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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

will•ful*ˈwɪl fəl(adj.)

or wil•ful

  1. deliberate, voluntary, or intentional:

    willful murder.

  2. unreasonably stubborn or headstrong; perversely obstinate.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

* Syn: willful , headstrong , perverse , wayward refer to a person who stubbornly persists in doing as he or she pleases. willful implies opposition to those whose wishes, suggestions, or commands ought to be respected or obeyed: a willful son who ignored his parents' advice.headstrong is used in a similar way, but implies foolish and sometimes reckless behavior: headstrong teens who could not be restrained.perverse implies stubborn persistence in opposing what is right or acceptable, often with the express intention of being contrary or disagreeable: taking a perverse delight in arguing with others.wayward suggests stubborn disobedience that gets one into trouble: a reform school for wayward youths.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. unruliness, fractiousness, willfulness, wilfulness(noun)

    the trait of being prone to disobedience and lack of discipline


  1. willfulness(Noun)

    The quality of being willful; obstinacy


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