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Entry: Ice-nineDefinition: James Richards says it it "two words to remember" and I guess they are in his book for sale. Wondering if it is a scam, since ice-nine searches so far don't lead to him. His page is at:
Entry: NeerlandicusDefinition: Neerlandistic is the science that deals with the Dutch language and literature. A practitioner of this science is a Neerlandicus or a Neerlandica.
Entry: den Garaus machenDefinition: When you kill something or somebody
Entry: SahitiDefinition: Represents Goddess Saraswati. Knowledge and Wisdom
Entry: gourmandDefinition: you might add "as opposed to gourmet, a person who ...
Entry: wagonerDefinition: A person that wagons
Entry: tamariscoDefinition: Es como el tamarisco en la arabá,
Entry: AgustiniaDefinition: A genus of medium sized sauropod from the Early Cretaceous of Argentina.
Entry: LongshorewomenDefinition: A women who is a proud member of a local union who engages in the loading and unloading of cargo whether by way of cargo ships, trains with port access, or cruise ships. This may include the agile operation of heavy machinery, light machinery, and always includes physical labor, and overall the mental facility in importing and exporting material goods by way of sea and land in an efficient manner.
Entry: mein lebenDefinition: my life
Entry: vectorDefinition: that villain guy from the first despicable me movie.
Entry: kiaraDefinition: kind and pretty bright girl and always ready to fight her way to the top
Entry: indigenouslyDefinition: indigenously assembled - According to the use in the Example below, means not made in America.
Entry: testificarDefinition: tes·ti·fi·car (latim testificor, -ari testemunhar, atestar, declarar, certificar, invocar como testemunha) verbo transitivo 1. Comprovar, atestar.; 2. Assegurar; afirmar.
Entry: itamaratyDefinition: Itamaraty is the common name of the Brazilian equivalent of the U.S. Department of State. The official name is Ministério das Relações Exteriores. The url is www/
Entry: KUTHADefinition:
Entry: αναδεξιμιάDefinition: God daughter
Entry: Flat lineDefinition: You are heald
Entry: Two ends meetDefinition: Opposite natured people don't agree with one another
Entry: lenguitaDefinition: little tongue
Entry: servitizationDefinition: Value addition to Goods as an integral part the tangible material which influences Procurement decision.

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