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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

war•blerˈwɔr blər(n.)

  1. Category: Ornithology

    Ref: Also called wood warbler.

  2. any of numerous small, chiefly Old World songbirds of the subfamily Sylviinae (family Muscicapidae).

    Category: Ornithology

  3. a person or thing that warbles.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. warbler(noun)

    a singer; usually a singer who adds embellishments to the song

  2. warbler(noun)

    a small active songbird


  1. warbler(Noun)

    Any of various small passerine songbirds, especially of the family Sylviidae (Old World wablers) and Parulidae (New World warblers).

  2. warbler(Noun)

    Agent noun of warble; one who warbles.

  3. warbler(Noun)

    A hissy fit.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Warbler(noun)

    one who, or that which, warbles; a singer; a songster; -- applied chiefly to birds

  2. Warbler(noun)

    any one of numerous species of small Old World singing birds belonging to the family Sylviidae, many of which are noted songsters. The bluethroat, blackcap, reed warbler (see under Reed), and sedge warbler (see under Sedge) are well-known species

  3. Warbler(noun)

    any one of numerous species of small, often bright colored, American singing birds of the family or subfamily Mniotiltidae, or Sylvicolinae. They are allied to the Old World warblers, but most of them are not particularly musical

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


any of several kinds of small singing bird.

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