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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

wy•vernˈwaɪ vərn(n.)

  1. a mythical creature often depicted heraldically as a two-legged winged dragon with a barbed tail.

    Category: Heraldry

Origin of wyvern:

1600–10; alter. (with unexplained -n) of earlier wyver, ME < AF wivre (OF guivre) < L vīperaviper

Princeton's WordNet

  1. wyvern, wivern(noun)

    a fire-breathing dragon used in medieval heraldry; had the head of a dragon and the tail of a snake and a body with wings and two legs


  1. wyvern(Noun)

    Mythical dragon-like creature, having wings, only two legs and a barbed tail.

  2. Origin: Alteration of wyvere, from Northern wivre, from vipera.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Wyvern(noun)

    same as Wiver


  1. Wyvern

    A wyvern is a legendary winged creature with a dragon's head, reptilian body, two legs, and a barbed tail, which may be said to breathe fire or possess a venomous bite. A sea-dwelling variant, termed the sea-wyvern, has a fish tail in place of a barbed dragon's tail. The wyvern in its various forms is important to heraldry, frequently appears as a mascot of schools and athletic teams, and occasionally appears in medieval and modern European and British literature as well as a multitude of video games.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Wyvern

    a heraldic device in shape of a dragon with expanded wings, with only two legs and the pointed tail of a scorpion.


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