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Princeton's WordNet

  1. yonder, yon(adverb)

    distant but within sight (`yon' is dialectal)

    "yonder valley"; "the hills yonder"; "what is yon place?"

  2. yonder, yon(adverb)

    at or in an indicated (usually distant) place (`yon' is archaic and dialectal)

    "the house yonder"; "scattered here and yon"- Calder Willingham


  1. yon(Adverb)


  2. yon(Pronoun)

    that one over there

  3. yon(Adjective)

    distant, but within sight

    I live in yon cottage on the hill.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Yon(adj)

    at a distance, but within view; yonder

  2. Yon(adverb)


  3. Origin: [OE. yon, on, AS. geon; akin to G. jener, OHG. jenr, Icel. enn, inn; cf. Goth. jains. 188. Cf. Beyond, Yond, Yonder.]

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