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Entry: VerifiedDefinition: Passenger automobile registration count
Entry: SNICKETDefinition: a small intimate area.
Entry: postal boxDefinition: it is a stamp put on letters or on houses
Entry: BardingDefinition: the wrapping of meat with bacon.
Entry: RCHDefinition: To do with a clinic for a doctor
Entry: certificatesDefinition: Plural noun of the word certificate.
Entry: phonosemanticsDefinition: Psychological interpretations of different sounds
Entry: LimbourgDefinition: A type of wool fabric traded to native Americans in the 18th and 19th centuries, used by them in making mantles, skirts, leggings, and breechclouts. C. C. Robin, VOYAGE TO LOUISIANA, "A type of coarse cloth, dyed blue, known in this country as LIMBOURG, coming chiefly from Germany, is an item of trade almost as brisk as that of blankets....These people use it to make mantles and skirts for the women, as well as BRAGUETS [loin cloths] and MITASSES [leggings.]" Trans. Stuart Landry, Jr., 1965.
Entry: stay tunedDefinition: Be ready for what is to come; pay attention.Stay attentive.
Entry: mobiliDefinition: furniture
Entry: hongoDefinition: Ball hog. Playing basketball in the '60's that what we called someone who didn't pass the pass, they's hog the ball.
Entry: noisomeDefinition: Not a new definition! What's needed is how to say each new word! Am I alone with this need? Thanks! Peter B. III............
Entry: cuntyDefinition: The term 'cunty' defines a person, pet or situation that is unnecessarily difficult or hard....difficult,awkward or hard when it doesnt have to be....some people are cunty on purpose and try get away with as much playfully naughty actions as possibly can but some are just like that and dont even know they are....people affected bye substance are often cunty. Pets, especialy dogs and puppies are cunty because there as cheeky or playfully naughty as their owner will let them be.
Entry: ricedDefinition: people who think they are racers but are not racers
Entry: RoanokeDefinition: Based on content at: The Algonquian word "roanoke" is translated to mean: to rub, abrade, smooth or polish (as in making roanoke, peak or wampum beads: Quinn 1955)--and means "money." The name may be a corruption of the Indian word “Ohanoak” (the name of a significant Native American village, referring to “Northern people.") Roanoke--and another form of money called "peak"--were both made from the same shell, found along the North American coast. The more valuable "peak" was created out of the dark portion of the Venus clam shell--usually found at the broad, top portion of the shell--and strung as separate belts, having twice the value of "roanoke," shell beads of totally white.
Entry: caperingDefinition: Happy
Entry: doupDefinition: Prettify
Entry: GospelDefinition: Good news of military victory
Entry: u shape recoveryDefinition: we have seen some recovery, u shaped rather than v shapedfor the emerging market it is mostly v shaped
Entry: oppressionDefinition: Something that some black athletes may experience when making several million dollars a year.

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