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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

xy•loseˈzaɪ loʊs(n.)

  1. a colorless pentose sugar, C5H10O5, used in dyeing, tanning, and diabetic foods.

    Category: Chemistry

Origin of xylose:

1890–95; < Gk xýl(on) wood + -ose2

Princeton's WordNet

  1. wood sugar, xylose(noun)

    a sugar extracted from wood or straw; used in foods for diabetics


  1. xylose(Noun)

    One of the pentoses, CHO, a white crystalline substance, a sugar, derived from wood.


  1. Xylose

    Xylose is a sugar first isolated from wood, and named for it. Xylose is classified as a monosaccharide of the aldopentose type, which means that it contains five carbon atoms and includes a formyl functional group. It is the precursor to hemicellulose, one of the main constituents of biomass. Like most sugars, it can adopt several structures depending on conditions. With its free carbonyl group, it is a reducing sugar.

Anagrams of xylose

  1. lyxose


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