Definitions for wassailˈwɒs əl, -eɪl, ˈwæs-, wɒˈseɪl

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

was•sailˈwɒs əl, -eɪl, ˈwæs-, wɒˈseɪl(n.)

  1. (in early England) a salutation offered when presenting a cup of drink to a person or when drinking that person's health.

  2. a festivity or revel with drinking of healths.

  3. liquor, as hot spiced ale or wine, used in drinking another's health, esp. at Christmastime.

    Category: Viniculture/Winemaking

  4. (v.i.)to revel with drinking.

  5. (v.t.)to toast (a person).

Origin of wassail:

1175–1225; ME was-hail=was be (OE wæs, var. of wes, impv. of wesan to be; akin to was ) +hailhale1, in good health (< ON heill hale)


Princeton's WordNet

  1. wassail(verb)

    a punch made of sweetened ale or wine heated with spices and roasted apples; especially at Christmas

  2. revel, racket, make whoopie, make merry, make happy, whoop it up, jollify, wassail(verb)

    celebrate noisily, often indulging in drinking; engage in uproarious festivities

    "The members of the wedding party made merry all night"; "Let's whoop it up--the boss is gone!"

  3. toast, drink, pledge, salute, wassail(verb)

    propose a toast to

    "Let us toast the birthday girl!"; "Let's drink to the New Year"


  1. wassail(Noun)

    A toast to health, usually at a festival.

  2. wassail(Noun)

    The beverage served during a wassail.

  3. wassail(Noun)


  4. wassail(Verb)

    To toast, to drink to the health of another.

  5. wassail(Verb)

    To drink wassail.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Wassail(noun)

    an ancient expression of good wishes on a festive occasion, especially in drinking to some one

  2. Wassail(noun)

    an occasion on which such good wishes are expressed in drinking; a drinking bout; a carouse

  3. Wassail(noun)

    the liquor used for a wassail; esp., a beverage formerly much used in England at Christmas and other festivals, made of ale (or wine) flavored with spices, sugar, toast, roasted apples, etc.; -- called also lamb's wool

  4. Wassail(noun)

    a festive or drinking song or glee

  5. Wassail(adj)

    of or pertaining to wassail, or to a wassail; convivial; as, a wassail bowl

  6. Wassail(verb)

    to hold a wassail; to carouse


  1. Wassail

    Wassail refers both to the salute 'Waes Hail' and to the drink of wassail, a hot mulled cider traditionally drunk as an integral part of wassailing, an ancient southern English drinking ritual intended to ensure a good cider apple harvest the following year.


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