or stem of a bush, plant or tree.
Entry: flaperonDefinition: Is a control surface on the wing of an aircraft that help to stabilize aircraft during flight, take-off and landing.
Entry: auto auctionDefinition: A type of vehicle auction held in a specific location or online to sell new or used vehicles based on a fair and legal auction system.
Entry: network marketingDefinition: A direct selling method where independent agents serve as distributors of goods and services and have opportunity to mentor other distributors. Bonus, commission and profit on product sales are distributed appropriately and fairly to all distributors in the network.
Entry: rollerballDefinition: A part or tool attached to something made from various materials, shaped like a ball and designed to move when you use or apply it.
Entry: aerobaticsDefinition: The act and process of flying maneuvers performed in flight by an aircraft or glider or a group of aircraft for entertainment or sport by qualified licensed pilots to international approved rules.
Entry: drect sellingDefinition: The act and process of marketing and selling goods or services directly to customers.
Entry: multilevel marketingDefinition: A system for selling goods or services through a network of distributors.
Entry: free deliveryDefinition: A delivery charge, cost or fee agreed not to be applicable for that specific delivery.
Entry: FreeDefinition: A charge, cost or fee agreed not to be applicable or needed.
Entry: tile paintDefinition: A specialized paint created and manufactured in a spectrum of colors used to paint tiles of various types.
Entry: exercise dvdDefinition: A DVD that provides instruction on how to complete and perform a workout in an easy way.
Entry: exercise matDefinition: A piece of material of a different sizes used to perform different exercises on.
Entry: promenade concertDefinition: An music and orchestral concert where part of the audience use seating and part stand and is accessible to everyone who chooses to attend.
Entry: methalogyDefinition: who is mathalogy?
Entry: traffic-light labellingDefinition: A system of food labelling in which red, amber, and green symbols are used to indicate the amounts of ingredients in the food.
Entry: hunter-gatherersDefinition: the hunters which gather together is called hunter-gatherers
Entry: Gardening toolsDefinition: A variety of tools made for gardens and gardening.
Entry: traffic signDefinition: Is a type of sign erected and displaying information in various forms to road users and drivers at the side of or above a road.
Entry: road markingDefinition: Is any kind of device or material that is used on a road surface or in a parking area in order to convey official information or the highway code applicable to the country.
Entry: sports shopDefinition: A shop, webshop or online shop that sells accessories, clothing, equipment, footwear and shoes for every sport.
Entry: sports shopDefinition: A shop, webshop or online shop that sells accessories, clothing, equipment, footwear and shoes for every sport.
Entry: sandDefinition: Sand is a naturally occurring granular material composed rock and mineral particles.
Entry: recycling plantDefinition: A plant for processing recycled materials.
Entry: upcycleDefinition: The act and process of transforming furniture, a material or product into a new form or use.
Entry: salwar kameezDefinition: A type of suit consisting of a dress or top with trousers created in various colors, designs, fabrics and styles and worn by men, women and children of every culture.
Entry: tunicDefinition: A type of garment for the body created in various colors, designs, fabrics, length and styles worn by men, women and children.
Entry: kaftanDefinition: A type of dress created and designed in various colors, fabrics and styles,
Entry: kimonoDefinition: A Japanese style garment worn by men, women and children in various colors, designs and styles.
Entry: SariDefinition: A garment consisting of a length of material wrapped around the body in a specific way, designed and manufactured in various materials and colors.
Entry: steam mopDefinition: A mop that uses steam to clean designed in various styles and for various purposes.
Entry: Ferry workerDefinition: A person who is employed to work on a Ferry.
Entry: yoghurtDefinition: A dairy product product made from milk and other flavors added according to the product creation.
Entry: porcelainDefinition: Porcelain is a type of ceramic material.
Entry: railway engineeringDefinition: Is a multi-faceted engineering discipline dealing with the design, construction and operation of all types of railway systems.
Entry: anecdotalDefinition: Anecdotally
Entry: car seat coverDefinition: A cover made in various designs, material and styles to cover a car seat.
Entry: transactional emailDefinition: An email confirming an online transaction has taken place or been completed.
Entry: transactional emailDefinition: An email confirming an online transaction has taken place or been completed.
Entry: intelligentDefinition: The ability of a computer, device, robobt or software able to modify, process, receive and respond to data in real-time.
Entry: pizzaDefinition: Is an oven baked type of bread with tomato sauce, cheese and various toppings are used.
Entry: telescopicDefinition: Having or consisting of tubular sections that can extend in each direction if needed.
Entry: lemonadeDefinition: A type of flavoured drink.
Entry: thongDefinition: A strip of material used to attach or hold a piece of footwear to the foot.
Entry: flip-flopDefinition: A type of sandal made from various materials and in various styles and designs held to the foot by at thong between the toes.
Entry: toolDefinition: an apparatus used in the enhancement of a particular task or job.
Entry: interest earned statementDefinition: An online or paper bank account statement that automatically generates and shows the total amount of interest earned from a specific bank account earned during a tax year.
Entry: buffet serverDefinition: An appliance for keeping food hot after cooking.
Entry: shower curtainDefinition: A curtain made from various materials, in various designs attached to a rail around a shower area.

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