Found 680 definitions starting with OL:

old london townold low franconianold maidold maid flower
old manold man of the moun…old man of the seaold man's beard
old marlburianold masterold mateold money
old moonold mortalityold mother hubbardold nick
old nollold normanold norseold north french
old north stateold northern frenchold norwegianold occitan
old pennyold persianold personold picard
old portugueseold provençalold prussianold red sandstone
old regimeold rightold riverold rose
old russianold saltold sawold saxon
old scandinavianold schoolold school tieold scratch
old serpentold shoeold sightold slavonic
old sledgeold sodold soulold south
old spanishold sportold squawold stager
old stickold stone ageold styleold style calendar
old style fontold sweatold swedishold test.
old testamentold timeold time used to beold times
old timeyold tjikkoold townold trafford
old trafford cricke…old tupiold turkicold ukrainian
old welshold welsh languageold westold wine in a new b…
old witch grassold witchgrassold wives taleold wives' tale
old womanold worldold world beaverold world buffalo
old world chatold world cootold world coral sna…old world crayfish
old world flycatcherold world hop hornb…old world jayold world least wea…
old world leishmani…old world mistletoeold world monkeyold world oriole
old world porcupineold world quailold world rabbitold world robin
old world scops owlold world silversideold world vultureold world warbler
old world white pel…old world yewold-age insuranceold-age pension
old-age pensionerold-boy networkold-fashionedold-fashionedly
old-fashionednessold-field toadflaxold-girl networkold-growth forest